How to Use Instagram FILTERS

What’s going on guys I’m Criss and you
can find me on Instagram @eyestocker. I will show you a simple Instagram trick to
unhide some very cool filters that exist in the app. I’m not sure why Instagram is keeping this
secret, but I am ready to share this quick tip with you today. A lot of you guys just want to have maybe
lots of filters to choose from and this is why Instagram exists in our lives. I also have a quick tip for organizing your
instagram filters so stay tuned! Ok so let’s say you choose a photo from
your gallery and remember this works on both Android and iOS, it’s exactly the same thing. So you press on next and then at the bottom
of the screen you have all these filters that you usually use and by the way, drop a comment
below and tell me which one is your favorite, I would like to know. However, if you go all the way to the right,
you have this button called Manage. So if you enter this menu you see all the
active filters, right? But if you just start scrolling down you will
see that there are a lot of other filters which are not active. They existed in previous versions of Instagram
but can I ask why are they hidden now? I remember this one for example, 1977, or
Walden…or Brannan. I loved those filters and now I am glad that
I can enable them again. I just have to press on these checkboxes on
all filters that aren’t enabled and that’s it, I press Done and now I have all the filters
at the bottom. Life is just beautiful now. And also a quick tip, if you open again the
manage section, you can change the order of the filters. Each one has these lines in the front. You just press and move the filter up or down. For example I can move the Lark filter to
the top, then I press Done, and if I scroll back here, the Lark filter is now the first
one. So it’s just a quick little tip to work
faster in the Instagram app. If you want to check out my previous Instagram
Story Hacks tutorial just click on this card on the top right corner. Seriously, you need to watch that if you want
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if you aren’t already. I make Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, Instagram
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as well, or you could click on the screen right now on one of the videos. I’m Criss, thank you so much for spending
your precius time here, have an awesome day and see you next time.

14 thoughts on “How to Use Instagram FILTERS

  1. Instagram has made the most popular filters active, this cuts down time searching for favourite filters and allows users to Instagram quicker.

  2. thank you its very useful, my favorite filter is Gingham i have no idea of those filters that is hiding…lol

  3. Why I don't find such filter content on my INSTAGRAM , I search something, appearing inappropriate pictures, video which are out of my control, the more I block, the more it appears. somebody please help me how to deal with such problems

  4. Oh come on! Make a video about: Stories FACE FILTERS. Many of us don't have all of the face filters, and why are they hidden???

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