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  1. I think people are upset about the conservatorsip not the 30 day stay. They’re saying she’s been controlled for 10-11 years.

  2. Thank you so much for addressing this. People think that they know the situation and now no does except people involved. Damn it

  3. I work at in inpatient facility where all 108 clients are under conservatorship. Thank you for bringing awareness to this matter. Unless you work directly in the mental health field you realize how little the "public" is aware of what goes on in mental health facilities.

  4. I was a conservator and a legal guardian for a person with special needs. It is not something that is done lightly, and it really takes a lot of paperwork and time to become a conservator.
    Conservatorship in MN really only means that someone else cares and protects the person’s finances if they are unable to. (They have no say in any other elements in the person’s life) Guardianship here means someone else cares/or is responsible for their medical decisions, personal care etc. A guardian has no right to even see anything financial or have access to the person’s funds without the permission of the conservator and the person they are guardian to. I am glad for this video, it is really important that people understand that these things really are important and helpful for people with special needs, mental illnesses etc. since the 1980s many many laws to protect and help people who need extra care.

  5. You are pretty ignorant on the matter.
    No one is saying conservatorships are bad.
    But in Britney's case, it isn't needed since there have been proof by specialists that she doesn't need them.
    and How are u gonna make a mentally ill woman do 4 albums,4 world tours,countless interviews etc. ?!

  6. But is it okay that she's been concerved for 11 years? She wants to be free (she will be in court discussing it today) and I trust her more than I trust her father.

  7. <3 This was so wonderful. I am glad you talked about it so hopefully people can understand and give her the space she needs.

  8. Interesting topic as always. I wasn't aware of the free Britney movement. I was appointed Conservator of my father by the court. Adult Protective Services (APS) was called in and determined he had dementia.

    I was willing to be his Guardian and Conservator, even though I lived out of state and 5.5 hours away. Hard work. Worthwhile. And the toughest job I ever did. He developed cancer and died 4 weeks after the diagnosis. I have always hoped that the dementia kept him from remembering the pain. (Please don't tell me that's not likely. It would break my heart.)

    If Britney's Conservator felt she needed to be in a facility, don't argue. That was a difficult decision to make and very likely wasn't done lightly. It's akin to parenting. Also a tough job.

  9. Kanye West was also ''hospitalized'' at UCLA Medical Center. Are there really coincidences ? He was hospitalized after revealing certain truths at his concert.

  10. I’m not so concerned about the fact that she is staying in a mental health facility for 30 days as I am about the fact that she is still being conserved after 10 years…she had a breakdown then but she has seemed fine for years and like she’s capable of making her own decisions. To be fair, we don’t know the whole picture of her mental health, but with how much popstars are controlled by their management and families, it’s concerning.

  11. So happy you made this video. Miley saying “free Britney” on stage definitely didn’t help this situation. It bugs me when people outside of the situation get angry with those within it bc they have no real idea what the day to day is. I understand that wealthy people are taken advantage of but. I’ve been on the side of the family just doing their best and everyone around them is freaking out and thinking they know better. It’s frustrating. I’m glad you laid out that there are legal protections in place for her wellbeing and that this isn’t against her will or for the rest of her life

  12. Is being conserved, the same as having a guardian, and/or payee?
    I know a payee is very distinct in their role though.

  13. I'm waiting for an independent living skills worker to help with cleaning, cooking, and healthy habits. This sounds very similar. I'm so excited to receive the help I need. I hope Britney is getting the help she needs as well.💗

  14. This honestly sounds like such an ethical issue. I'm glad I'm hearing about it but I'm disturbed by the way she's been treated.

  15. Because conservatives rule!!!

    Oh, I figured it was a type-o, not a completely different word and concept. Conservatives still rule, though.

  16. I had never heard of any of this (definitions or otherwise) until watching this.
    I don't know if you did videos about these but…
    1. How do you know if your therapist is a good fit for you?
    2. How can someone switch from pediatric to adult therapists without anxiety?
    3. How can someone work on being open (in therapy) without fear of judgement?

  17. What does it mean when someone thinks that they are living in a simulator/dream instead of real life?

  18. Thank God people like you exist. I really don't have anything positive to say on the topic of "free britney," but I'll try to keep it neutral. Britney Spears is most definitely being held against her will, and she is unfortunately, a victim of MK Ultra mind control. If she was ACTUALLY being hospitalized for mental problems then we wouldn't be hearing about it…that would be breaking hipaa laws. Also, her agent would make sure no one knew about it…so something is definitely fishy when you hear that someone so famous is being institutionalized. In other words, there is an agenda behind this whole story. I'm sorry, Katie Morton. I don't mean to be a conspiracy theorist on your wholesome, positive channel. Keep up the good work! Everything you say is extremely important on this topic, by the way. I am very thankful that I was institutionalized against my will as a minor…well I was thankful for the experience because I'm a writer, lol.

  19. britney might or might not have needed a conservatorship in the past, but that was a decade ago. i definitely think she needs to be "freed" from it. i wont go into rumors/conspiracies surrounding her situation, but i really hope this is the year she can finally close that chapter of her life and move on to being her own woman. thank you for your informative video.

  20. What I don’t understand is how you can find it in yourself to justify it to make someone work like Britney has worked all these years she’s been under this conservatorship. How does it make sense to have someone like that to do the extensive work like touring, recording albums and rehearsal and all of that if it’s a person not considered fit enough to drive their kids to school. To me it comes off as money grabbing and not having a person’s best interest at heart. But with all this said I do understand that she is in need to have structure in her life she couldn’t provide on her own. Considering how wealthy she is I do wonder why people can’t be hired to help her at home. Royals do it all the time so why not her too. And those photos of her this Easter did not look good. But it’s clear fans with zero insight isn’t helping the situation.

  21. I don't have the issue that Kati mentioned in this video. However, I'm curious how this affects (or effects … I always forget which form of the word to use) the person's ability to be employed. I realize that the laws in our current states of residence may vary (I live in Virginia). But a general idea would be helpful for me to understand.

  22. Thank you for explaining this further, you're such a great YouTube channel! 🙂 I'm grateful for your explanations, your insights, and also your truthfulness. That and sometimes your videos make me feel better about how I'm doing! <3 Stay awesome and I still read your book for reminders and encouragements!

  23. It sounds like she is setting a boundary and taking care of herself. #letbritneybebritney Does learning disability classify for conserved? Like can pay their bills? Thank you good video with sensible information

  24. Never heard of such refference, that word conservative reminds me of The Trolls of the Tea Party

  25. This sounds like Adult Guardianship in Australia. Someone with a mental illness or intellectual disability who is unable to manage their own affairs can apply to the court to have a guardian appointed to take care of things for them eg financial decisions, or medical decisions, or decisions about everything (depending on the person's capacity). Family members or representatives of the state can be appointed as Guardians.
    I worked to get kids with intellectual disabilities appointed with adult guardians once they left Foster care at age 18 so that their needs could continue to be met.

  26. sweetie Britney been under conservatorship for more than 10 years .. she released 4 albums, 3 tours and 5 year Vegas residency .. SHE IS CAN FEND FOR HERSELF .

  27. PS why the fuck would ppl be scared of therapy? Aren't therapists meant to fucking help ppl in a non judgemental way? Or are most people these days just overly precious and sensitive? PPS could you do a vid on being overly sensitive and how it's turning humanity into a new generation of pussies?

  28. My aunt tried this on me because she doesn’t like my boyfriend. It was thrown out immediately. Now her son is trying to get conservatorship of her, and he’s winning. She’s such a bitch. A lot of people in my family hate her.

  29. Please do a video on CMH in Michigan and how poorly funded it is! They are gonna privatize it and I already am someone with DID who is told I’m “lucky” to get weekly counseling even though when I lived other states I needed in home care to be functional… please the system is so bad and it’s getting worse!

  30. I was under the impression that her control-freak parents DROVE her crazy and then used that as an excuse to keep her under their thumb.

  31. My uncle has been my mom’s conservator for 10 years…thank you for this video, most people don’t know what this is. It was a lot of work (and money) to establish the conservatorship and is still a lot of annual work to maintain. I am very grateful to him for doing this.

  32. I'm not worried about Brittany, but I have seen this abused. I was renting a house and my landlady's sister managed to get her baker acted for assessment, asked for conservatorship, and while waiting for the court hearing – sent out mail from a lawyer demanding that my rent (which was now due) be sent to her instead. It wasn't sent certified mail, so I was smart enough to ignore it and make sure everyone involved simply withheld rent entirely until the situation was resolved. Sure enough, once the court hearing occurred, not only did they find my landlady competent.. but also that she wasn't any type of threat to herself or others. The whole thing was all a legal play to steal the rent checks.

  33. Thank you for explaining this to people. I saw so many comments from fans who don’t even know this woman or what is happening in her life. I assume these people all mean well when they demand her freedom, but they are clueless why this is happening and need to understand this is not the public’s business and making noise to “free” her is not helpful to her mental state or situation.

  34. What is the line between mental illness and humour? Are all comics 'sad clowns' – don't we really just laugh when we are in some kind of stress? Also, how do I deal with a 'Kati Morton Addiction'? – Oops I did it again…

  35. Thank you for being a reasonable voice and teacher. I had no idea about this Britney thing or what conservatorship was, and now I do. Here's hoping Britney gets better soon, and that team #freeBritney calms down.

  36. I work in a psychiatric hospital I love helping people. I love your videos also! So informative I work with a lot of conserved patients

  37. Hey kati this is irrelevant but I hope in the future you make another video on the topic of maladaptive daydreaming

  38. Im 13 if i tell my therapist about my past sexual assault even tho im 100% safe now(from my abuser) will they still tell my parents?

  39. My best friends friend attempted suicide. How do I help and support my friend and help his friend? My friends friend and I aren’t close but talked a little. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to and my friend can’t carry it all. Please help.

  40. Ok so I have started therapy and I have been going for a while… but the problem is most of the time I have no reason why I’m upset… my therapist always asks and I have a difficult time answering… (I have depression, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety, I also self harmed) I don’t know if this is normal?

  41. Please Help Lia Marie Johnson! Not sure if it is mental health struggles, substance abuse, or both. Please watch her insta live videos and give us your professional opinion!

  42. I would love to see you do a video on chewing and spitting (CHSP) disorder. It's one of those disordered eating habits not a lot of people talk about.

  43. Maybe you can reach out to Trisha Paytas and maybe try to give her some words of encouragement. She is a broken person at the moment and she seems so very lost in the world and can’t find true happiness. She needs help before it’s too late. 💜

  44. I love your channel, but I would like to point out that conservatorships are NOT hard to perform on people. Please watch The Guardians documentary on Amazon Prime. Also, Britney Spears testified in court that she was sent to the facility against her will and that her dad forced her to take drugs against her will. As evidenced by her public court records, she has been evaluated by multiple psychiatrists and was deemed mentally competent. The psychiatrists suggested that the conservatorship SHOULD end. But Judge Reva Goetz is known as a corrupt judge, and Reva threw out their professional medical recommendations. Britney deserves to have her civil rights!

  45. How many people get help ? I bet none. Only the rich who don't want it. That tells us what they're thinking to start this on you

  46. If someone is in a conservatorship and the conserver signs them up for treatment and the mental health provider agrees can the person being conserved be held against their will in that case?

  47. Kati, I wanted to only share that in having conservatorship of my son (you know about him: Epilepsy, ASD, OCD), we didn't need the second 30 day evaluation because he has been developmentally disabled for so long, we had years of documentation from his Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Regional Center, and school district. This is the only kind of exception that I know of, but I know that when I was first seeking conservatorship it was anxiety provoking, and eventhough they say they are not evaluating like a homestudy, they actually are – and they include things like house cleanliness in the evaluations, so any additional visits or court time would have felt very overwhelming when I was worried that maybe they would deny my request, and he is so vulnerable and "young" permanently at about 10-11. I was going to DM you, but I figured other might find it useful. I hope all is well!

  48. How could the people in charge of her conservative ship have allowed her to perform like a circus pet all of these years and yet kept control of her life and every other facet. There's something very fishy about that

  49. Britney’s father pays the therapist that evaluated her. Conservatorships are very frequently abused by the way, there’s even a documentary on it

  50. Britney has tried to get out of her conservatorship multiple times, Kati… it is documented. And she is not allowed to use a smart phone and everyone she hangs out with has to be vetted by her father. Her team also has control of her Instagram

  51. This makes SO MUCH SENSE now!!! I read Hannah Hart's book Buffering, and I was very confused on what it was and how it worked. Really complex terms and abbreviations I will often skim and then I end up having no clue what I'm reading. This makes so much more sense now. Dang now I want to re read her book again. But breaking things down into easy to process pieces is needed with complex things like these. Or with anything. Especially with people like me who don't know anything about law or government stuff. Glad to be finally catching up on videos now! Finals week and work kept me busy!

  52. She's been in numerous concerts, world tours and even a Vegas residency since 2008. How is she deemed incompetent to take care of herself and compared to someone who has dementia???

  53. Because she has major bipolar condition that she will never recover from. Her family will need to take care of her u til she dies. Poor Brit.

  54. Thank you Kati. This video was so necessary. It's really hard to conserve someone in California and made it super difficult for us to protect our Father. Glad you gave us some clarity around conservatorship.

  55. Its like being a guardian so she IS being held against her will. And Im not buying that its that difficult. Just get a doctor with the right mindset that people with mental health issues can't make choices and there you go. And poor Brittney has all these people being concerned for her. I have a hard time believing shes doing that bad. And yeah, its not a 5150. If I had a choice I would take the 5150. I hate to see someone lose their ability to make choices. How does that make someone feel safe? This makes me angry, Im sorry.

  56. When it comes to “mental illness” court hearings are a farce most of the time. The judge usually sides with the doctor and/or family member and ignored the evidence (or lack of evidence).

  57. oh kati… where to even start? i'll try to make it as short as possible. britney herself appeared in court and confirmed that she was sent there against her will. when you're a hugely successful superstar like britney is, there's so much money involved. where there's a lot of money, there'll always be unprincipled and toxic leeches around. in fact, britney's court appointed lawyer, samuel d. ingham, is being investigated for allegedly having killed one of his former clients. being the "licensed marriage and family therapist" that you are, i'd expect you to do a full-on research before publishing a commentary about such a highly sensitive subject. very disappointing you did not.

  58. Britney was illegally placed under a probate general co-ship which is a lot different than an LPS c-ship (LPS c-ship is what the OP is explaining). Mind you it’s been three months since you posted this, but since then Britney has admitted in court that she was placed in the facility; also court documents prove that a lot of her team (Lou Taylor, Jamie Spears) business activity pertaining to her finances are questionable. Also her father spreading the c-ship to 12 other states says a lot.

  59. WHAT PEOPLE WONT TALK ABOUT IS HOW REVA GOETZ , AVA K BOB both judges used for the conservatorship are both listed on corrupted judges list with history of wrongful sentencing and siding with 1 side of the family especially the ones that fattens the pockets! Or how Samuel d Ingham III is being charged with wrongful death of another conservatorship. This sick system is happening all over and won’t change until America is educated on it and pass reform! This can happen to anyone with assets if you injure your head at work and have no one and a private conservator swoops in or if your elderly and a private conservator decides you are not fit and you have “dementia”. This is is happening to rich ceos , celebrities such as Amanda Bynes , Nichelle Nichols , Britney , jason Singleton , Casey Kasem . And happening to the elders America needs guardian ship and conservatorship reform immediately before it happens to you!!!! 😡

  60. ok so a conservator is basically someone who takes legal control over a mentally ill or disabled person? Kind of like an adult guardian.

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