100 thoughts on “Forging a knife from a rusty wrench

  1. Красавчик) Удачного процветания канала и Твоего творчества!

  2. You ruined a Bahco. AB Bahco is a maker of industrial hand tools based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company began producing saw blades as early as 1886, and soon followed with pipe wrenches and adjustable wrenches based on patents by J.P. Johansson. (As a side note, the Johansson adjustable wrench served as the design inspiration for the Crescent adjustable wrench.)

    In 1890 the early company operations were acquired by Berndt August Hjorth and renamed to B A Hjorth & Company. The company name was later shortened to AB Bahco.

    In 1999 Bahco was acquired by Snap-on, and Bahco currently operates as a division of Snap-on.

  3. This dude is cool as fuck. I don't know him personally but he takes the time to read every single comment and then takes the time no matter if the comment is positive or negative to reply to all comments. People just don't do what he does anymore. This dude deserves respect for his sick art he's keeping alive. Trump 2020 no DACA and deport all illegals. MAGA! Support your local 81.

  4. Beautiful work! I am building my own gas forge right now to pursue my lifelong dream of bladesmithing. How heavy is your anvil? I just have a homemade one right now.

  5. Really beautiful knife. Great work, i want to do something like that from a long time ago. Saludos desde Argentina

  6. Une grande source d'acier en lamelles pour faire des couteaux et outils ….. qui n'existe pratiquement plus étaient les ressorts de voitures VW coccinelle… et ce dans le monde entier!!!.. By

  7. Je possède un grand couteau de gaucho argentin fabriqué en Argentine à partir de la cage d'un grand roulement à billes… c'est très difficile car cet acier est bien trop sec et dur!!!… le risque de casse est très élevé….By

  8. love it . i am a blade smith i look for old wrenches and other tools at flea markets/ rummage sales. you never know what you will find.

  9. My heart almost stopped when you cut the head off the wrench. Thankfully you turned it into that beautiful knife…. Thanks brotha 👊👊👊

  10. Loved the video, gonna try this next! My only request is, can you show a few slower strikes to illustrate technique? Thanks!

  11. Pointless exercise. The wrench was fine and you destroyed it. if you want to be creative, be creative without destroying things which somebody else made and somebody else would find useful.

  12. at last , a knife smith who doesn't demonstrate only with paper cutting ,but with a green PEPPER !! in the real life , what do we slice ? FOOD ! thanks for this

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  14. When I saw the cell phone on the anvil, I thought it was click bait and that you were going to make a knife out of a cell phone.
    Beautiful knife.

  15. Wow! I love this one I have the perfect wrench to do this.did you make your own tongs? One day I will afford some tongs lol

  16. Cool vid. How come u just didnt cut the head in a 45dgre instead of choppin the end off. Wouldnt it save time?

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