100 thoughts on “HARRY POTTER Themed School Lunch + A Week of AWESOME Sandwiches

  1. Me when she started rolling out the bread:
    Why is she using a wooden stick instead of a wine bottle?

    Then she goes “you can use a water bottle instead if you don’t have a rolling pin” and that’s how I realized that they make tools for rolling and my family just always used wine bottles.

  2. you should do a week where your kid’s try foods for around the world and see if they like them (e..g, Korea,Africa, And Russia? )

  3. I’m a hufflepuff 😊 my favourite PB sandwich is a nutterbutter (Nutella and Peanut Butter) I tried it after I saw you pack it. But I can’t bring it to school because we’re nut free. Maybe your kids would like pizza flavoured roasted chickpeas. I do, I buy them at Costco with the regular and salt and vinegar mixed in (but pizza is my favourite).

  4. I love your videos and you are a super mom you’re kids are so lucky!! I also love your lunch ideas 😍😍😍😍 can I please have a shoutout???

  5. Can you please do a 1D themed lunch 😭❤😭❤ please I always wanted you to do one!!!!!!!! Pleasee I love youuuuu 😭❤😭❤

  6. I love your videos and I also love Harry Potter, perfect combination. My mom is watching you too. She says she's getting a lot of inversion while watching your videos.
    P.S. You have really sweet and beautiful children.

  7. This isn't a really kid friendly show but this show is so popular on netflix and the 4th season is coming out soon can you do a Stranger Things themed lunch? BTW i'm a hufflepuff :3

  8. I got that cookbook for Christmas a few years ago, it’s great! I have the hunger games one as well.
    (I’m a Gryffindor)

  9. Harry Potter is the best. The lunches are so cool. I like the chocolate frogs you made. I am a Hufflepuff! 👍🏻😻

  10. Oo you should do a "kids make/pack lunch ideas." My kids love watching and they only take some parts that they can prep on their own. They like when I make it but they love being independent too.

  11. A while ago I tried to find your normal bentgo lunchbox. I couldn't find it and ended up with the purple version of your new bentgo boxes. I'm glad you got the new ones because sometimes I have trouble fitting things in that box.

  12. I love Harry Potter! My inner Potterhead was screaming as you made the lunch. I'm certainly a Ravenclaw btw c:

  13. Gah! I was so excited for the HP lunch 🖤 I would absolutely love to see more HP recipes. I have been on the fence about buying the cookbook but I think I need to. Such a great lunch episode 🖤

  14. Never tasted burnt the black gray never tasted before I never went to only went to Disneyland is near Disneyland Disneyland and I didn’t mean I love this I love the food it is for you to go there because it’s really cute it’s changed he used to be really good at now it was really bad but I never take the red I never want to hot were nowhere with Harry Potter but Disney has it you should go to the busiest lovely face :-)💃💃🏾💅🏾💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏻💅🧚🧚🏻🧚🏼🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏿‍♂️👨🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💻👙

  15. I definitely prefer the multi grain chips over the plain white ones i feel like they have more flavor. How did the kids like them??

  16. Gala apples were developed in NZ, and they're not 'Gayla' apples, they're 'Garrrla' apples 😆 and they're delicious!

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