How to make a paper airplane BOOMERANG that COMES BACK to you – Trick paper planes . Karma

What’s up pilots, my name is Mahir Cecen and it’s Thursday which means
I will show you how to make a paper airplane. Today’s paper airplane is really special and is called Karma. Karma is my thanks for 100.000 subscribers. This video is for you. … it’s a paper airplane boomerang. 😉 This is so fun! I could do this for hours! Look in the mirror. How many times did it come back? Do you know what I mean. Now take a sheet of paper. Set the video quality to high-definition and try to follow. If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe. Like seriously, I’m really interesting Am I folding too fast? You have two options. You can either set the speed to 0.5 if you’re on desktop or pause the video after every step. At this step we have three points that have to be used for folding. Match this corner to the line and make a fold to the other corner. Just repeat. Match the mirrored lines to create a fold in the middle. Turn your paper and push it all together. Fold this piece back so it hides within. Just repeat. and if this seems impossible to you read my folding tips in the description! Are you an origami beginner? Then maybe try my easy level 1 paper airplanes which also can be found in the description! Now mark this point for the wing fold. If you don’t have a ruler – just estimate. This line has to match exactly with the corner. It is not a straight wing fold. That is essential. Now pause and notice the difference. Now mark this point for the stabilizer fold and go for it. But make sure it is parallel to this line. If your finished paper airplane does
not fly back to you fold these parts of the wings a little
more upward. To make it come back like something that rhymes on witches it must look like this from the front and like this from the back. Notice the position of my thumb. That is our grip position. By the way – make sure to like this video down below. This is the throwing motion. And this is how it looks right before lifting.

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  1. Too hard? Start here: Level 1 →
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    ℹ You can find helpful tips and answers in the description.

  2. excellent video made some with my 4 yr old granddaughter they worked great!!! subbed now and going to check out your other vids!!!

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  4. I also made this plane but it don't goes so far than I saw in your video sir 😒😒 but it really works 🙂🙂🙂

  5. I do remember that’s another video that’s MUCH easier than this one (like no kidding this is really hard)

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