Fox McCloud: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

Fox McCloud is flying onto the field, ladies
and gentlemen, and he’s brandishing a bevy of gadgets to prove he’s a master of Melee! The origins of his specials aren’t quite
definitive, but they’re likely references to Arwings: a staple means of locomotion in
the Star Fox franchise. Fox Illusion, for example, might be based
on their boost capabilities, and Fire Fox could be imitating them blazing through the
atmosphere or a somewhat unusual nod to the fiery mythology of Kitsune. The Reflector calls to mind the Arwing’s
projectile-deflecting barrel roll as well. Slippy Toad produced those gizmos for combat
purposes, but they didn’t make a canonical appearance until Star Fox Zero where they
served strictly as cosmetics. Fox’s Blaster was rooted in lore from the
onset, though, as he demonstrated proficiency with firearms in Star Fox 64’s multiplayer
mode and official artwork from the game depicted him holding one. His neutral special began with a rate of fire
and knockback similar to a ray gun, but from Melee onward, it unleashes a rapid-fire barrage
that doesn’t phase foes. His style has evolved throughout the series,
too, and Star Fox Assault brought in plenty of palettes, but no matter what he’s sporting,
I think you’ll agree that this iconic team leader is always… a fox! Hey there, pal. Thanks for watching! Now I’ve got a question for you. When it comes to Ultimate, who’s your favourite
Star Fox character? Let me know in the comments below! And while I have you here, why not check out
my Smash Ultimate playlist? Lots of fun character lore to find there, so dig in!

4 thoughts on “Fox McCloud: ULTIMATE Origins?! – Got A Minute?

  1. My favorite Star Fox character has been Falco ever since he was introduced in melee. I don’t really get why, but I enjoy playing falco but I dislike playing Fox.

  2. Who's your favourite Star Fox character on the Ultimate roster? Mine's definitely Falco, and our previous Twitter poll indicates most folks fall under the Wolf wagon, but I'm sure Fox has some fans, too! 🎉

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