How The Incredibles Should Have Ended

(coughing) Bomb Voyage! Monsieur Incredible! And Incrediboy! Hey aren’t you curious how I get around
so fast? I have these rocket boots! Go home, Buddy. Now. This is because i don’t have powers isn’t
it! Well not every superhero has powers you know. I invented these! I can fly! Can you fly? Fly home buddy, I work a.. wait you made those? … my boots? Yeah! pretty cool huh? Yeah they are! You think you could make ME some stuff like
that? WOULD I??? I mean I gotta go get married real quick but
lets talk in a few days. How does that sound sound? OKAY!!!!! Guess who’s getting rocketboots! So yeah he was obnoxious, but the kid had
spirit! Plus he apparently had a LOT of money and
could make me lots of really cool gadgets. You know what that’s like right? Yeah, because I’m Batman. That…sounds alot like child labor. He WANTED to be involved. Plus he’s a GOOD guy now. What up fellas!? Lookin good, Kid! I mean, can you imagine if I had turned him
away? Lets just say this cafe scenario might have
been something completely different. Heroes are so annoying! I KNOW RIGHT!? Who would ever enjoy that!? I think you’d be surprised. So then what happened? Well it’s been years, but some people tried
to sue me for saving their life… The government wrote some laws telling us
to be normal but the supers just laughed like… try and make us… You guys are lucky you didn’t have a civil
war over that. Hehehe. Hey honey, you ready to go. Sure! Do you guys know the Mrs? nnnNOPE! You seem familiar, have we met? Yeah, She does seem familiar. you sure we haven’t seen her before? NOPE! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME! NO CAPES!

100 thoughts on “How The Incredibles Should Have Ended

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  2. I always imagined it this way:

    "Take one step out that door, and you're fired! "

    Bob: "Okay. But if I can't go out the door," (grabs little boss man and carries him) "I'll go out the window!"

    (Boss screams as they both fall. Bob does the superhero landing, while both the boss and the thief wet themselves.)

    Bob: "Now, you know it isn't right to steal, don't you?"

    Would-be Thief: "Yes, sir!"

    (Bob 'escorts' the thief to jail, the boss swears not to say a word, the window and sidewalk are repaired by the government, which is cheaper than mind erasure, and Bob begins his new career as a police officer.)

  3. 1:24, Voldemort? He should be the leader of the Villian’s club cause no superpower can save anyone from the Dearth curse

  4. I really wish Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl has their own Original super-suits instead of just that red incredibles suit!

  5. 1:50 he's freaking superman………. What do you mean he looks formilier……….. I mean, he should, because he's superman

  6. Edna: No capes!
    Supes: Lady, I've been rocking this cae since the 80s.
    Edna: Fair point.
    Supes: What, me?
    Edna: No, him.

  7. Is child labor making kids do stuff for you like in a Lego SpongeBob haqq17 video mr. Krabs and that other guy made kids make phones so they could get a lot of money and those phones were called i sponges

  8. But why heshe take Superman and Batman in every vedio can don't take any other hero marvel has many hero's

  9. In this article he is ok and I miss him because he's been so good luck with that he is going back in a bit and he was really enjoying his work so he is going back in his life to

  10. Why did Superman act that way towards Ms incredible?

    Was the voice actor the actor in a Superman movie?

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