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Hey guys its coreRoss and welcome to
the 6Archive What we are doing today is archiving the Road to SI 2020 event This series is to try and archive some
of the memories or some of the stuff that disappears because of course these
events do not repeat as of yet anyway and even if they do repeat they’ll be
for a short amount of time so I want to try and capture as much as I can off
them now. Of Course YouTube filled with gameplay videos out there but this is
all about archiving the specific special things about these
events so this is gonna be the intros and outros from the Road to SI 2020
event and it’s all voiced by Harry because I thought it’d be pretty sweet
to capture as many of these as I could now it was certainly not easy to capture
all of these because first of all there’s a lot there and an absolute ton
of operators just in general but there’s also more than one for some of the
operators so about three weeks into recording all of this I was like wait a
minute I’ve not heard that intro for Mira and it ended up there was a second one for Mira and I found some second ones for other operators as well Also again the outros was a pain in the ass because it seemed to bug out where at least half of
the time there was just no outro audio and I tried on PC and Xbox and they both
had the same issue so I was right pain in the butt to try and record as much as
I could but I think I got most of the intros and a good chunk off the outros
so let me know in the comments below if there’s any that you’ve heard Harry say
that aren’t actually in this video Now we’re gonna start with the intros first. I’ve recorded these on a mix of Xbox and PC. I’ve also left the
text/chat on for PC because you might get a little bit of a laugh at what
people are saying there in the games and also of course names of players so you
might just see your own name here in this video and yeah hopefully this is
just gonna have a nice archive of this event and I’m hoping to do this for
future events as well so anyway let’s get on to the intros and I’m actually
gonna start with a bonus one because this comes from data mining because you
just cannot actually get this one in game because you cannot pick recruit
however there is an audio line for the recruit on it’s this versatility is the
aim of the Recruit dude able to take on any role they are
the consummate wild card so of course you can’t pick recruit so I don’t think
is any way to actually get that in game presumably he also hasn’t out true as
well but I haven’t heard it anyway here are hari’s intros gridlocks
tracks stickers perform especially well in any situation where delaying the
enemy is paramount bashes ability to repel in slow enemies is of enormous
benefit to both herself and her team finding the least used path in
destroying enemy devices is second nature to specialist maverick few
operators can roam as effectively as guevara whose silent step remains
unmatched dexterous and difficult to pin down
mozzies presence pervades whatever operation he’s included in thermite
understanding of explosives makes him an invaluable asset and he has the scars to
prove it Yeager’s whirring tendency to ignore incoming projectiles is mitigated
by the positive Morales presence conveys deadly at both short and long range
lesions ability to synergize with other operators is legendary castle takes his role as the team’s
protector seriously though optimal placement requires some finesse few
operators are better suited to team support than finca yet she is also a
former opponent in her own right nomads preference for non-lethal
deterrence in no way means she is ill-equipped to eliminate opponents with
the ability to fool enemies into giving away their position alibi is an operator
with great utility denial of access to objectives is vital when all other
defenses have failed which is where smoke comes in cabanas destructive power
is phenomenal especially with regards to opening vertical sight lines delightfully archaic in his approach and
equipment to chancres support can be the key to victory Doc’s ability to mitigate
errors is greatly appreciated by his team while his very presence inspires
confidence the conceptualization of 3d spaces were my strength though careful
placement of the magnet is a priority capital’s ability to control the field
is exceptional though he must be wary of allied
placement at all times Doka Abi’s ability to gather intel on
enemy positions can be deadly when employed at opportune moments detecting
enemy devices is where IQ excels though some operators can escape her notice
entirely specialist Knox reputation precedes her if you are able to predict
where or when she will appear specialist Ashe isn’t an opponent to take lightly
nor she one to begin in engagement quietly communication between Ashe and
her teammates will be vital if they’re to succeed a master of tracking jackal excels in
paralyzing his prey long enough for his teammates to join the hunt protector who
stands against flashes or smoke wardens quick-thinking is saved many a VIP perfectionism is the enemy of wood which
advice specialist Mira can hopefully take the heart specialist Mira remains
one of our most reliable operators even though she’s frequently barred from the
field content to keep an eye on events from a distance echo is invaluable as a
source of enemy Intel invisible to cameras and drones alike vigils
extraordinary patience has led to many hard-won successes never one to miss a
scrap of information maestro’s only weakness may be his fondness for
theatrics using her shocked rose to create chaos in the field from afar
twitch is an elusive opponent no stranger to the vagaries of fate
frost uses the unexpected to turn the tables on her enemies Callie’s utility cannot be overstated
especially with regards to the disruption she brings to the field Valkyries expertise with increased
surveillance renders her invaluable in any defensive operation a humanitarian
at heart pulse nevertheless puts the safety of his allies over his personal
morality by the roaming or placing her Minds a lot often carries out her tasks
with an artist’s eye for detail indistinguishable from a regular
deployable shield coils Vulcan acts as both deterrent and Bluff my attempts to
lift the caber have left me with a distinct impression that sledge is a
force to be reckoned with much like his namesake Thatcher isn’t
one to spook easily nor will he be deterred from his chosen angle of
approach laying down covering fires where Blackbeard excels but team
coordination will be paramount a foil for the unwary cap cans ability to
ensnare his enemies makes every approach a gamble able to cover a wide array of
approaches glasses of vital addition during any breaching operation
protecting the team is a role Montaigne takes seriously and it’s one at which he
frequently excels amuro’s manoeuvrability and unpredictable
placement can cause enemies to falter during time-tested strategies a
proponent of both destruction and concussion Sophia’s presence is sure to
make its mark level one to shy away from shortcuts
fuck is bound to find creative approaches that challenge expectations understated yet vital mute is a key
component in making sure reinforced walls stay that way a practice
practitioner of disruption in denial views is sure to be at the heart of the
action an operator who excels at securing
reinforcements bandit has more than a few tricks up his sleeve content to keep an eye on events from a
distance echo is invaluable as a source of enemy Intel laying down covering
fires where Blackbeard excels but team coordination will be paramount alright guys that’s all the intros by
Hari we’re now gonna move on to the outros but before that let me know what
generals I’m actually messing because I know that I’m definitely missing some of
them but I just could not get hurry to see them and when it comes to the outros
I have less I still have frickin lot there’s all eclipsed but I definitely
mess a lot as well so quote in the comments below if you know what Harry
says for different operators if there’s different variations and just let me
know as much details as you know about for this event because like I say I
tried to capture as much as I possibly could but it’s just you know a big chunk
of it is random but hopefully I got a majority of them anyway guys hope you
enjoyed watching here is the outros subtle use of welcome mats can deal a
crippling blow to an unprepared enemy on which frost is quick to capitalize skeleton key shows that surprise is a
significant factor when determining operator outcomes capturing and repurposing drones is key
to mozzies defensive strategy and it’s one he employs with panache strategic use of the stim pistol has
been correlated with positive operator outcomes including team victory after all placement of creme breaching
rounds was clearly indicated in the team success as was operator lethality the damage and Intel provided by
accurately placed GU mines proved invaluable for team cohesion striking terror into the hearts of your
enemies is half the battle as kuvira well knows crude electrical devices when deployed
with maximum efficiency can be devastating for enemy tactics going where and when to strike is
crucial which is why the logic bomb is such an exceptional tool team coordination and outstanding
placement of brimstone charges were crucial to the team success Suri’s silent destruction enables season
operators to sneak up on their enemies with ease the signal disruptors ability to
frustrate enemy advances is precisely why this device comes so highly
recommended the explosive concussion of Ella’s Minds
is enough to throw even experienced operators into disarray the magpie is but a part of Yeager’s
appeal the other is his unwelcome ability to take his enemies by surprise cap cans entry denial device is a potent
counter to operators who may otherwise approach in science confusion generated by the Prisma
systems but one tool in alibis overwhelm opossum the ultimate team player
rooks Rhino Armour excels at keeping allies on their feet and in the fight a well-placed electric lock can derail
the enemy’s best-laid plans especially when combined with Cades lethality the
universal tactical panel is an underrated tool for adding precious
seconds to the enemy’s approach the capability to control the redirect
enemy movement within enclosed spaces is but one Sophia’s specialties defensive
plays using the black mirror corresponded closely with enemy
dislocation and rapid defeat judicial application of the cardiac censor
enables pulse to neutralize enemies with startling ease to check Estanza parts an operator who
commits to a course of action that others may consider foolish the OTS oh three in glasses hands become
something more than a weapon nothing less than a work of art capturing and accurately turning enemy
projectiles on their owners is where specialist will my stands out defending against a foe who can find and
disable your traps is nigh impossible as IQs performance indicates enabling other operators to do their
jobs in no way detracts from Kelly’s ability to dominate the field strategic use of the rifle shield
conveys a significant advantage when engaging the enemy denying Intel and
being where the enemy least expects our skills which specialist NOC puts to good
use the ERC 7 is a temperamental device
which vigil employees with a needs born of long association crude electrical
devices when deployed with maximum efficiency can be devastating for enemy
tactics fusers methods may be divisive but
there’s no denying their force or efficacy the EE 1d is an oppressive tool whose
intelligence-gathering capabilities can’t be matched the Candela can be deadly when combined
with other devices which is where Ying’s mastery becomes apparent knowing the location of your enemy is
only half the battle knowing what they’ll do next is jackals specialty
you you

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