Front Spin With Throw | Bo Staff Trick Tutorial

previously I’ve shown you how to do a
regular front spin today, I’m gonna show you how to add a little more flair to it
by adding in a throw. To do the actual throw we start by doing a front spin,
once you can’t rotate your wrist any further and the bo is between your
thumb and your index finger you’re gonna lift your arm upwards. Let go and
the bo will keep spinning. You’re gonna hold out your left hand, bring it up as
the bo comes down, grab it, rotate out bring it back behind just like the
front spin, you can keep doing more.
When you’re first learning this trick you’re
gonna want to start with little throws. The reason being the more time it’s in
the air the more time it has to get away from you. The reason we catch the bo
palms up is so that the bo falls into your hand is if we were trying to catch it
palms down we have to catch up to the bo, including its rotation and then
grab it, leaving a lot more room for error. When throwing the bo we lift
our arm upwards because it allows us to get more height without adding more rotation. If we really try and just crank our wrist we’re not going to get very high
and instead its going to result in a really fast spinning bo which is
insanely hard to catch. So by lifting our arm upwards we get a nice
controlled throw. Thanks for sticking around to the end, I hope you learned
something from this video, if you did please give it a thumbs up, leave any
questions in the comments, and check out my channel for more videos

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  1. Your videos are really useful! I am looking to buy a Bo staff, if you could do a guide on how to go about buying the correct staff that would be amazing! I'm a bit lost right now 😄😄

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