How to make a paper airplane – Paper JET FIGHTER that FLIES | F-16 Falcon

Hi! welcome to Paper Artland! Today, lets make the F-16. To make F-16. You need a printing paper. I am using U.S letter size, and I recommend you to use letter size. But, you can use A4 if you want to. First step, we will fold a paper in half this way! Unfold the paper, and second step, we will fold the paper in half again this way. However, we will not fold this edge to match this edge, but we will leave a gap about 1/4 of an in. make sure that all edges are lined up. This look very nice for now! Now, you can turn the paper this way. and next step, We have two layers. One’s one the top and one’s on the bottom. Now, we will open this layer.Ok, use the crease we make earlier as a reference. I will match this edge to this edge. This is simply you fold this crease down to the center crease. Next, fold this layer to a side. We now repeat the same fold for this side of the paper. You should do is slowly and carefully This is really important that you make sure that all creases are lined up. Fold this layer of the paper to the other side back, and adjust it a little bit to make sure every part of the paper is even. Fold this one to a side again. (Then) We will start from this edge fold it to the center crease. The following step, we start from this edge, fold it to this edge. If you have made my F15, F22 or F35. You know this is a very similar fold. Next step We need to make this part of the paper stronger by by folding this edge in, and when you fold in, you can see this corner. You can see it lightly on the bottom, and use it as a reference, and fold it straight to this corner. and put it back to a side. Repeat the same fold for this side, Start from this edge, fold it to the center crease. Fold this edge out. Crease a strong side ( edge) for this part of the paper. Fold this edge out. Now, I will fold this layer back to the side again. Repeat the same step here! Unfold this crease and I will turn the paper this way to help me fold faster. I just fold this layer lightly out. and out.. and out until I see that… the distance of this edge, and this edge is almost equal. and I will stop right away! Here we go! Next step, I will fold this part of of the paper. I make crease here before I fold this part down. Repeat the same step for this side. It is best if you can … unfold this part out, and use it as your reference. If not you can use this edge here as your reference. Hold the paper as well, and fold this paper down. See, this is what you should have for now. Next step, unfold this part of the paper, and turn it this side. and now we need to create a very strong wing. I will fold this part of the paper in like this. Now, I will estimate about 1/2 of an in along this side. Then, I just fold it in slowly. When I fold in, I try to have a parallel edges of this edge and this edge, same thing for this side, unfold this paper of the paper. Then, I will turn the paper like this. the reason why I keep turning the paper because it is easier for me to fold. Perfect! and then I will fold this one back here. You have a shape like a paper like this. and now, why not to flip it over. and unfold this part of the paper to a side. Now, you see this edge, I will fold it to the center crease. Repeat the same fold for this side. I fold this back. Now this is what you should have for now. This looks very nice! The following step, I will turn the paper over again. and I unfold or I fold it to a side, and I fold this part back here. and a unfold thsi part of the paper As you can see here, we have this edge, I will fold this part in straight to this crease here. I will fold it more than that crease just a bit. I make a parallel crease/ parallel edge parallel of this edge to the center crease Just for this one down back. Now, you should know what to do. Fold this one back. And turn the paper over here, and fold it to the side. Fold this edge down, and fold the paper back here. Repeat the same step for this side. Make sure that this edge will parallel with the body crease. Alright! Looks really good. Good! Turn the paper over, we now crease the body of the plane by folding this paper down. I will imagine that we have a
straight line from this edge to here and this edge to here. So they should intersect at some point right here. and I just fold this body part down to crease the nose of the plane. Really difficult for now because the paper is kind of heavy. I will put the paper down. Fix it. and now, I just do it quickly! Ok, you should adjust the body of the plane a bit while you are folding. This is really important you do so Ok, fold it straight down to this edge Here you go! so, this is what you should have for now. and the next step is pretty easy. To create the wing, just fold it up. Curve it slowly! alright! Same thing for this side. Open the wings! Fix it a bit Now you should have been like this The next step, you need to create a center stabilizer. I just fold this one up. When I fold up, I put my hand here to hold the, the, the paper. You just fold it up by the hold thing. I just hold it there and pull it slowly K, It is important that you did this part right! Ahmm, you shouldn’t fold this part up to much, but not too litlle. Ok When you fold this part up already, you can pull the body of the plane up a bit more. As you can see what I have here, Here you go! This is the F-16, and to make sure that it will fly well, you need to adjust the elevators You need to curve it up just a bit Do not curve it too much. Alright? Make sure that the head is pointy. Fix it, Ok. and here the body. Just to show your friend, you should fold the wings down a bit to make it looks nicer But to make it fly well, you need to fold this part of the body up. OK! Make sure that it is up! and now! Here you go! This is the F16! When you fold the wings up a bit, it will fly very well Make sure you adjust the stablizers alright, you can fold it up a bit to make it look nicer. There is another way, you can make the center stabilizers look better, but just leave it for now. Here you go! This is the F-16, and I hope you guys will like it! and if you like it, Like the video share it with your friends and subscribe my channel! Finally, do not forget to leave me feedback. Thank you for watching and see you next time. Bye bye

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  1. I love all your fighter jets especially this one. Can you make an F-14 tomcat PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP?????????

  2. COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Difficult
    MATERIALS:  Letter Size 8.5" x 11" [20 lb or 24 lb]
    FREE letter size template :

  3. i didn't get the last step folding it down like a little curve but the rest i understood and liked mine does not fly though.

  4. i love your creation of planes. But one question how did you get so good at making those kinds of planes. Did you practice a lot. Or what did you did u do to get so good. Because I want to try to make your kind of planes.

  5. i did not get that nose fold the first time i tried it but after 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times i learned it

  6. My 6 year old and I have really enjoyed your videos!  Thank you.  You are a good teacher, and I've noticed the quality of your teaching has improved over time.  Keep up the good work!

  7. I did it and it flies amazingly well! I wouldn´t have said so, but it does. Thanks a lot for your tutorials. I used them with my elemntary students and they love`em 😀


  9. Not good at all I don't understand what you are saying at the important parts and I fold it wrongly because of that

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