How to Fly Kites : How to Wind Kite String

Howdy there this is Corey Jensen with Wind
Power Sports here in Las Vegas, baby. Wind has died and we have a moment to do some of
the detail work on how to handle lines. Imagine that the kite is stationary and I am walking
the line sets out but I’ve got a lazy cameraman and he does not want to move so we are going
to do it the other way and the kite is going to move away. The trick here is to let the
line out in such a manner that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time messing
with it before you get to fly, so how you wind on and how you take the lines off becomes
critical. We use the wax on and wax off method that we learned in the movies. You wind on
I’m right handed and I wind clockwise around my handle so it comes off counter clockwise
and all the twists that went in come out at the same time. I’ve taken my handles off
and it is the end of the day and it is time to go. I’ve taken both ends of my lines,
both loops and put them over one end of my winder. Some times the winder is made out
of the plastic. This was a gift; a nice little wooden one. Lay them both over the top and
you just walk up to the kite winding clockwise as you go. Now at the end of the day when
you wind your stuff up, one of the tricks is to have a small mark on one side so that
you can tell your left from your right. That’s important. Both ends of one line should have
that mark and you can tell the difference. Then you attach your handles accordingly and
you are able to fly next time you get the kite out it does not take 20 minutes; it takes
less than 2 minutes to set up and go fly your kite.

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