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  1. Australia didn't get black people in the 60s hell our population was 100% black for 60,000 years. The native population identifies as black

  2. Fun side note: In Australia, there is a big small community of Czechs and my grandgranduncle moved there in the year 1938, because German reich occupied us. His wife lives in Brisbane today.

  3. For heavens sake, how many times do Aussies need to educate people on how to say Canberra. Step 1- think "Can" with a "Bra" on a . Last step, practice saying as fast as possible Can……Bra

  4. "Australia's best friend would have to be NZ"
    have you seen what they call each other? clearly they be nursing a mutual hatred.

  5. The whole world's population could live in Australia and there still be room left. So let's go live there 😀

  6. We love you too America (sometimes). But can you stop dragging us into unwinnable wars please? .. thank you, Australia.

  7. I wouldn't call Australia and Amarica girl friend, boy friend. I actually think of Australia and Amarica as, step brothers, because they were both colonized by Britain, and when Amarica got independence from Britain the made Australia the Younger step brother of America.

  8. I've lived in Australia all my life and had no idea about any of those sovereign territories or the fact that the Australian Capitol Territory not exist anymore! Nice work.

  9. You earn respect from us tho, cos ya don't know junk about us, make fun of us, and we don't necessarily like all Americans anyway, a lot of them can come as rude

  10. If sombody from another country ever called me a prisnor or or "British" I will fuc** kill them, stab them, send them into the deser to let them die from deadly animals and then I would sit them into the sun so they would burn and get cancer

  11. Wtf is the jervis bay territory ??? Never heard of it. And also it’s called Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  12. fun fact: australia had a war against it own national bird, those damn emus
    another: australians day fairy floss instead of cotton candy
    another: Australians drive on the LEFT side of the road, like the British
    I’m not even Australian and i know this
    New life damnit

  13. There is actually a province in Australia called Hutt River Province which is located in the state of Western Australia and is ruled by a prince! Bet you didn't know that one!

  14. australia doesn't have a culture. lol I've lived here all my life.. the culture it does have is because of every other ethnic minority groups and other cultures. LOL. nothing culture about "Australia Day" AKA invasion day and BBQ and shrimp. lol

  15. We have a sporting rivalry with Australia in Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Cricket. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  16. South-Western Australia is not subtropical. It is a mix of mediterranean climate, temperate and grassland. Has a mixture of both wet & dry eucalypt sclerophyll forests, coastal heath, acacia shrublands and eucalyptus woodlands. Just wanted to clear that up.

  17. I love Australia. There have been a few times in my life where I have created an Australian obsessive phase where I just obsess over Australia and wish I was one of them. I wish Australia was in the atlantic. Much shorter travel for me to visit. I live in the New England area. Love you Australia!!!

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