germany / netherlands vlog : COLOGNE | cuckoo clock | AMSTERDAM | boat ride | HOLLAND | windmills

hey friends welcome to the Germany /
Netherlands vlog I know this series has been going on for a while now but we are
definitely getting there. the first part of the vlog will start off with me
visiting Switzerland’s rhine falls. after that we’ll be finally leaving Switzerland and
proceeding on to Germany and then lastly we’ll make our way to the Netherlands so
without further ado my friends let’s beginnnnnn~ let’s just head down and see if the
view gets any better. so let’s take a look at this maybe I can
zoom in a little for you guys so that you guys can see it better pretty neat. look at the fishy fishy
fishes so many fishes! I bet the oxygen intake for them is like
pretty low. isn’t this illegal? it’s like overcrowding to the maximum hey there little ducky! how’s ur day? hey friends so it’s a little dark but we’re finally up the bridge in heidelberg the wind’s really really strong it’s a little chilly today but I’m loving it! hey friends so we are finally back in
the hotel and this is day one in Germany so for now ima change into some
comfortable clothing and I’ll see you guys right… now! so we are finally back with
some comfortable clothing so this is day one in Germany and we will
only be in Germany for like one and a half day and the rest of the day we’ll be
heading to Amsterdam. the thing that we are aiming for in this trip is mainly
diversity so we are not planning to stay in any of the countries for like too
long so it is just exploring the country’s most famous cities and monuments. so.. yeah! this will conclude day number one in Germany and I’ll see y’all tomorrow. see y’all my friends 🙂 ootd for day number two in germany after our really short stay in Germany
it’s time to say goodbye.. we spend the remaining half of the day journeying to
the Netherlands, got some dinner, and headed straight to the hotel to rest as
it was getting pretty late. hey friends so we are currently in Amsterdam. today is day number two of the germany / netherlands vlog so day number two is
basically me just traveling and just me getting to my destination so the first
half of the day was spent in Cologne in Germany and it is literally just me
shopping around the place and just looking to see if I can get anything and I
actually managed to get a shoe from Fila which causes only like 50 euros or
something which is really really cheap as compared to buying it at some other
places so the second half of the trip is basically just be getting to Amsterdam
so we have finally arrived in Amsterdam! so right now I’m just chilling a little
bit and I’ll probably head to bed soon because tomorrow is gonna be another
long day for me so I’ll catch you guys tomorrow I look like a crazy guy because the
wind is just so frickin strong over here but it isn’t
about the wind it is about the beautiful view over here! Holland is all about the
windmills, the country life, animals, farms.. really really beautiful 🙂 the birdies over here man.. the goat so that’s it for holland. a really
frickin beautiful & chill place except for the wind everything else is
literally perfection goodbye Holland u’ve have been amazing the houses are actually really beautiful
as well so if you guys can just see it really beautiful.. holy moly.. don’t gooooo…! hey friends so we’re day 3 in
Amsterdam right now so I’m gonna keep this video as short as possible cuz your
boy is feeling a little feverish due to the really bad weather condition in
Amsterdam. it has been raining consecutively for like almost the whole
day. the main reason that I caught a cold was because I didn’t want to hold the
umbrella when I was taking the photographs and some videos. yer boy’s
doing it all for YouTube and all for the gram and ends up suffering his butt off
so is it worth it? I don’t know.. prolly not hehe we took a trip down from Amsterdam to holland today to capture some scenic
views, do a little sightseeing and just walk around the place and enjoy the cool
breeze and yeah the windmills so holland is really famous for their windmills
and their cheese so today is basically just me heading
down to Holland and just checking those things out and yeah. I’ve showered,
moisturized and took some medicine so thank you my friends for staying with me
throughout the whole video I’ll prolly head to bed right now.
so goodnight y’all. cya! 🙂

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