How To Make A Paper Ninja Star EASY!

How to make a paper ninja star the last video
they said it was too hard, and we were going too fast so this time I am gonna do it slow
so you guys can really learn it. Alright, so first your gonna grab two pieces
of paper, regular piece of paper and then grab some scissors but its optional Alright
so first you’re gonna take this, the right corner and your gonna move it right there
to the side. And really were just trying to get this piece
off right here, so its origami paper alright., cut this off along this line.. Try to get as best as you can, there you go
and then your gonna do the same exact thing with the other paper, (paper ninja star) make
sure you get the corner good.Cut this off again like you did with the other piece of
paper, Alright for this guys you wanna make sure these lines are right see these lines,
if you dont have these correct it’s not gonna come out right this needs to be facing down,
Like that and then this needs to be like that. how to make a paper ninja star its like a
triangle,If you dont have this your paper ninja star wont come out right, so make sure
you have those lines so now your gonna fold it down like this… Alright then your gonna fold this one down
to get a good crease use the tip of your thumb and go like that it will make it very flat
so you see this line right here, your gonna fold this to make a paper ninja star
to the line, alright so take this here and put it to the crease right there. Get right on the line, and then put the other
side to the line, barely hitting the other one. So it should be just like that then your gonna
fold it over like that. And then your gonna do the same exact thing
with this paper but you gotta make sure you can see it, its very hard to see but theres
a line there alright, theres a crease right there there you go you see that? Your gonna wanna make sure that is lined up
like this and the other one is lined up like that so I’ll show you , alright so your gonna
put this right there move it up to the crease in the middle just like you did last time. You’re gonna take the other side put it up
to the crease. Just like that, make sure its good and then
you’re gonna fold these over like that. And your gonna, see that crease right there? It’s in the wrong place, so it should be like
this. See this one is facing this way and this is
very hard to see you go like this, it should be like that if they’re not like that it’s
not gonna work, alright so then see the crease your gonna follow the crease first your gonna
fold this in half. Alright so you know where your folding it
for the next fold, just right in half, simple other one same thing in half…Use that thumb
to get a good crease, good fold alright now we still have those lines right there so what
your gonna do here, on this one right here your gonna fold use the crease right here. You’re gonna fold like that just untill, to
the middle line we just folded so that crease right there fold it up to that. And then with other one your gonna do the
same thing but this way right here is down and then your gonna barely touch that line
right there so there touching a little bit, alright your gonna do the same exact thing
with the other one see that crease right there fold that up to the middle crease, front line
thing. Same exact thing on this side your gonna fold
it down just like that so now they should be facing like this, they should not be like
this or the opposite way they should be like this! how to make a paper ninja star Just like this
alright so now your just gonna fold it over right here and you still have these right
here, you should have a little cup thingie shape. Alright so then our gonna take the right corner
right here and your gonna fold it over like that diagonal and you do NOT want to fold
it this way, you want to fold it this way, alright so its like a zig zag so your gonna
fold this one that way so it makes a zig zag so take that corner fold it diagonally alright
so then your gonna do the same thing with this one, You’re gonna take that and you dont
want to do it like that you wanna have it zig zag like that alright so (how to make
paper ninja star video) then your gonna fold it this way so it’s zig zag like this you
want it like that alright? Then your gonna have these facing like this
and then your gonna take this piece and fold it in just like that alright same thing with
the other right there fold it up should be like that sorta a diamond thing. Alright then your just gonna open it back
up and you want it to stay like that right there alright then your gonna do the same
exact thing take this onto the line right there, same thing and if you feel like im
going to fast you can always pause it alright , so yeah take that there.. Alright then you’re gonna open it up and then
here comes the trickiest part you’re gonna have them like this you have them right like
that, you’re gonna go like this flip it over like that your gonna lift this one up your
gonna put it on it like that. You got it that line right there and then
you’re gonna take these and stick them into the hole right here, so put them in there
take this one and put it in here then your gonna flip it over and do the same
thing, so your gonna put these corners in there just like that then right here your
gonna put this one in there alright open it stick it in there
good! You how to make a paper ninja star nice and
hold up one sec if you have something like this something like that its not right that
means you didint follow the creases you didint follow the creases that i told you in the
beginning go back to to the beginning of the video and follow the creases make sure theyre
lined up correctly the way i said alright so you dont want this piece of crap get that
outta my face I think thats it guys, partner and thats another howtosbybros video and make
sure to subscribe like and comment thats how to make a paper ninja star easy

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  1. Ok everyone…. stop saying it’s too hard so it’s easier stop the video to look at what you have to do ,ok! Pls stop complaining about this or just search another video also pls don’t reply I’m being rude I’m just saying

  2. love your vids they are understanding and in 2 try it failed and you me understand the other vids those not

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  4. I’m legit making 100 of these to sell at school staying up all night making them before school starts 😴😴

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