How to Download Minecraft for Free on All Platforms

What’s up, guys!
This is BAX Creative Studios and today I’m going to show you
how to download and install the latest or any other versions of
Minecraft on platforms of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android for free. [BAX CS – Intro] Minecraft is one of the most
popular game of all time. But if you want to download it, you must pay $27 for Java Edition
and $7 for Pocket Edition. But, don’t worry,
you don’t have to sell your kidney or any other body parts for that. You can download and install it
for free on any platforms you want. Just watch this video! OK, let’s start our video. Open your browser (PC or mobile),
and go to the website “”. The website link is given
in the video description. Here you can download TLauncher or you can download the any
version of Minecraft you want. I recommend you to download the
TLauncher, the launcher for Minecraft. Using this launcher, you can
install the latest updates or you can install mods to Minecraft. To download TLauncher just click the
“Download TL” button, then select your platform.
I’m using Windows, so I will click “Windows” button. To download Pocket Edition,
change the website language to Russian and click “Minecraft Pocket Edition”
button on top left of the website. This button is not appearing in
English language. I don’t know “Why?”. After you press this button, just select
the version you want to download. I need Java Edition,
so let’s install TLauncher. I have already installed this,
so I will open it. After you opened TLauncher,
select the version you want to install and press “Install” button. I’ve installed the latest version,
so instead of “Install” button, there is “Enter the game” button. You can change your name
or log in here. OK, let’s enter the game. Now, you can play and enjoy Minecraft. That was all, guys!
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