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how’s it going today JerBears, I’m Jera Sky! If you’re new here don’t forget to take a look around and get my channel subscribe before you leave. Today we are going to be talking about how a minimalist budgets. Minimalist Monthly Expenditures. okay when we start thinking about budgets don’t get yourself all caught up in making this a negative thing think of it as this is the money I get to spend every month instead of this is all the money I have to spend every month putting that positive spin on it will help so much and you won’t feel so bad about being on a bunch the first thing you need to do like I said before is you need to track all of your spending you have to track your spending is the only way to know what you’re doing what’s going on what’s happening right now are you overspending by you’re expending too much money at what point do you have money do not have money maybe you do have it who knows we don’t know you got to figure that out write down every single little thing that you make write down every single little thing that you spend your money on and you’ll put that in a spreadsheet and in the spreadsheet you’ll do some you’ll do some Google and then you’ll look up how to get the columns add itself and boom it’ll add it for you all the time so it’s not like after do any math do it for you and I’ll do all the work and categorize what this is is a closes for your house is it for your business is it for your job is it for like clothing and wardrobe so also make it easier once you get to tax time because everything you spent on here is all broken down for you already you’re did have to tax it this way to after you have written everything down now you can actually see because it has a label on it too you can visually see what you have been spending your money on or over spending your money on this makes it easy to be like okay spend this much money on this item I spend this much money on I’ve spent way too much money on clothes you know what I need to take that down a notch and then you can change you can make that change because you know what you are what your habits are is instead of just being like I think I spent too much money on this when you break it down you might actually like oh my god I spend way more Starbucks than I thought I did I always say Starbucks because people have very unless healthy addition to Starbucks and then if you would like to start cutting that down even more and more things you need to think about are you I need a TV do I need to pay for that cable subscription or should I just pay for a Netflix subscription or just Amazon Prime and that will save you a lot of money over paying for cable every month do I have to pay for Wi-Fi can I go without it for a couple months can I just use public Wi-Fi out and around library has free internet Starbucks has free internet lots of places have free internet now just got to go and use it so if you can if you’re really trying to scrimp to save like that is a way to get rid of that like maybe $50 bill you have every month maybe more maybe less that’s an easy one to get some extra cash in your bank account another thing you need to be thinking of is paying off your debts if you do have debt if you have that amount of money in your savings account you need to pay that off because if you don’t you know just keep growing trust me Ben they’re gone down that road were moved to California had four thousand dollars in my bank account with my savings how am I going to I saw a little bit more money not really and I had four thousand dollars in debt and guess what I did I didn’t pay out and guess what happened like seven years later I went peg crops and it was awful and it was stressful and I spent you’re stressing stressing stressing when I had the golden ticket right in my bank account so don’t do that to yourself if you don’t have to because it wasn’t fun it was not fun at all and I will also say even when I went bankrupt I had spent all the money that I had wrapped up paying towards it but it’s only covered interest and not even covered interest in it just once interest rates just like blue the amount I owed it out of the water and I guess what no my credit like took such a hit and I can’t apply for travel credit cards there is actually way to hack around that and do stuff if you’re more interested in like if you do have bad credit and stuff going on go check out Brandon’s channel because he does all the credit repair do-it-yourself credit repair help and all about your credit and all that stuff I’m not going to go into that here so if you do have the money to pay off your debts right now do it guess what you are buying yourself you are buying yourself freedom and I know you think but what about like his emergencies what about those emergencies well then fact is when you use a credit card you use the credit card for emergencies you don’t use cash for emergencies you corporal vortices we need we you don’t understand what it’s like to have that freedom again if you ever thought well like right now if you’re in debt and you think of like oh how much things were easier when you’re a teenager that’s why you didn’t have debt you are free you are living the drink so by yourself that dream if you can afford to buy that back don’t have the money to pay off your debt look into consolidating loans go to Brighton channel here’s information about all that go to Burnett channel I put a link to it below and then after you know what you were spending every month you know how much you’re making you’re going to write a list of everything that you absolutely your bare minimum needs these are your needs for your month maybe your internet is your need because you want to business online that’s one of your needs to survive what are the needs you have that are to survive so that way you can see what is your base what is the lowest amount of money you can make and still survive you need to know that because that’s the only way you’re going to get ahead is if you know what that number is you know keep it hit that number and you know make more than that savings trip adventure educating yourself growing changing learning becoming the person you want to be living the life you want to live that’s that freedom for you you’re buying that freedom gotta like you got to know these things these are things they don’t teach you in school that you need to know you need to know what does it cost to you to live wherever it is that you want to live also means there has to be a little bit of buffer in there there has to be some play money in there because you can’t go months and months and months a month without like play as in maybe play for you is at least going out with your friends once a month or something like that or going to the movies or taking yourself somewhere that cost some money some sort of play some room they can do some play so that one is a vet is one your needs because if you cut that out entirely too you’re not you’re not gonna be able to stick to the budget because nobody can live being unhappy and just only paying to survive especially I mean people do with like that but it’s not fun right and then if you do take away that money for that play time that half the time that little bit of stuff you are also going to feel like you’re punishing yourself and we want it to be positive not negative right so that way you stick to it another thing you’re going to want to do once you figured out what you’re spending how much you need to spend how much you make what’s going on what is your goal like what is the points of the money money can either be a terrible things that like drive your life it makes you so miserable or it could be a tool for your absolute happiness in that the money is a tool we need to think of as this it’s not a need it’s a tool something that we use it doesn’t use us so you need to set a goal what is your budget form what is the end goal what is your base income how much money do you spend every month are you spending too much are you overspending are you actually racking up debt every month this goal is going to help you with all those questions you need to answer all those questions for yourself if you are having trouble with money or budgeting I’m going to do another video about how to save money but just luckily in this video because it’ll just be too long because that one I have cracked on and those four and last but not least I would say just remembered this at any point in time you can change this this budget doesn’t have to be the thing you stick to forever I would say give it at least a month before you start making changes to make sure that you’re giving it enough time to see if it works or not but if after a month feel like you know what this doesn’t work I need a little bit more money here or I need this tweaking make it that’s the great thing about this you’re in control you get to decide what all of what all happens you could decide if you want to work more you get to decide hey maybe I just need a bit of a break I’m not going to work as much so I’m going to tweaked it it’s all up to you you are in control of your life control of your budget you’re in control you just have to believe it ok guys hopefully this video helps you understand how a minimalist budget if you like this video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to put some comments in the comment section below if you still have questions or anything like that don’t forget to check out brendon channel if you do have bad credit and need help in that area of your life because his videos are very helpful very informative and he really can help you change your life to you and if you’re struggling in that area and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re new here alright guys i’m jeff sky oh my god go you

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  1. I'm impressed with what you are doing and with the positivity I find in all your videos. Love from India.

  2. I just took a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course There are a couple facebook groups for minimalists who use Dave Ramsey. Your advice is similar but I disagree with using a credit card for emergencies. Instead just set aside $500 then use the rest to pay off debt.

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