Hultafors Snap Off Knife Review

hello and welcome to the BC design
Channel today I’m going to be doing a quick to review on the new hultafors snap
off knives I bought these two myself and have been
using them for a year or a bit more mostly everyday and hultafors sent me these two
new ones to use while doing my review the knives come in three different sizes
which refers to the size of the blade these knives are all 18mm versions but they
also come in 9mm and a 25mm millimeter version the knives can be
used easily by both left and right-handed people
these ones are setup for right hand use at the moment all you have to do if
you are left hand is just swap the blade over so that you are cutting on the
opposite side and then you’ll be able to use the controls easily you can get
these knives in both an auto lock style which is when you push this button or
pull it down it automatically locks itself or in this wheel lock type you
basically lock the blade by means of turning the wheel left or right my
favorite is definitely the auto lock I just think they are quicker to use and a bit
handier the knives have a nice grippy rubber coating to stop your hand from
slipping while in use and they also have this pry tip, you can use it for
opening cans or many other things you can put quite a bit of force on
the knife when you have the blade locked and it won’t collapse what will
happen though is that the knife blade will actually break before you do
any harm to the knife or the locking mechanism on it but I am putting quite a
lot of force on that there now it’s burying into the MDF tabletop and the
safety lock is not moving on it at all the the knives also have storage for tree blades
inside the handle which is nice and very handy there’s a refill pack of 3 blades
inside it I’m doing this all one-handed so it’s handy enough to use hultafors make three different types of
blades for these knives this one is called a snap off all-around blade it’s
silver in color it’s made for everyday use cutting plastic, stripping wires,
opening boxes all usual stuff you’d use your knife for then they have this black
blade this is called the snap off edge blade it’s extra sharp for precision
cuts and cutting plasterboard and then there’s also a silver blade that has a
red sort of a box around each number on each segment of the blade but I haven’t
got one of them to show you but they are developed for cutting insulation
plaster board and carpet and sort of tougher jobs but in saying that I’ve used both
these blades to do all those things and they’ve all worked fine and I don’t
know how much better their performance blades would be the blades come inside
this handy little carrier box there’s a button on the back you press it pops
open and inside you have four of the little carriers that fit into the recess
on the back area and inside each carrier there’s three blades it’s a nice handy little pack another nice little design feature on
this knife and on the blade box is that when you want to snap the tip off, that little
recess there on the outside of the box is there so that you can put the tip of
the knife in and just snap the blade off and the blade gets held in the recess
and doesn’t fly around which is really good
changing the blades is really easy just just get the knife press down on the red button
at the back of the blade and pull the whole switch to the back it just pops out take off the old blade put on the new one slide it back into the housing and
press down a bit again and it just slips back in and that’s you ready to go
again, all in all I really like these knives I think are really well designed
I really like the features like the rubber grip the pry tip to open tins or
whatever you want to do with it, unscrew things I love the way it carries the
blades on board I also really like to construction with the metal all the way
up the inside of the handle of the knife I think they are really good knife and I would
recommend them to anyone

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