How to Dance like Britney Spears | Beginner Dancing

Ava: Hi everybody, how are you doing? I’m Ava. This is my identical twin
Loretta. We’re the Double Time Twins. Right now, we’re going to teach you
how to dance like Britney Spears. We’re going to show you some moves that she
did in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video, which is when we met her
and fell in love with her. So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to step with our right foot forward, and our hands are going to come
out, so we step; one and then you bring your hands in. You hug yourself; two, and then you put your
arms up; three and you put them down, four, awesome. So just the hands go; forward, hug, up, drop,
good; again five six, seven, eight, forward, hug, up, drop, awesome, when
you do this you’re going to walk forward, five, six, seven, eight; one,
two , three, four, awesome. Next part we go, and five, drop six, bring
it up seven, and you hip eight, eight, and then we do it again, and one, two,
three, hip four. Good, so we
do that twice. Let’s do it again, and five, one, two, three,
four and five, six, seven, hip eight, and one, two
three, four. Awesome, from here, arms come around and your
hips go side to side, five, six, seven, eight. Awesome, and as you do that your hips go side
to side, and your hands are hugging, and then you just
slowly put them out. Loretta: Like you’re hugging yourself and
then pushing it away. Ava: Right, so from and five, one, two, three,
four and five, six, hip seven, eight, and one, two, three, hug yourself,
push it out, push – push. Awesome, so we’re here. The next move, you’re just going — you could
lock if you do it with one of your friends. In the video, she has a whole group. Okay, so we’re just going to show it together. You’ll watch it. You’ll be
like, “Oh.” So we’re here, we’re going to arch your back
and we come down; we go one, two, three, four bring it down, six, seven,
eight, awesome. From here,
you’re just going to come up right away and circle and your arms are going
to come up. One, two, three, four, awesome; so you circle
one, two, and you circle again three, four. And your hand just comes around to your stomach
like that. Good, let’s do it again. So we’re here, five, six, seven, eight, one,
two, three, four; awesome. From here keep this arm up and just look to
the side, five, and then you’re going to pose six, switch your arms, six. Good, and then your hands come in
front and then cross seven, and then you hit your hips eight. Good, again
we go arms up, we go five, switch it six; bring it front seven. Cross, hit
your hips, eight. Good, now let’s put that all together from
the top. Loretta: Oh, gosh. Ava: And we go five, six, seven, eight; one,
two, three, four and five, six, hips seven, eight. Again, one, two, three, four hug yourself,
push it out, bring it down and up, and then you circle,
hand over your stomach and now we pose, pose, front, hip, awesome, five
six seven, eight, and that’s how you dance like Britney Spears in, “Hit
Me Baby One More Time.”

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