How To Get Snapchat On PC [UPDATED]

hello and welcome to a tutorial on getting snapchat for your windows PC. unfortunately there is no native snapchat app to windows so we have to use a workaround using an android emulator. everything laid out in this tutorial is 100% free. Lets begin first we need to download an android emulator the emulator that i highly recommend is called Nox App Player. on your web browser, go to then click on download. click on the finished download to begin installing. once it is installed, hit start. This is just a tutorial on using Nox. you can read it or skip it. once nox has launched, click the play store. since its the first time you are using this android, you are going to have to login to a google account in order to access apps from the google play store. you will also need to agree to the terms and conditions. once that is done, head back to the play store and search for snapchat. download it once its finished installing it will appear on the home screen of Nox. the first time you login to snapchat will take a long time, just be patient. Now you are logged into snapchat, your camera may or not be working. if your camera is working, great, you can now access all of snapchat right away. if your camera is not working, then follow these steps. First, exit from the snapchat app. now open the camera app on the nox home screen you should now see a message saying “please start youcam” . you cam is an app saved on your windows 10 machine by default On your windows search bar, search for You camm , and open it. once it has opened, look back at nox app player you should see the camera has now properly connected. now, you can exit YouCam again. back on Nox, click on the settings button. choose “apps”. click snapchat. on the snapchat settings, click “Force Stop” then “clear cache” , then click “clear data” , and finally, click uninstall. now you need to go back to the play store and download snapchat again once its installed, log back into your account, and this time the snapchat camera will activate. you can now freely use all of snapchats features from your PC. and that draws and end to this tutorial. if you found it helpful, please give the video a thumbs up , and check out our other great tutorials.

100 thoughts on “How To Get Snapchat On PC [UPDATED]

  1. if you are having issues logging in: Try logging in with your email instead of username… if that still doesn't work, click on Nox settings (the cog button on top of nox) and choose to enable "root" , restart your nox and it should work.. thanks for watching 🙂

  2. nothing works, nothing! anything with technology just fails in my hands, cant log in and that apk thing is broken for me. I want to smash everything.

  3. Please, Foxy Tech Tips mine isn' working. I used my email to log in. I could find the cog button used to enable root. Could you please help me.

  4. when press download on the website and it completley downloads it just disapears and nothing comes up. what should i do

  5. Has anybody used Andy OS? Snapchat stories and camera doesn't work but the camera light still flashes up. Also Instagram videos don't play. Does anybody know the best emulator or better way? Other android emulators I've tried before. Snapchat didn't log in. I know my password though. Also did any other emulators update other than Bluestacks recently?

  6. Didn't work for me. It said something went wrong and to try again later, but that might just be bc im putting in the wrong info. Anyone else have this problem?

  7. Does anyone know how to fix this error where i try to put a password in but it would say oops something went wrong

  8. nox is trash runs slow af for 1 everytime i go to ggogle on it keeps popping up shit on its own and wont go away when i go to the play store it says ggogle acc cant sign in disliked

  9. i did everything right, but when i tried to log into it, it said "oops, something went wrong. please try again later." even after i tried to enable root, and restarted it. help!! anybody wanna give me some advice?

  10. Is it patched? I tried your pinned method i still get the error "Oops something went wrong please try again later" and this is also reoccurring with bluestacks too, i downloaded the apk from the play stores and i tried to find one online yet to no avail none of them worked.


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