Here’s how the Planned Parenthood videos backfired | Mic Check

For the first time in a long time, Planned Parenthood got some good news It’s about time A series of so-called undercover videos inside Planned Parenthood sparked outrage this past summer Today, a grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood and instead charged the activists who went undercover While investigating Planned Parenthood, a Houston grand jury instead indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt — two people responsible for making the highly edited videos attempting to prove Planned Parenthood sells baby parts The $30 to $100 price range, that’s per specimen that we’re talking about, right? Per specimen, yes To be clear, making a deceptive video doesn’t make it illegal Jimmy Kimmel does it all the time Thanks Jimmy Kimmel What is illegal is falsifying a government record and attempting to buy human organs, which are two things David Daleiden delighted in doing in his effort to defeat Planned Parenthood Basically, Daleiden got caught using a fake ID I’m going to need to see some identification He created a fake biomedical research company called BioMax Procurement Services, then he rode the media circuit Are you saying they are doing something illegal? Absolutely Have you reported this to the authorities? Uh Even though Planned Parenthood is taking a victory lap right now it’s important to remember the damage done Daleiden’s misleading videos fueled a fierce anti-abortion debate, directly informed the House’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood, and possibly inspired Robert Dear to kill three people at a Colorado Springs facility Robert Dear allegedly told officials that he had problems with abortion and that he had issues with baby parts And despite all of this, the rhetoric is still strong amongst leading Republican presidential candidates I will instruct the US Department of Justice to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal violations Fortunately for Planned Parenthood and the over 4.6 million people they provide with affordable health care every year, Obama vetoed the proposed bill and this guy was indicted instead Sorry This guy This is your Mic Check

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