I Mailed Myself in a Box as Fan Mail to JoJo Siwa! OMG It Worked! I Can’t Sing Boomerang Song (Skit)

hey guys its Trinity here welcome back to my channel
before we started click start button turn on notifications and give me a big thumbs
up also watch my new vlog channel alpha the link into the description sir you
can go watch it if you’re hiring us who are mail myself to my church Java and
then myself to Jojo see wha guys even as you and I rock from my backpack brought my blankie tiller traveling gate guys let’s get in the box and wait for
the mailman to pick me up I have to I have to write it this used to a ghost
family I’ll have to write children’s family on it I’ll say guys in a minute all right guys let’s tape it up I’m
gonna be so great I’m waiting outside for the mailman to
pick me up so quiet sounds like it they’re putting me on the
postman truck doctor putting me on the mailman truck take it easy out there I think the truck yep
around the track alright guys we’re in the box and we’re
on our way to Joe’s house I’m coming I’m wearing my bow of course so I can
tell it just to say thank you for this awesome bow which my favorite it’s all
rainbow and sparkly eyes let me show you what I rock kind of crammed in here
iraq’ flesh of course Oh YUM totally gonna use that for a drink when
I write a bird unless I don’t know why this where these heart-shaped sunglasses
I can’t can’t really see how these I can’t Alesi out these big I think I can’t see at least all right I’m not
gonna wear birds chirp buzzy Valentin is not as funky more seasoned what a toy
bird of mine it was a huge color and really only Pony Ida
again again again me tell me does it gonna be a girly girly do
the gummies or you think I can throw a gummy bear into my mouth
Oh we’ll see cuz once I had Audrey over and she approvable force into her mouth
phrasing that clear way to eat are you ever hey what about the cons there’s not Thanks a little bloated it looks like we’re
getting on like row again speaking of the gummy bear song do you have a
Harriet joke joke song any other comes because I do I’m gonna hear my own song
one time I was going to the park stay strong even if you fellows got a scratch is fine you can’t see the whole world
then you can just get masses No you see beautifully just about guys did
you like myself go down below you did you see you shine in flowers and shine you see a Jojo and he’s really cool but
I wish you would pick flowers and helped me find bugs to get this open oh there we go
I just wanted me to open the back if you please remove crystal I just
grabbing her cloths cuz I don’t want to get the fur dirty three yummy chocolate milk and it would
bring water if you like chocolate oh gosh I’m at the store but buy this kind
it’s really yummy guys I’m so excited me Jojo guys are you ahead of her
tell me in the comment do you watch her Jojo Jojo juice tell me in the comments
well guys I am cramped sweaty hot hot scram wish I didn’t choose this one I
wish I chose a bigger one my donor or here let’s check so that I
can’t stand up well it’s like I’m Jenna let’s go have some pizza it’s really
yummy I like it I tell you thank you for this bow that you’re sending to me
I love it so much we literally could be sisters oh yeah that would be cool all
right guys I’m at Jo Jo’s house and you go have some fun of her make sure you’ll
give me a huge thumbs up I’ll see you guys later bye

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