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Welcome to “Homegrown in the Kitchen.”
Today we’re going to show you how to use a chef’s knife. Arguably the workhorse in
your kitchen, you’re going to be able to eliminate a lot of gadgets once you get
the hang of using a chef’s knife, but first I want to talk about some knife
safety because that’s very important. The first rule of thumb when using a knife
is if you fumble the knife and you drop the knife don’t try to catch the knife.
You step away and raise your hands up and let it fall to the floor. Number two:
you want to use a cutting board that is very sturdy. Here today I’m using one
that has a gripper back so it’s not going anywhere. I can try to move this on the countertop and it’s not going to move and that’s very important. If you
don’t have one of these, I suggest you use a wet paper towel or a wet kitchen
cloth underneath your cutting board. The other is when you put your knife down on
your cutting board, you put it down if you’re right-handed, you put it down with
the blade facing this way so that when you pick the knife up it’s in the right
position. So now that we have some basics of safety covered, let’s talk about how
to use a chef’s knife. First is how to grip the chef’s knife and I see a lot of
beginning cooks they grip the chef’s knife way down here. You don’t have a lot
of control when you’re gripping it way down the handle. You want to use the
pinch method you want to pinch the blade here and grip it down on the knife so
you have some control. What about this hand? We want to keep these
fingers safe. It’s called the claw — you want curl your fingers and thumb and
little finger under so that you’re never exposing these to the cutting surface so
that you can get cut. You’re holding your food with what we call the claw hand. So
let’s look at what that would look like on them, in this case a piece of celery.
We want to use the claw and hold that in place. Now the motion that we use with a
chef’s knife, and I’m gonna demonstrate that without the food, and then we’re
going to add the food in, this is what you want to get used to. It’s this motion,
it’s down and through, down and through. This tip never comes off the board. You
also want to center your body on the cutting board and in a stable position
and you want to continue to look down your food and what you’re doing and be
very careful. So now let’s add that together with the food. So we’ve got our
claw hand, we’ve got our pinch grip, we’ve got our cutting board that’s sturdy,
we’re centered on the board and we’re coming down and through the food, and
back up and down and through the food and you see that I’m moving the knife
the same amount so that I’m getting even slices and don’t worry about speed yet.
Speed will come. You can get to where you’re slicing very fast, but that
will come later. Just get the motion down, that motion
will serve you so well and that moving the knife and that claw hand. So give
that some practice so that you become a pro with a chef’s knife. Thanks for
joining us on “Homegrown in the Kitchen.”

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