Helping my best friend backfired on me

– Well when I was 16, believe it or not, I would have been over
there with those guys. When I was 16, my best friend got pregnant and I helped her get an abortion because I thought to be a good friend was to do exactly what
they said they wanted. And that abortion destroyed my best friend and she couldn’t even
look at me afterwards because I reminded her
of the most painful thing that had ever happened to her. Abortion is a lie. You are not loving women
by getting them abortions. (applause) 11 years ago I became a
mother for the first time and while I was enjoying my new baby this parliament was debating legalising abortion until birth. And many brave men and
women stood up against it. But none has come close
to what Bernie Finn did and still does. (cheering) When the law was being debated
and due to be voted on, Bernie spoke against it for six hours. (cheering) And as we know, shamefully,
that bill was passed and no amendments got through with it. Since that day there have been over 5,000 post 20-week abortions. post 20-week abortions. Every single year in Victoria,
an average of 35 babies are born alive after failed abortions and are left in a pan
to die or are killed. – [Crowd Members] Shame! – We are not going to give up. We are not just going to
lay down and let that keep happening and Bernie is
not the type to give up. He’s a fighter. And so, 10 years ago, with
a little band of rebels he formed the March for the Babies and he has led this march
as president ever since. (applause) And when abortion is finally repealed and actually becomes unthinkable
for us who have access to all kinds of birth control, we will have Bernie Finn to thank. So a big round of applause to Bernie Finn. (applause)

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