Gym Games – Boomerang

This game is called ‘Boomerang’. Students will start spread out around the gym. Add the foam balls. Students will go around, pick up a ball, and try to throw it at another player. The goal is to hit another student below the knee. So by throwing it, or rolling it, contacting another player on the foot or knee-down. No tagging with the ball. In the example, a player has picked up a ball, and brought it closer to the target. When thrown, the ball contacts a player. That player must then sit down. Same thing in this example, a player is hit by a ball. So that player also sits down. Those players can get back up only when a ball rolls to them (not the ball that hit them initially, but a different ball). They can pick up that ball and start running around again. So as long as a ball rolls to the student who is down, he can get back up. Sometimes students will share with each other. If students have a ball in their hand and they get hit they still must sit down. That’s it for this idea!

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