How to Improve Your Facebook Group Engagement

– Are you struggling to keep members of your
Facebook group engaged? Have you invested a lot of
time into trying to grow it but anything you do just
doesn’t seem to work? Well, in today’s video, we’re gonna show you exactly
how to get that group popping so that you can turn that group into a client acquisition machine. Stay tuned. If you’re watching this video,
you may have started a group and been really disappointed
at the lack of participation that has been going on in your group. Boohoo. Well, that ends today, my friends. We’re gonna be talking about how to get an engaged group going and our tips on how we’ve been able to create thriving communities
inside our Facebook groups and be sure to stick around till the end where I show you the exact
mistake that people are making right now in their groups that
are just killing engagement. I don’t want you to be one of ’em. Okay, so what makes an engaged group? Well, for starters, you
want qualified members which means you want them to be on topic. You want people that care about
what you’re talking about. You want them to be qualified, a qualified buyer or
consumer of your products. You wanna make sure that
you have a group culture where people just form together. Is it an animal advocate group? Is it a cooking group? Is it a support group? Whatever it is that emotionally
binds people together and helps build that culture, you’re gonna wanna be
really cognizant of it. No one likes a downer. So if you have a Facebook
group and you are a business, you still need to pay attention to how you can actually add value to your group members’ lives. Okay, so the first of many tips is as the admin for this group, if you don’t want your
group to become a downer, you need to monitor the
interactions that are happening between your people. So what I mean by this is if someone starts
getting really negative or really throwing a lot of mud then it’s your job as the
group admin to jump in and to help either stop it,
squash it, get rid of them or lift it up, okay? You got three options there. The next thing that I want you to do to get that engagement
going is use events. A lot of people are actually
having some Facebook lives inside their groups or they’re bringing other
people in to interview or they’re having challenges but one thing I don’t see people do often is actually use the Events tab
that’s in the Facebook group. It’s very important to use
the Events tab in your group because when you start that event, you get to invite everyone to it and then every time you update that event, people get a notification. You can send a message to all
the people that have accepted or declined and I always
think that you should reflect whatever events are happening
onto the cover profile as well and when you update those cover profiles, it also gives you a reason
to keep it very fresh. Another really great thing to do and I see a lot of people
actually shy away from this but it’s encourage the use of video. Whether it’s you as the admin and you want to reply back to someone and you want them to feel your emotions, don’t be afraid to get on
video and film something and tell them and then
upload it in the comments or don’t be afraid to ask your
community members a question and tell them to reply
with a video answer. Now, my only tip or caveat here is you wanna make sure that you limit it. So say no more than 30
seconds or 45 or 60. I honestly would not
go more than 60 seconds depending on how big your groups is but it’s a really great way
for the whole group community to kinda connect because
now they get to see you or the other group members on video and it’s not just the
static profile picture. Who doesn’t like Starbucks? You guys, another thing that you can do is you can get a gift card these days. Just take a screenshot
and post it on the wall and say, you know what,
there’s a $50 Starbucks card, go ahead and buy yourself something. Please be considerate of everyone else. Only get a tall which for those
of you non-Starbucks lovers, that’s a small and then what you can do is you keep updating with
how much money is on the card so people know. It’s a really cool way to just reach out and buy someone coffee and it
doesn’t have to be Starbucks. It could be Dunkin’ Donuts or Dutch Bros. or something else that
you have going on there. So the cool thing about when
you give out free coffee, it’s that most people usually
go ahead and take a selfie with the coffee and post it online and tag you or tag the group. So it’s a really great way to create some user generated content but also to really lift
the morale of your group. Don’t be afraid to do it. More fun ways to engage your
group is closing the loop. How many times do people ask questions and then maybe you get
20 different responses? Well, one great thing that you as an admin or one of your moderators
can do is go back in and if you notice the original
poster hasn’t said anything, tag them and say, hey, did
this answer your question or what did you think about the comments? Close that loop. Not only does that let
the original poster know that you’re engaged and you’re
seeing what’s happening, it will make them feel special
and like you care about them and it will also show
the rest of the group that you’re paying attention and gosh, who doesn’t like to know that they’re being paid attention to? This might sound really weird
but whatever your topic is, go off topic. Guys, we are all humans
doing business with humans as Bryan Kramer likes to say and don’t be afraid to
do that in your group. I run a pet sitting and dog walking group and we predominantly talk a lot about how to scale our businesses in there but you know one thing that we always do at least once a week? It’s called Self-Care Saturday. That’s something that’s about them and we talk about how to embrace ourselves whether that’s taking a salt bath, whether that’s buying ourselves a coffee, going to yoga, walking our own dog. Whatever it might be, people actually really like to show off what they’re doing on the weekends or whatever day they
designate to be their day off and don’t be afraid to connect
with people as a human being because guess what? There are humans on the
other side of that keyboard. So one of the most important
things I can tell you is you need to deliver consistency but here’s the good news, guys. You determine what that consistency is. Your group members need to know that they’re gonna hear
from you either every day, once a week, once every
two weeks, once a month. Whatever it is, be consistent with it so that they know when
to expect you to show up. If you don’t, they’re not
gonna know what’s going on but if you do, you’re
gonna gain their trust and they are gonna know
that they can count on you and that will translate to business. So excited about this one, you guys. Now, when you enter into a group, Facebook allows you to
ask three questions. I’m gonna tell you a secret. Ask them what their biggest challenge is. When you find out what people’s
biggest challenges are, a couple things are gonna happen. One, you’re gonna find common themes and you’re gonna get to know your audience and actually develop one
of the best avatars ever ’cause you’re gonna start
seeing a lot of patterns. The second thing is is
that’s gonna also help you create your content. You’re gonna know exactly what
to tell them and give them and rally them because what’s
gonna happen is they know that they’re not the only
ones with that question because you can say, hey, I’ve gotten this question
five times this week by five new people that
have joined the group and you can talk about it. Now, the other thing about
these three questions is I would really encourage
you to get their email. God forbid anything were
ever to happen to Facebook or it was to go down for a day, you still have a way to
contact all your group members. So earlier, I told you about
three different questions that you can ask when people enter in but there’s actually another secret way that you can find out what
people really wanna hear about and that’s in the Group Insights. Inside the Group Insights,
you can actually see what times of day are very popular. You can also see what posts
have performed the best. You know what? Let me show you inside, come along. We go over here to Group Insights. We’re gonna just focus on
the Engagement sections. and we can find out a whole
bunch of things in here. We can find out how many posts
were posted on what days. We can click over here to Comments and you can kinda see how this goes. It goes down and then it goes up and then it goes down and then it goes up and that’s typically an indication
of weekends and weekdays and we can confirm that by
actually scrolling down here and seeing Popular Days and you can see Saturday is plummeted and Sunday is a close second and you can really see that
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are off the charts. The Popular Times for this
group is also interesting. This is generally saying
that in the morning and in the evenings people are online and they’re hanging out. So it tells me that a lot
of people are busy at work during the day and with this
group, if I was an admin, I would post a lot in the
mornings or in the evenings. Okay, so now as promised, I’m gonna tell you the
three biggest mistakes. Okay, so now as promised, I’m gonna tell you the
three biggest mistakes that I see people making
in their Facebook group. Number one, they make
it all about themselves. I don’t really care about you until I know, like and trust you. Have you guys heard that? Even in Facebook groups even when I do know, like and trust you, I still don’t care about you. It’s not about you. It’s about me. You gotta remember to make that group always about the people
that are in the group and not about you. Even if you have something of you or your business to present, find a way, an angle to make it about them as maybe the supporting
evidence is from your business but make it about them. They will turn off quick
if you make it about you. Okay, so now the second one. Are you asking or are you telling because if I remember correctly, when my parents would
tell me to do something, I didn’t wanna do it but if they asked me to do it, I would and it’s the same thing for
your Facebook group, you guys. If you’re not getting engagement, it might be because you’re
just talking at people. You want to bring them
into the conversation. You want to ask them questions. A good idea of this is something like maybe you do have an
article that is interesting or provoking in your industry and you pop it up there in the feed but you say this article says x, y and z, I think this, what do you think? That is a great way to engage with people. Another great way to engage with people and kinda ask them questions is a simple tell me about a time when you. Tell me about how you get
pet hair off of your couch. Oh, people love talking about that stuff. Or how did you find your dog or how do you find the time to work out? Ask and solicit and they’re
often very simple questions but that will get people
engaged and talking with you and the third one is not diversifying your
engagement opportunities. What do I mean by that? Well, Facebook has given us
this really tool like polls and GIFs and asking questions. So one of the most popular
things I see right now when you say comment below with a GIF or comment below with an emoji. Don’t be afraid to use
the polling option either. Another way to keep your
Facebook group fresh is to bring in new members and engage the content
in a very logistical way. What do I mean? Well, in the next video, I’m gonna tell you exactly
what I mean by using units. I’ll see you over there.

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  1. Great ideas!! I love the answering with a video I really never thought of doing that but that is a great way for your group to really get to know you and you them if they answer that way! 🎙️

  2. When starting a group from scratch that has a potential reach nationwide what are some suggestions on adding members? can I run ad $$ against it?

  3. This was great, but I don't have a number of the tools you reference. The events is one I would LOVE to have and use, but there's no option in my group(s) to create events.

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