How much chance of getting a knife has been revealed!

Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar,
Maxim here. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Perfect
World is a special version of the game released for the Chinese market. The biggest reason
why they have their own version is because it has to comply with China’s censorship laws.
For the record, Perfect World players will not be able to play with non-Perfect World
players so with people using Steam for example. One of the biggest questions online has been, how big or how small are your chances
of getting a knife from a case. 9 Months ago, China passed regulations which
basically meant that games with loot boxes were forced to reveal detailed information
such as drop rates. What this basically means is that Valve and
Perfect World has to comply and show the drop rates.
So based on the ratio values that Perfect World published on this page, these are the
following theoretical percentages. So basically what this means is that there’s about a ~0.26%
chance of getting a knife or gloves from opening a case.
And there’s another 10% chance that you get it in StatTrak™. This means that there’s
less than 1% chance of unboxing a red or a yellow item. So you might be wondering, how
fair is this towards the person opening a case?
For me, I need to pay €2.1 to open a case which is roughly $2.5 and that’s if I
already have the case in my inventory. Then, there’s about 80% chance that I will get something
which is worth just a couple cents, and to get a yellow item I would have to pick
a number between 1 and 385 and get the right number. So let’s say I pay $2.5 for all those
numbers, that results to $962.5, so if I’m very unlucky I could spend that amount without
getting a single knife. And you can easily buy a knife or gloves which
are much cheaper than $962.5. So in the end, I would personally recommend buying the item
if you know exactly what you want. Now if we look at the drop rates again, most
people would probably think that they’re really bad. Even though I sort of agree on that,
I wouldn’t agree on changing them. “Why Maximuh?” If you changed the drop rates now then all
the rare items would lose value and the whole market would go crazy. Another important factor
that many of us forget is that, this is skins. You don’t need skins to be better at the game,
and Valve has purposely added rare items in the game that doesn’t affect your performance.
I mean there’s a reason why rare items have a low percentage, and that’s because, they’re
rare items, they shouldn’t be easy to get. Otherwise what would happen is that we would seen as just regular skins. But what do you guys think about this? Do you think the odds are good or not and do you think they need to be changed? You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more
me, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!

77 thoughts on “How much chance of getting a knife has been revealed!

  1. i think case opening should be reworked because 1. the odds still unfair and 2. valve isn't updating and fixing any kind of bug or glitch (they ONLY fixed the jump crouch) in the game 3. they changed weapon accuracy and damage lets take the p250 for example u can ine shot on headshot with it bring an m4 first shot on head isn't gonna kill the emey in one shot thats unfair there is no balance in weapons they just keep making the game worse and worse…

  2. butMAXIMUH Don't you know that more expensive skins deal more damage and are more accurate than cheap skins or weapons without skins

  3. Don't change the rates. If you open cases with the expectation to get a rare item right away; then don't open them. Just buy them like Mr M. said in the video. Open cases for fun. It's a gamble after all.

  4. They cannot change those values. The market will become unstable and people will lose trust in valve. Case openings are costly but it's a good profit generator for them.

  5. But knives and skins give u hope and let u enjoy more,, BUT ITS ONLY FOR RITCH, VALVE MUST LET US OPEN A FREE CASE EVERY WEEK OR 2

  6. How can you move the camera in such a perfect way in bhop servers? I mean u are making perfect horizontal movements without the camera getting mad, I can't do that 🙁

  7. yeah we need to have 70 for the yellow one anndn beacuse we wannt some greate gun skins 30 of getting howl dragonlores ak thats the best thing

  8. I actually opened my gamma case and got a factory new m9 bayonet bright water for 200 in my first ever gamma case opening and i only had 4 of them lol.

  9. Valve don't care about anything but profit you can tell with some of the updates and cooldown sequences they've had in place..

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