How To Make A Paper Boomerang EASY!

you filming oh ok hey guys im evan im gonna
be showing you how to make a paper boomerang so what your gonna need is i like to use scissors
tape and a ruler is optional just house hold stuff your gonna start by folding this over
cuz we need to cut this in half bugar comes out of nowhere alright there you go just set
that aside and your gonna take this and your gonna fold it over like this alright then
what i would do is just draw line on each crease that will really help you later on
when we do it so just like on the crease on the other side alright so you got that now
your gonna fold them in like this fold the to sides into the line now fold the other
make sure creases are good then your gonna fold this over make sure its a good crease
now draw a line in the middle like that alright there you go now this is a bit tricky your
gonna fold it over like this see the line right here is gonna go level with the line
right here put it like that so it maches up to this one and the like this get good crease
like that alright do the same with the other side you see the line right there your gonna
match it up with this one fold it down now you have this X shape right here fold the
like that real fast alright once youve got that go back to this go like that and fold
it up push those in there you got it there you go thats one side with the other just
like that fold it up squish those in there now last thing is tape up the parts let me
show you what to tape so you can tape this part dont use to much tape or it will weight
it down aand it wont work just do that right there
and then just a tiny piece right here there you go thats how to make a paper boomerang
with paper show you how it flies and just gonna show you how to throw it put your middle
finger and index finger like this and just throw it like that, thats pretty good thanks for watching
thats how to make a paper boomerang ate it hey abby

100 thoughts on “How To Make A Paper Boomerang EASY!

  1. You need to be more pacific and slower and so people do not have to keep pausing the video and that last part was decusding I would never do that again in your videos

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  3. Well, it didn't really look like it was easy for him, so why didn't he just go male a normal, working 100%, NON CHEAT, ORIGAMI BOOMERANG!?!

  4. this is weird at the beginning the camera man has a booger on his finger then the kid eats the people then it is zoomed in on the dog but good instructions

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