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  1. A really great way to transition into this diet is by switching to paleo (non dairy version) first. You'll still detox from all the processed foods, wheats, dairy, and countless other things while adding tons of fruit and vegetables into your diet. The meat is just to supplement until you're emotionally ready to let go of it. The first time I went plant based I was still having small amounts of chicken and fish, or else I felt like I was going nuts, so hungry all the time. After a while I was able to let it go and be "fruitarian" (80/10/10).

  2. The f**k tard that was coughing so loud during the whole thing should have been drop kicked in the nut sack! How frriggin aggravating.

  3. Can you describe what you eat daily and what a child's daily meals should look like, I really want to make some changes, I run a daycare and feed many children, I want them to be healthy. Please help me

  4. Should everything be organic or regular like eggs and stuff, what can I substitute bread and meat with, I really want to make changes to me and my kids diet,

  5. I'm not a super heavy weight but I'm well above "average". I have adopted the "Palio" (Primal, Ancestral, Low Carb) lifestyle. So, I'm avoiding Grains, Sugars, Starches and Legumes. I am enjoying a lot of vegetables but my diet is inclusive of Meat, Poultry, and Fish. Unfortunately, I cannot afford all the wonderful, organic "whole food" stuff, it is very much over-priced. But in spite of that, as of mid April I have lost 20 lbs since mid January 2015.

  6. Wait a second. That casein studies can't be done in rats. Rats fed with products that their organisms are not used to preocess (like that amount of casein) will obviously cause health problems in them. Millions of years of evolution of the species, has prepared rats to survive by consuming certain types of food. Us humans are designed by thousands of years of evolutionary processes to survive eating animal products. Don't find a logic in there.
    MY guess is that processed foods (including sugar wheat etc.) chemical products and GMO's are the real culprits of it all.

  7. Don't agree with the Kenia population statistics beign healthier due to the consumption of plant based diets. In fact, you can find groups (ethnical groups) of sheperds whose main consumption is that of animal products, there are still others who keep hunting small species for their food supply.
    I agree there are some, whose main diet is plant based, but statistics show that they all live healthier lives with almost non-existing chronic diseases, NO MATTER what they eat. Health problems arise as they get in touch with big city life styles of eating.

  8. Quit milk 2 years ago. Gas I had for 22 years…Gone day one. Bad permanent acne…Took about 3 weeks but completely gone. Acne comes back if I cheat  lol. Almost meat free as I love me some salmon but mostly Brown rice with black eyed peas and oatmeal and fruits and vegetables. 46 years old and have never felt better. No meds. It does take discipline but like this video said you can retrain your taste buds and its ok to cheat once in awhile

  9. Not all of the comments on this video are accurate. For one, Dietary cholesterol does not raise blood cholesterol, and does not cause plaque in arteries.

  10. A man on a 2,000 calorie diet would have to consume over three quarts of milk a day to get 20% casein in his diet. Three cups of milk would keep the same man at 5% casein. That is because 80% of milk protein is casein, and there are 32 grams of protein in a quart of milk (~25.6 of them are casein).

  11. I dont know if I will get an answer here but I do have a question about studies….the information given here is quite an eye opener with statistics from WWII to the Chinese leader with cancer…..So…..Does the US give any credibility to studies like this and if so…why are we not changing how we eat on a cultural level? Dont get me wrong…it makes perfectly good sense….but it seems as if everything is based around money….prescriptions…dairy and meat…causing the prices to be ever so high to eat like we should. It feels as if the rich can thrive though they may not choose to…but for a poor person as myself….it takes every last means to do this. I am only one month into eating whole and clean and i dont know how I am going to afford the clothes I will need to replace(LOL and happy)..one month has taken off 13 lbs…(about 50 more to go if I am fortunate)and this month I am doing a total cleanse with the raw diet and no meat….which hopefully will be a bit cheaper than looking for organic and grass fed meats. Glad for those lists of stuff we can purchase and the frozen organics. Thank you both ever so much for all this wonderful information!….Sincerely, Barbara

  12. I just became familiar with the whole plant based/raw food nutrition lifestyle. I believe you are correct about the slowness of the healing power of foods message getting out. Key factors is that for the pharmaceutical companies the money is in the medicine not the the cure. My own experience seeing the shift in blood pressure numbers go down with a simple change in diet. Wow. So I am telling all of my friends who are over 40 in particular. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  13. I'm all for eating more vegetables. but my ancestors ate plenty of meat and knew nothing of chronic disease. Eskimos on their traditional diet had no chronic disease. Any theory blaming meat for our current health crisis has to explain these facts. Personally I'm blaming the things my ancestors didn't have – sugar and processed food.

  14. ps, my mom also went vegan some years ago and her high blood pressure went down a lot and also her cholesterol went right down too. Sorry I dont have the figures for that but i know it was a lot and the doctor was very pleased with the results 🙂

  15. AYE SCURVEY! Have you considered vitamin c as the component that's missing here? Who's the woman with the walking pneumonia as we can here the persistent pertussive phremitis in the back ground? Better get some levaquin prescribed. Why attack meat as it sustained the human endeavor for over 2 million years. I swear to you its a lack of vitamin C. You can not get enough from the vegetables. We can not make our own and animals make 35 X our RDA of 60 mg. Start at 2000 mg a day as a cheap supplement and see the results.

  16. 20% of 4 year olds being obese is NOT primarily because of inactivity or being glued to smart devices. It's the food, as Dr McDougall's motto says.

  17. how many societies historically were vegan? damn few if not zero – probably some small zealot sects of a couple societies and all rooted in unrealistic idealism. But the # certainly pales in comparison to those that weren't – so the vast majority of humans have evolved from ancestors that ate animal products. And yet a study by the commies is supposed to prove that meat is bad? The chinese study included 800+ MILLION subjects using 650 THOUSAND researchers? who the fuck paid for that? The scope of the study in itself is enough to raise suspicion. Could the "results" of the study have anything to do with the fact that China is dirt poor and has strong political reasons to decrease the demand for meat?And is it worth noting that the New Age movement has an agenda that includes avoidance of meat? People are so full of shit with their political and ideological axes to grind, I would seriously question the motives of those pushing a plant based diet and eschewing animal products.

  18. In Japan they eat mostly Rice and vegetables? Sure and they don`t eat fish like everyday , which is the most correlated reason why they do not get strokes, despite being one of the nations with highest cigarette consumption and work stress (on average working 11 hours per day).

  19. The USA have the highest concentration of nutrition charlatans per square kilometer (Campbell, Greger, McDougall, Esselstyn…). They are the world's champions in inventing crazy dietary systems contradicting the last two millions of human evolution. After all, the health state of the US population reflects very well the intellect of their nutrition "experts".

  20. How come none of you vegans talk about the soy boys that are growing female breasts and other female characteristics from soy products. No one should ever eat soy the estrogen mimickers in soy are extremely carcinogenic and the soy lobby is just as bad as the beef or dairy lobby.

  21. You never know what to believe. There are studies that show evidence on both sides of this…. The plant based diets and diets that incorporate meat in it as well. Fuck. It's frustrating.

  22. Purchase the book the Forks over Knives Plan a 4 week meal by meal makeover listing what to eat and 100 new recipes by Alona Pulde,MD and Matthew Lederman, MD

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