How to make a simple and cheap survival arrow for your slingshot

Hi I’m Stephen and today I’m going to be showing you how to make some really simple and cheap Survival arrows For your slingshot What your going to need is some dowel Some small wooden cubes Some ducktape Epoxy And a few simple tools First what you want to do Is chop your dowel To a bit longer than your draw length Now what were going to do is drill some holes in the blocks Which are slightly bigger than the dowel As you can see there is a bit of a gap So they epoxy can stay in when we glue it Once you have epoxied them it should look something like this Remember to keep a little bit at the end we will need that Now what you want to do is stick them in the drill turn them And make them circular As you can see I’ve filed them at the end So you can get a good grip When you are shooting with the slingshot Now what I am going to do is chop the extra bit off If you have a metal tip then thats great But if you don’t just sharpen the tip I’ve used a pencil sharpener And then just harden the tip with a flame As you can see I’ve made some flights with the duck tape all i need to do now is cut them to shape As youcan see I’ve done the flights you can o two or three Just a quick test Seems to work fair enough But I’m going to make another slingshot Specially fro shooting arrows which will be a lot more powerful Anyway hope you enjoyed Please like subscribe and leave a comment on what video i should make next It really helps out a lot

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