How to Crop Your Instagram Photos to Fit Better

So one of the things about Instagram is
when you load a picture onto it it crops it so the picture is square sometimes
that looks good but maybe it just needs a bit of moving
around to get it just right, maybe you took the picture in a square aspect
ratio so that’s absolutely fine but most of the time we take them as portrait or
landscape shots so they’re either taller or wider than the square crop so there’s
an easy way to fix this and I just think many people don’t know that you can do
this. So here I am in Instagram on my iPhone I’m just going to click on that
little plus in a little square at the bottom of the screen so I can add a
picture. As you can see it comes up with some photos from my library. I’m going to
choose this picture here so I do this before I click Next in the top right
hand corner what you can do is if it’s a square crop you might find it’s actually
chopping something off that you don’t want such as the top of someone’s head
and you can just simply move it around just by dragging with your fingers you
can go left right up and down but I want to see the whole picture I don’t want
the square crop so what I do is with two fingers I just pinch it in now you could
do the opposite and pinch the other way well it’s not really a pinch but you
just slide your fingers apart there and you can zoom in so I’ve zoomed so that I
can see the whole of the picture now I’m ready to click on next and do everything
else I do in Instagram such as add filters captions and so on so it’s
really easy to so next time you’re loading up a picture just have a look
and think do you need to actually make an adjustment I chose zooming in and out
or actually moving it to change it so that you can see what’s really
interesting in the photo thanks for watching see you next time

11 thoughts on “How to Crop Your Instagram Photos to Fit Better

  1. It doesn't work! When you go to pinch the photo and you let go the photo opens up again, it does not stay to where you put it! I've tried this over and over and over again and it just doesn't work!

  2. Doesn't work desktop, doesn't work after you post (at least on my iphone), doesn't work on multiple (aka sidecar photos). Best if you simple crop the photo using your smart phone picture editor before importing to Instagram.

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