Icetide- Promising {Anthem Lore}

Anya: You’re in my class
Rythe: Yes. Anya: I like your yellow scarf.
Rythe: It protects me from monsters. Anya: That’s good.
Rythe: You should get a scarf. Anya: I will.
Rythe: I’m Rythe. Anya: I’m Anya.
Rythe: We should be friends. Anya: Okay. Rythe: Anya!
Anya: What? Rythe: Smoke!
Anya: Oh no! Rythe: Get it out of the oven!
Anya: It’s still kind of burning. Rythe: Use the mitten things!
Anya: Got it! Rythe: Get it over here! Quick! On the table!
Anya: Wow, Rythe. It’s pretty burnt. Rythe: Imagine we’re in the woods cooking
on a fire. Anya: Good idea. Let’s eat!
Rythe: Tastes like camping. Anya: I love camping. Anya: Troublemaker
Rythe: Anya. Anya: Here’s your books. Let’s go. Rythe: Thanks for bailing me out. That guy just pissed me off. Anya: I know. I heard what he said about me. Rythe: I’m sorry. You don’t need me to…
It was a really bad idea. Anya: Maybe. I mean, I don’t open my… what’d you call it? ‘…bag of punches’ as quick as you. Rythe: No, you don’t! It’s right there, c’mon. Anya: I’ll keep it handy next time.
Rythe: Good. Anya: Let’s get some pie.
Rythe: Damn straight. Anya: A Freelancer? You sure? Rythe: Absolutely. They get out there. They see the world. Anya: I get it, I get it. Never imagined these walls would keep you inside forever, anyway. Rythe: Correct. What about you? Anya: Well, I put my name in.
Rythe: Engineering, right? Serious. Anya: Maybe, yeah. Don’t know. I want to see
the world, but… Rythe: Tell you what? I get my javelin, and
I’ll take you out there myself. Anya: Sounds dangerous.
Rythe: Yeah, but the best kind of danger!
[ Sexy Danger 😉 ] Rythe: You should come with me!
Anya: I can’t, Rythe. I’ve got an exam tomorrow. Rythe: But the snow is back! You have to come
see it. Anya: I will, don’t worry. I’ll finish this
as soon as I can, and we’ll head up on the wall.. Rythe: Ugh. Anya: Rythe.
Rythe: Yes, fine. You can even bring what’s-his-name. Anya: Really?
Rythe: Yeah, well. I guess he’s okay Anya: Hahah. I will. Now get out of here and
let me study.. Rythe: Ugh Anya: You sure about this?
Rythe: Don’t you trust me? Anya: Yes and no.
Rythe: Annie! Anya: Mostly no. I’m wounded. Rythe: Look, you get in here, see? We use it to rescue people. All strapped in and perfectly safe. Anya: Just a quick flight? Nothing scary?
Rythe: Nothing scary. I’m a superstar pilot. Anya: Okay. I’ll do it. Rythe: Great! Step in there. Good. Now I’ll belt you in. First flight! Whooo! Anya: Just no… spins or whatever. I don’t want to get sick all over your new suit. Rythe: No promises! Off we go! Anya: Rythe! Rythe: Can I? Anya: Of course. Put your arms out. Like this. That’s right, good. Rythe: She’s so cute! Anya: That’s your auntie, kiddo. Never listen
to her. Rythe: This troublemaker and I are going to
be buds. Aren’t we? Yes, we are. Rythe: When you’re older, I’ll explain why your mom is no fun.
Anya: Hey! Rythe: Hahah. Annie. Beautiful, right?
Anya: Perfect. Anya: Don’t tell her that. You’ll scare her. Rythe: But it’s true! You know it. There’s goddamn monsters out there. Anya: She doesn’t need to know that yet. Rythe: Why not? You want your daughter to
grow up ignorant? Anya: You’re telling me how to raise my daughter?
Rythe: No, maybe… I don’t know! Rythe: Look, it’s so great out there. So beautiful. The bad stuff, well, that’s part of it.
She just needs to be prepared, okay? Anya: I’ll decide what’s good for her and what isn’t, thanks. Rythe: Fine, whatever. Sorry. Rythe: They’re sure? Anya: As sure as they can be. It’s not a big deal. They’ll keep an eye on it. You okay? Rythe: Sure. Just… Anya: Rythe, I’m fine.
Rythe: And your guy?. He’ll be okay. Anya: Back at the house still freak-out cleaning.
Rythe: Better than freak-out brawling. Anya: Hey look, I haven’t seen you in forever,
and we’re in the middle of the jungle.
Let’s just enjoy it, okay? Rythe: Yes. Right! I’ve got a great spot to show you. Somewhere way up high! Anya: Perfect. Strapping in! Anya: Rythe? It’s okay, come in Hope: Auntie! Rythe: Hey troublemaker. Wow, you’re getting
big. What the hell? Er, heck.. Hope: Hahah. Anya: Okay, listen to me! Dad’s made dinner. Go tell him auntie is here and wash up. Hope: Okay. See you! Rythe: Later. Hey, uh… she’s getting big.
Anya: You said that. Rythe: Right. Yes. Annie…
Anya: Rythe, it’s fine, I’m comfortable. Really. Anya: Get over here, I want to see you better.
Rythe: Of course. I got your hand, you feel that? Anya: Yes. Just sit for a while. This is nice. Rythe: Yeah.
Anya: I wanted to fly one more time, Rythe. Anya: See the old spots.
Rythe: You will. Rythe: I promise. Brought you some pie. I’ll leave that on the
stone thingy here. Okay, let’s see… Oh right, finally got that
latch fixed. No drifting in a straight shot now.
Can’t believe it took me that long to get it looked at. That would have driven you nuts.
Yeah… so that’s good. And Annie? Promise kept.
A little bit of you at each of our spots. It was fun, y’know?
And hard. Wanted to tell you that in person. It’s starting to snow out here. It’s beautiful.
You’d love it. I’m going to head back now, I think.
Check in on your little troublemaker. Drink a little drink, sing a little song. I’ll come
visit next week, okay? Miss you…

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