How to Make 2 Easy DIY Stick Boomerangs! (Bi & Quad-Blade)

Rob’s World! Hey what’s up guys and welcome to my
tutorial for the easy stick boomerangs! In the last video, I got a lot of
requests and comments and over a thousand people voted on the poll that I
had in my video. I’m going to show you how to make two really easy stick
boomerangs that fly great and you’ll see that in a second. To make both you’ll
need six craft sticks that you can get at a local craft store and these cost
about six cents each I think you can get sixty for four dollars. You’re also gonna
need some tape, a ruler, a rubber band, a pencil. You’ll also need some sharp
scissors just like these. We might also use some sandpaper or a nail file
whichever one you guys have is fine but it’s not necessary. Now they’re
really super easy to make but it’s gonna take some practice to get them to fly. Once
you see how much fun I had with them and how they fly, I think you guys are gonna
have a lot of fun and you’re gonna love them just like I did! So before we start let’s check out some clips of me throwing them! Secret Comment: #RobSeesStars (Shooting Stars Meme) The first thing we’re going to do with
the sticks is create what’s called an airfoil and this allows the stick to get
a lift because the air is flying faster on top and lower on bottom not going to
go into too much detail but that’s basically what it’s going to do. Now this
is a side view of the stick. To do this we’re basically going to make a line on
the stick vertically two to three millimeters from the edge–from here in.
So let’s go ahead and do that as you’ll see each of these individual marks right
here are one millimeter so it’s a very small increment so we’re gonna go up to
the third one right here on each of the sticks and we’re going to make three
marks just like this: There’s one mark Two marks… and Three marks. Once we have the three marks then we could take the ruler and place it directly next to the
marks not on top of it because you need room for the pencil. Hold it steady
and then draw a line going all the way down through those three marks now
you’ll have something that looks like this and you’re ready to take off the
excess wood. Now we’re going to remove the excess wood along that line that we
took on this edge so that it looks something like this. It’s easier I
believe if you take the stick in your left hand, take the scissors in your
right hand now you’re mostly going to be using this
back top edge here this is a little bit longer a little bit sharper than the
other edge here so you’re going to hold it like this move the stick away from
you and towards you back and forth like this okay as you do this you’ll notice
the wood will shave off as you can see here keep doing this until you get close
to the line you aren’t trying to chop or cut the wood at the intersection of the
blades. Work your way back and forth up and down the stick and we’re almost done
at this point. Leave your thumb here at the base because this part doesn’t need
to get shaved because that’s where the sticks are going to join. You don’t need
to go all the way down to the end but you can hold the scissors vertically and
that’ll smooth things out. As you can see by that shadow right there we’ve removed
the excess wood along here at an angle all the way up to about right here, okay?
Now, I’m just going to take the nail filer and I’m just going to go over and
smooth things out and kind of round okay a little bit. Take the nail file and
move it up and down along the stick move the stick down and then keep on doing
the same thing with the nail file relatively at a low angle. Be careful not
to poke yourself, and this will give the stick a nice smooth feel. And there you
go! We have completed one of the air foils. Now you need to do this with the
remaining five sticks if you do want to make both boomerangs. Now that we have
air foils for all six sticks, which I showed you should look something like
this, you should see a nice shadow when you hold it up to the light sort of like
that we’re going to just take two of them to create the by blade or the two
bladed boomerang so just take two and you could set the rest aside now we’re
going to take the stick on the left hold the one on the right completely vertical
up and down and you’re going to take the one on the left and you’re going to
twist it clockwise so that the air foil is now on top and then we’re going to
take the end join it up to the other end and leave about a half of an inch to
maybe 3/4 of an inch of overlap for both ends of the stick just like this. I’m
going to take a little bit of tape about a half of an inch in width and I’m going
to cut it off you can also use scotch tape if you want but I find it’s not as
strong. Now that we have a piece of tape that’s about 1/2 to 3/4 inches in width
we’re going to take the two sticks hold them steady like this and we’re going to
start like this take the tape and starting about a half inch below the
bottom of the top stick place it down being sure to crease in the edges and
flip the tape to the other side then we can flip it over and do the same thing
place the tape around 1/2 inch above the top stick crease into the grooves and
flip the tape over to the other side Now, we just need to cut off the excess edges
just like this And there you go that’s how to make the
buy blade boomerang. Now, if you find that it comes apart with just tape you can
also take a rubber band and wrap it around I’ll show you how to do that with
the one with four blades but you can get away with it with just tape for the
debye blade to make the quad blade or super stick boomerang we’re going to
need to do the same thing except with four of them so on each of them just
hold that airfoil on the left side like this and we’re going to start out with
the two sticks here it doesn’t matter which two. We’re going to hold one like
this vertically so that the airfoil is on the left now take the next one and
turn it 90 degrees clockwise so it’s airfoil is on top and place it directly
on top of the first stick. Take the next stick turn it 180 degrees so the airfoil
is on your right and place it directly on top of the second stick. Take the last
one and turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise so the airfoil is on
the bottom. So if you look closely it should look something like this in the
middle. Now I’m going to do the same thing with the tape I’m going to take
about a half of an inch of tape and starting out I’m going to take this one
too this one like this apply the tape directly across the horizontal blades
first creasing in any grooves then you could take a second piece and place it
vertically along the vertical blades again creasing the tape in any grooves
just like this now that we have them taped on top we’re just going to gently
flip it over like this try to hold it in the middle and flip it over make sure
that all the sticks are 90 degrees from the adjacent stick for this side you
could place a piece of tape vertically from top to bottom then you could take a
second piece and just like before tape it across horizontal blades increasing
in the grooves so it should look something like this now we’re going to
take the rubber band because this one will come apart if you throw it and it
hits something because you need a little bit extra than tape so just pick it up
hold it nice and firm in the middle here like this and we’re going to first put
it around one of them hold the rubber band in the middle and then wrap it
around the top one. Then we’re going to twist it on the bottom like this hold it
and then we’re going to go around this next one and this next one
try to make sure that the overall X is in the middle here and not pulling on
these blades so now we have that now we’re going to turn it again and we’re
going to go between these two so you’re just going to go between these two then
these two then these two and then just keep on rotating until the rubber band
becomes too tight. So just like I showed twist it around the two adjacent ones,
underneath twist it, and then bring it around the top two, twist it bring it
around the top next two. It’s starting to get a little bit tight here so I might be able
to do one more I might not looks like I could so I keep going around these two
and then twist it and then go around the next one and I’m done and there you go
just make sure all of these are 90 degrees you can kind of move them around
at this point now just make sure looking at it that when you’re holding the
bottom stick towards you on the bottom the airfoil is on the left same thing
when you rotate it the bottom stick airfoil is on the left bottom stick
airfoil is on the left same thing with this one and there you
go you have created two really easy stick boomerangs now here’s how to throw
them. To throw the Bi-Blade boomerang, what we’re going to do is to make sure
that the air foils are on top of the stick so the airfoil here when I’m
holding it like this is on this side and this side you can see it right there and
right here then you can kind of just hold it like this put your pointer
finger right here on top, your thumb like that and hold it between your three
fingers and you’re going to basically give it a nice spin. It’s all about
getting the spin with the boomerang! So you’re gonna kind of flick your wrist
and throw it like that. Also, instead of throwing it perfectly horizontal you’re
going to want to give it a little bit of a lift maybe at like a thirty or forty
degree angle like that so I’m gonna kind of aim up like this while giving it a
nice spin with my wrist like you would throw a frisbee Oh! Just like that… to throw it overhand like this it
doesn’t fly as well but the same thing you’re going to make sure that the
airfoils are on top here and on top here then you’re going to grip it kind of
like this with two fingers and your thumb here and it’s all about really
giving it a nice spin by letting it roll off the tip of your two fingers so you
want to get a nice spin you could also hold it like this if you want almost
like a pen and you want to throw it like this maybe like a 70 degree angle and up
a little at like a thirty degree angle just like that I ran out of daylight, but I’m gonna show you how to throw it to yourself basically to make it flip and hover it’s gonna go
like this and then I’m gonna flip and then it’s gonna hover and you do that by
taking it just like this with the airfoils on top and just holding it like
this with your finger on the edge and your thumb and middle finger like this
and you basically just flick it out a little bit angled up like a frisbee and
you just flick it like that To throw the quad-blade boomerang with
your right hand make sure all these air foils are facing to the left when you
throw as you see them here on top then grip it between your two fingers and
thumb like this almost like a pen and throw it hard at a 70 or 80 degree angle
trying to get the most spin you can there you go super easy stick boomerang!
Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you guys so much for watching my tutorial for the
easy stick boomerang.. Oh, wait no that’s my real one the easy– easy stick boomerang– the easy stick and super stick boomerangs! I hope you guys enjoyed the
video and if you did please give it a like down below a thumbs up and also be
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see next do you want to see a really easy ninja star spinner or maybe how to
juggle or maybe some kirigami perhaps the kirigami spider web and the spider
for Halloween I think that’ll be pretty cool I can try to get it out by then
also if you want you can try to make the try blade boomerang. I’ll put a poll up
in one of these corners here so be sure to check it out and vote and the highest
vote how I’m trying to make that video as soon as possible. And if I don’t see
you by the 31st, have a Happy Halloween!

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  2. You're never supposed to throw a boomerang horizontal. You're supposed to throw it vertical with a little bit of layover to the right of you're right handed

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