Forged in Fire: The Lion Spear Tests (Season 5, Episode 14) | History

HOST: All right, gentlemen. There will be a strength
test, a sharpness test, and up first, the kill test. Doug? [music playing] DOUG: To see how
lethal your weapon is, I will take your spear
and deliver lethal blows on this pig carcass. Matt, you’re up first. Are you ready? Ready as I’ll ever be. DOUG: Let’s do this. MATT: What I’m
most worried about is lateral force on
this spear, because it’s a very thin, sleek spear. [music playing] [spear clattering] [music playing] Well, that sucks. [music playing] Matt, I’m not gonna
sugarcoat it– this is bad. Your weapon has suffered
a catastrophic failure, and cannot continue
with testing. However, John, we
can’t just declare you the [inaudible] champion. Your blade has to hold
up for at least a stab and a slash on this carcass. Doug? [music playing] JOHN: I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what to think. I’ve never been more, you
know, nervous in my life. I’m hoping and praying that it
doesn’t break in the same spot. [music playing] Bladesmiths, as
they’re designed, these tests push your
weapons to the limit. John, your blade survived
the two cuts on our carcass. Matt, that means,
unfortunately, your blade did not make the cut,
and I have to ask you to please leave the forge. Congrats, man. I’m happy for you. [music playing] I’m disappointed. Given what I know now, I would
have gone back and really tried chopping something
very hard with the spear, and hopefully broken
the handle myself. I’m really happy for John. Maybe I’m not happy to lose to
John, but I’m glad John won.

100 thoughts on “Forged in Fire: The Lion Spear Tests (Season 5, Episode 14) | History

  1. Flat spears can be used for slashing and piercing, on first look you can tell its purpose if your not dumb enough saying spears of that design are for piercing only.

  2. The thing with this is not just slashing or stabbing… They ask blacksmiths to construct a weapon based on their craft… When the wooden part of the "forge challenge" fails it is supposed to be their fault? This is 100% BS and not based on skill at all.

  3. If u can only choose 1 of these 2 Spears for a battle where you are risking your life, would you take the one that couldnt Slash the pig ? If not then the pig did his job, why complain ?
    Also the guy used thrust first with both spears, u don't really see the Quality difference until the guy slashes.

  4. A lot of people have commented how a spear isn't made for slashing but it should be strong enough for slashing or at least should be able to with stand those tolerances if it is supposed to be used against a lion

  5. ‘Spear’ – a long, stabbing weapon for thrusting or throwing.


    “wHY dO iT BrEaK?!!?!!?”

    What next? Saying and axe won’t ‘keel’ because it did not penetrate when you thrust with it?

  6. Doug was MAD… He didnt say a word. He was still mad when he picked up the other spear and had to check several time lol

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  8. He held the second spear on the base of the spear head, the first on the wood shaft. The spear was never made for slashing. But it should have been equal.

  9. I think doug was mad because he knew the spear wasnt made for slashing. Maybe even voiced that concern and producers made him do it anyways, endangering him in a way that was unnecessary.

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