Full-Body Resistance Drill for Lateral Stability – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey, what’s up, everybody?
Stick Mobility here, Mitch, Dennis, and Neal. What we’re gonna do today is show you some
lateral core work in the frontal plane. Neal’s gonna be getting the work,
Dennis is going to provide the resistance. We got this drill from one of our
Stick Mobility coaches, Marcel Linza. So Neal is going to stand and go into an overhead
position. He’s gonna have the stick off to one side. Dennis is then going to reach up and try to
provide him some… opp, maybe not. Alright. Hey sometimes in life you just need a little assistance. You know, any vertical challenge, good thing
we’ve got a trusty plow box next to us. So, Dennis is now going to get up on his pedestal here. He’s going to grab ahold of that Mobility Stick
and he is going to laterally flex it down, giving Neal some feedback. As soon as that happened,
look what happened here, we bring it in nice and close, we see some
shaking and we see that body working. So now Neal has to overcome those
frontal forces as Dennis flexes that stick. Now you can hold it there for time or
we could just go up and down for flex. Cause usually we’re gonna probably bring it down,
hold it for about a 5 to 10-second count. What you’re looking for is that Neal’s body,
or whoever is doing it, does not move. Right, you’re going to overcome this,
shoulders have to stay packed, so we are getting some good work on shoulders, scaps,
T-spine, right, hips, everything from the ground up. We are getting some global work. This is a great drill to see if you really
own frontal plane stability, right. And we have to do both sides
because we are equal opportunists. We don’t want Neal walking around all lopsided. Dennis is just gonna step on his box because let’s face
it, he’s short and he needs a little help to get up there. Alright, here we go. So on the other side, Now here’s a good way
this can also be a great assessment, because we can see what happens from side to side. Just cause you’re strong and stable on one,
does not mean you will be on the other side. So we might see, where someone how they use
their body, where they start to lean on one side where they didn’t on the other. So this can be a
great assessment, seeing what happens here. What do the shoulders do? What do the scaps do
Does that happen? Do they give out at any point? Do we maintain structure? So again, make sure we are not hyper-extended in the
back. We are not in an extension in the lumbar spine. It is tucked under, everything is stacked.
We want those joints nice and strong. You see that shaking going on?
We see the challenge. This is a great drill people. Give it a shot.
Some lateral flexion, partner drill. Movement made better. Out.

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