How to Make an Easy Bow – Step by Step – Pompom pom pom pon style Step by Step

Hey kids! Today we are going to make a pom
pom bow. It is kind of windy occasionally, so I am
going to hope to be able to keep things in place.
We are on kitty’s area, so she might show up in the video, since she is sitting there
looking at me like “What are you doing?” I am going to be making this bow, so I went
ahead and got this ready. This is probably about 12 inches worth of
ribbon. I also have a rubbish bag nearby. I bought a total of about a total of 7 yards
of this acetate ribbon. Usually I have them in different colors, but I did not have it
in this specific blue that I wanted for some reason, so I just went to the craft store
and bought a couple of yards. You usually use approximately five yards, which is kind
of on the conservative side. I should have bought more. Anyhow, how I do this is, I love
big, fabulous bows, and I do not think I bought enough of it, but what I normally do is I
will make the bow approximately the size of the package. So I measure across that way
and use that as the top, bring it down and bring it in to make one really large circle.
Let me move the package onto the side. Then, what I do is I get a piece of tape just
so that it stays in place and does not get lost and have to start again.
Okay, so there we are with our big bow and all my ribbon is down on the ground. So I
just hold it right there and I just start spinning it in my hands and we are going to
continue until all five yards of the ribbon is all caught up. Now kitty has decided that
chasing the ribbon on the ground is a fun thing to do. (to cat: Want to come up here
baby?) Alrighty, so there we go. I ended up right
there, just shy of coming full circle. So what I will do is bring it in together. There
is the tape. Bring it in here. (to cat: Want to come up here honey? Come on, you can be
in the video) You bring it in here, and usually what I used
to do was I would just flip it in half like this and hold it over my trash bag and I would
cut a “V”. I saw a different way online recently where as if you leave it like this and make
the V’s here on the corner, you want to make sure that you don’t cut too much off and leave
about half an inch or so right there. I just leave the bag right under there so that the
ribbon doesn’t fly everywhere, because this stuff will fly and relocate. Let’s cut that
off. Okay, so there is.. (to cat: Stay away from the…you know what happened the last
time you tried to tag my scissors, yeah, you ended up crying and it made my heart hurt,
so you stay away from that). Okay, so now you have both ends cut there
and there and bring them together right here in the middle, okay? Here is another piece
that we can cut. I always cut (to cat: Oh, you like to tag it!) and what I do is with
that 12 inch piece that I had before the website that I saw suggested using a piece of wire.
But I am just going to do what I normally do. Acetate isn’t really forgiving, so make
sure that you get it right, of course now everything is going crazily. But right there,
see what I mean by it is not forgiving? It shows where it has been crinkled.
Let me get rid of this because it throws the white balance off.
Okay. So now this is what we are left with right here. (to cat: Alright babe?) And I
go in from the inside and I pull and twist up. Then, you go from the opposite side. While
I lick my finger. Twist, pull up. You continue going from different sides each time. Twist
and pull up. This one probably could have used at least eight or nine yards just for
the bow itself to make it as big and full as I like to make it. So now I am regretting
that I only got seven yards. Okay, and then the last one you just kind
of twist. Then, this has has pulled, you know, buckled
loose just from the pulling, but you go ahead and you do it again from this side. (to cat:
You like playing with it? You like playing with that ribbon? Huh?) Pull it up, pull it
up. I think the fuller it is, the prettier it is. So I say if you have a big package
like I have – that’s what she said – um, just get more yardage and go crazy. So there we
go and a nice twist. Now, since this is what we are left with and
you can go ahead and just mess with it so that it – see? it’s not full enough. It’s
not as fully as I like it to be. But, this is what dad is going to get this year. Then
I just push it under, and turn it that way (to cat: sorry baby) and just attach it and
you can… I always like to just every once in a while do different ones. I will leave
an inverted V or I leave it cut on an angle. Well, there you go. I am going to mess with
this. You can also use the wire rimmed. Those look really pretty, because you can really
place them and bend them to the way that you want them to be. But there you go. Simple,
beautiful pom pom bow. Pull back a little bit. I guess the outside light is really harsh.
There you go.

100 thoughts on “How to Make an Easy Bow – Step by Step – Pompom pom pom pon style Step by Step

  1. I  really  liked your demonstration of the acetate bow, it will certainly help me with the making of bows. Thank  you very much. Blessings to you.

  2. Watching without simply due to not wanting to boy the boyfriend and cant stop laughing over cat swatting at bow 😂

  3. I am going to try this .   you made it look easier than any other,  you explained it better. love the cat. thank you!  here goes , I let you know if it turns out good.

  4. I'm definitely going to try this for my cupcakes, alot cheaper than buying pull bows and it looks lovely, loving Kitty too, so cute! 😻

  5. thank you for this tutorial. I'm trying to make some blue and black bows to put outside of our house. a local state trooper was killed in action and the funeral procession is going past our house. this will do exactly what I need! I couldn't find pull bows in dark blue and black.

  6. Good tutorial. Just shared with a friend who doesn't know how to make a bow and I'm too far away to show her how. TFS!

  7. Kitty did a puuurrrfekt job she helped you all the time. The finale was grand with Kitty posing. I have 14 rotten spoilt cats, strays I adopted. The bow was sensational. I am glad you didn't tie it up with wire. The BEST BOW MAKING tutorial on YouTube. Thanks for sharing and caring. Happy Holidays.

  8. i loved it and of course i'll try it. Please you don't have to push your cat in that way. Si te distrae dejalo fuera por un momento. cat is really cute.

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing this video. I worked in the gift-wrapping department at Macy’s in the 90s. This was how we were taught to make our bows. You brought back such a wonderful memory. Love your kitty. Merry Christmas!

  10. I made the bow a bit small, but I added a silk flower to the middle and it works for my gift basket. My kitty midgey looks just your kitty. And she also wants to help and be my assistant on my craft projects. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  11. I'm standing at work in the floral department of Safeway making bows and watching videos and I notice that this video sounds like … Erotic… And then she says " big package,,,, thats what she said". Lol too funny. You go girl.

  12. This is the first video I could find that didn't call for wired ribbon. I already had my ribbon — a satiny grosgrain purple ribbon, and your video is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  13. Man childhood. Used to watch this everyday when I was little. It was fascinating to me back then but I am still fascinated

  14. You really helped me when I needed to do bows to celebrate my soldier coming home from a 9 month deployment. My community is all putting yellow bows on their mailboxes, on churches, businesses and the local fire station. Thank you very much.

  15. Thank you. The technique is easy enough to follow in video which I love. My first one is wonky but I'll keep practicing. Thank you 🙂

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