How to Fly Kites : How to Fly Two Line Delta Kites

Hi there and welcome to Las Vegas. My name
is Corey Jensen and I own Wind Power Sports here. We are going to be flying some kites.
To start off we are going to do some two-line Delta style named after the Greek letter Delta,
the big triangle you know. They are the most efficient in winds under 15 miles an hour;
they can do stuff that no other wing shape can do. After that we are going to get into
some other stuff; some foils and play around with a little bit of power. Typically you
see people jerk these kites off the ground but that is not necessarily the way you do
it. Have the kite so that it is standing up like this. You want to extend yourself a little
bit back and then take a step back and bring your arms down to your side all at the same
time while the kite goes up. Like this; looks pretty effortless. Just jerking the kite leaves
you off balance so it is better to have a combination of arm movement, foot movement
and straightening your body all up at the same time. Now with these kites, you have
tension on two different lines and by pulling on one the kite turns in that direction. Pull
on the other line and the kite turns in the opposite direction. Twist, don’t change
left and right. You can put twist on the line and the kite still has control. Now as the
twist increase, the lines rub against each other so control might suffer a little bit
but it does not change any left or right stuff. After you got the basics of this kind of flying
down, the next step is to take kite flying away from the visual aspect and start bringing
more of the tack style up. I teach a technique called kite chi.

15 thoughts on “How to Fly Kites : How to Fly Two Line Delta Kites

  1. That guy seems like a really cool, fun guy to know. Anyone who enjoys flying kites can't be all bad. 🙂 I was just out today (tonight, actually) flying a parafoil "power" kite — just a small one. It's a lot of fun!

  2. ARRRRRRR i just nearly broke mine into little pieces, i did exactly as instructed in this vid and it went about 6' max, upwards & then nose dived landing flat face down EVERY single time……. you make it look sooooo easy I hate you!! Im just kidding will keep trying thanks for the vid help x

  3. hi corey my name is donald webber i fly a dual line kite with one hand. well its all i got. check out my youtube "one handed dual line flying" i do injoy flying. thay dont make stuff for one handed people. so i make it mysealf. iam in a wheelchair to . so its hard to walk into a stall to get it to land. i can use my elbo to kick the joystick. but i get lend when i get the chance, just not at the drop of a dime, well i hope to talk to you more [email protected]

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