How To Organize Home Without Spending Money – Easy DIY Organizers (Video In Hindi with Eng Sub)

Hello, my name is Prachi and Welcome to Happy Home Work today I will show How I organize tiny little things at my home without spending money or buying expensive organizer so let,s start today’s video paper cups Take a cardboard tray, paper cups and glue gun you can find such cardboard trays for free in any local shop apply glue to bottom of paper cup and fix it on the tray repeat the same for all paper cups paper cup organizer ready! I store all cables and wires in this so they don’t get tangled and stay organized similarly, using a small tray and small cups you can make a mini organizer Soap boxes take any empty soap box and cut the flaps take 15-20 of these boxes take an empty cookie box or tray Arrange the soap boxes inside the tray when tray is full, apply glue on the side and bottom of soap boxes and stick all boxes together that’s it. Your organizer is ready! I use this to arrange my kids clothes and the mini cups organizer for socks. yoghurt cups wash and collect the cups that we get with Curd, Yoghurt or shrikhand take a cardboard sheet or tray and glue apply glue to bottom of the cups and stick it to the cardboard sheet when all the cups are stuck keep something heavy on it and dry overnight next day, cut the extra sheet and your organizer is ready I use this one to store medicines so that they are separated and could be found easily when needed packaging boxes we get many small packaging boxes like these collect 8-10 such boxes open the box from both sides and flatten it fold from the middle and cut, to get 2 equal halves open the half one and stick the ends together to make a small open box make such open boxes from all the packaging boxes stick these open boxes on a cardboard sheet or tray and let it dry that’s it your organizer is ready! I store all tiny things in this organizer which can easily be misplaced like push pins, nail cutter, wall hooks etc etc. so these were some easy and eco -friendly ways to make best out of waste if we all reuse waste instead of throwing away, so much garbage will be reduced If you want you may paint or use Washi tape to decorate these organizers speaking of decoration, if you are interested in painting, quilling, Kundan Work or in general arts and crafts please check out my friend’s channel “Craftyworld by Yashoda’ link is in the description box Please, let me know your opinion about today’s video in the comments section. see you in next video, till then Happy Home Work!

14 thoughts on “How To Organize Home Without Spending Money – Easy DIY Organizers (Video In Hindi with Eng Sub)

  1. Mam ur ideas are super useful and very cost effective. So nice to see ur videos. Very very very useful almost for everyone. There are so many organisational videos on youtube. But ur videos are always unique and requires almost no money to implement. Awesome as always. Looking forward for more such videos… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…

  2. Yaaa
    Usually I do the same at home…..
    Tq to c someone similar……
    Also this reduces some waste at home and useful ….

  3. I like your videos. Please make more such videos which can be used in our daily life. I am waiting for your next vlog.

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