100 thoughts on “GOP’s Transcript Release Gambit Backfires Upon Actual Reading | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Seems like Maddow is taking out snippets and spinning them. Who was it that said this was bad? Oh, yeah! Now I remember.


  3. Out of hours of Lisa Page testimony you cherry pick some question from a democrat please read the question and answers the Republican asked her

  4. McConnell was told by Obama, Russia was interfering with the election before the 2016 election and said nothing when is he going to be investigated.

  5. So, Republicans want to frame others for doing terrible stuff and thereby only show that they are the ones trying to obstruct justice?
    Okay, whats new about that?
    Since day one they aligned themselves with 45 and back every lie and conspiracy theory coming out of his piehole. They want this investigation into 45 and his Administration stopped so bad because they might know that Mueller possibly finds collusion with Russia. Maybe even Collusion involving Trump and Russia. So they want to turn that story in a dirction that the Republican Base wan´t believe anything that the Mueller reports shows.
    That what this Republican did was/is so stupid because if you are a person with half a braincell left you understand that, in those Reports, there is nothing to compromise the people who gave the testimonies. You, to contrary of what you wanted to do, give them even more credebility. But thinking or having an original thought was never the Republicans strong suit.

    And i have to say this again: If there was, like Trump allways says, "no colusion" then way in the world stop the Mueller Investigation? If there was "no Collusion" then you don´t have to fear anything. If there was "no Collusion" then wait for the Report to come out and rub it under the nose of those who said differently. With 45 allways insisting that there was "no Collusion" you know by now that there was something there and someone – maybe the Russians – helped get 45 elected. If there is nothing there there 45 and his Administration would just keep their mouth´s shut.

  6. Rachel you should read the article of Thornton Mcenery on Deutsche Bank and Trump, published 22 februari. It is astounding!!!

  7. Lisa Page testified this week….that Obama ordered the Russian LIE on Trump. Why didn't your news report that? Why?

  8. it is funny to see that the left does not like when things are leaking to the media but we all know that it is the process they use every day to demonize Trump administration

  9. The GOP isnt vilifying these actors who ALL were fired for acting inappropriately. If you read these transcripts (which are free to the public) you will see that they started the investigation with zero basis. You will also find the Peter Stzrock and Lisa Page were told to stand down in the Hillary server crime because the DOJ was not going to prosecute. In Bruce Ohr's testimoney you will find that the dossier was inappropriately handled and illegaly leaked in order to use the leak as a duplicate source in order to fraud the FISC

  10. Maybe they don't think what you say they think? Maybe they were simply presenting open access to the facts? Shouldn't we all be hailing the openness? Shouldn't we all expect government to be transparent? Making an assumption that they did it to embarass themselves seems silly. Can it be that it was nonpartisan?

  11. So if they ain't bed people why are they fired or resigned or reassigned. Lies you tell. How can media sleep at night knowing they are wrong. Zuckers puppet

  12. They want the Russians to help because they can't win fair and square, most of America does not have the same racist, hateful views as them.

  13. Why is it okay for Republicans to be doing this? If it's against the rules of the house, expel them. Republicans have been acting lawlessly for too long.

  14. Lol good job with the Russian collusion narrative. Accomplished nothing but bringing up the abuse of power in order to overthrow an elected president.

    Nice job Democrats
    Inept and incompetent as ever

  15. More fake news from Rachel Madcow! Desperately trying to put a positive spin on testimony that proves the Obama JD was corrupt and committing crimes left and right to stop a lawfully elected President. Democraps are truly disgusting, immoral slugs.

  16. Very interesting. Uh, colluding is not a crime so why would it be terrifying? The president isn't under investigation which is what Comey said. The Lisa Page (adultery?) testimony is her protecting a cheating boyfriend. But who cares? Typical liberals always being hypocritical of others but don't like it when it's done to you.

  17. Potus- "What the Democrats have done in trying to steal a Presidential Election, first at the “ballot box” and then, after that failed, with the “Insurance Policy,” is the biggest Scandal in the history of our Country"

  18. Seriously, there is definitely something going on in Georgia that's detrementally effecting the entirity of its GOP politition. I don't know if it has anything to do satanic rituals; where members drink, or take weird concoctions, take oaths to Satan and the cult, and what-not; it leaves me with who knows they're pretty much petty liars stuck on protecting something no one is quite knowledgeable about.

  19. I love how Maddow describes how the MSM spin stories by selecting dribs and drabs and then goes on to provide a master class in how to do it with her take on the manuscript. Problem is, lots of people still believe Maddow is a trusted source. They can rest easy now with the vain notion that Maddow has provided them with everything they need to know. Sad!

  20. Im not a republican, nor have i ever voted for one. But Msnbc really sucks! Hows that coup d'ta coming along folks? All 3 main media sites (cnn, msnbc, fox) are for the venezuelan agenda.
    Im voting #Bernie2020 orbust!
    If the DMC pushed they'r corporate flunkies (aka Joe Biden or Beto) ill be voting my first republican Trump for 2020.
    #I've had enough.

  21. The Russia investigation is now clearly a hoax. There will be no impeachment. End of story.

    Only criminals have anything to hide. Like Schiff & Co. You know, the Democrat who colluded with Russian spies (and is caught on tape).

    And that the lovely Lisa Page has tried to save her reputation does not really change anything.

  22. Christian Sewing, the CEO of Deutsche Bank knows exactly where the swamp is in the Trump businesses. Deutsche Bank is in major problems.They are desperately trying to merge with the second biggest bank inGermany.

  23. "GOP wants to select phrases and clips to spin the truth!"
    immediately selects phrases and clips to spin the truth

  24. Republicans are stuck in 50's. They remember all the talking points and FUD. There is nothing of substance in what they say.

  25. Kinda redundant to even discuss this when msnbc and the radical left still think the Steele dossier was a true story and Russia colluded.

    Pot…meet kettle. all kinds of idiots on both sides and i thank you for entertaining me

  26. I'm a Republican and I don't know why anyone thinks this makes Page look bad. It makes her look like a patriot, someone we need more than ever.

  27. I am neither Republicans or Democratic. Maddow is an intelligent deceiver she only showed favorable senators question show more difficult questioning not just cherry picking.

  28. It will be a disaster to them when Republican members involved with Russia!…. Some how i felt these is the main reason Republican defend Trump soo hard!

  29. the Republican are hiding how much Russian money they took to get elected hope you all are subject in this investigates what happened to the oath you took unite the constitution Russian money made these Republican. turned there back on the constitution

  30. Most Republicans don’t read things, they rely on talking head opinion makers to give them out of context quotes and the opinion makers “interpretation’. They then regurgitate these alternate ‘facts’ in comment sections like it is the stone cold truth. So the wingnut’s spinmasters will still distort these transcripts, and take quotes out of context, and include a dose of just flat out lies. I am continually amazed at the distorted viewpoints these people believe, who don’t question what they are told and do any research from nonpartisan sources.
    I just got finished reading about the Russia investigation on Wikipedia … lol. It is a really long article, but very interesting. It talks at length about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page…. and I couldn’t help but feel that those two were slandered and railroaded.

  31. Rachel, you pathetic hysterical moron. You need intervention…Russia Russia Russia…you've lost it. THERE'S NO "THERE" THERE!

  32. Have you ever wonder where all those first round of Republicans went Collins is just a new version of Grassley

  33. Republicans so corrupt since when has Congress started undermining our intelligence agencies and what's their agenda. Trump making everyone think our intelligence agencies are corrupt and liars so he can deal with Putin and Kim Jong and make money.

  34. Presently On pg 333 of OIG report. Along with manuscript of LP and PS text mssg. exchange. Cannot say I agree with your summary.

  35. I smell indictments for numerous people, none of which are on the Trump team. Lisa, Peter, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Comey, etc. etc. etc…..PAIN COMING SOON. Q

  36. Maddow is nuts and Lisa Page is delusional, ME, the taxpayer… this is MY country, YOU have no more power than I , except you are in a position that you are getting paid to do by ME… A taxpayer… You forfeited that role to have an affair with your boyfriend and text him about how you wanted Trump to LOSE, while they were spying on him using lies from a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton his opponent.

    and more you sack of snot .

  37. To those here that are not paid trolls.

    How many times will you let MSNBC lie to you, trick you, mislead you into thinking something is going to happen when it will not?
    We can see you being fooled each time and it looks sad. Getting wrapped up in each false story, giving you false hope.

    When the facts are presented, it will be difficult for you. You’re pride will get the better of you and Rachel will use it to feed you more lies to keep believing President Trump is a criminal.

    “We got him! And we mean it this time!”

    Look at the last 3 years. No charges, no evidence. Just hopes and dreams.

    I bet you believe Epstein killed himself and every time ability Clinton flew on his plane, to his island nothing illegal happened.

  38. Rachel and her zombies lol 3 years of 'we got him now' and pushing BS conspiracy theories…somehow you fools are still part of her dying audience LMAO

  39. So, Rachel thinks it is better that the FBI fudged the facts in secret rather than announce the investigation to harm Trump?

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