FO4 – Vanilla, No DLCs – Fiddling Around with Sanctuary

where we go now for the inter game okay
there’s that looks like YouTube has caught the stream so booyah
you are alive the Internet can totally see you now oh my goodness
that is kind of a scary proposition in some respects let’s go to live chat okay
skip back over here and let’s see if I catch my own stream on my monitoring
station here let’s see how long it takes you two to figure this thing out and let
me see my own damn channel the gamer 2365 how you doing welcome to the stream
we’re getting set up here this is gonna take a little bit longer than normal
because this is an unconventional set up for me Boyd is not catching my stream at
all is it come on baby give it to me give it to me
where is it there it is finally good lord in heaven okay
and do a little systems check see if that’s going here
Dalton how’s it going baby walking to the stream let’s see if I’ll uh let’s
see if it shows me what’s going on with my own stream here my god this YouTube
thing is really sucking oh my god come on dude it just spins and spins and
spins I know I’m sending it uh well let’s see what we got sorry you’ve been
gone it’s alright man we’re still here dude
we are still here play okay let me do those systems check again and see if
it’s still working here Ulric Robert hey do and go to the stream
yo what up crotch oh and lean itis Leonidas how you
doing welcome to the stream oh I think I might have missed them thing whatever
it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine okay there it was I just saw it flash okay so let’s
get back in here and see what’s been going on all right so this is the FNG
hor-aha and we are at sanctuary where we are going to be doing a lot of fiddling
about and farting around because I ran into some
real difficulties here with this thing no the last time you saw this was a
little bit different there was a bar here which I tore down and there was a
trade caravan outpost here which is now gone because I believe Lee realized that
the cows liked to hang around that thing so what happens is they spawn inside the
house other changes since the last time are the thing you probably saw in a
screenshot if you saw the screenshot I decided to move the bartender in here
what up Scheck how you doing baby oh good you’re here alright we can do that
we can we can knock out that request that you had for uh can knock out the
request you had a couple weeks ago right away but anyway owns a little review of
what we’re doing here so I turned the the player house into the bar right so
they all congregate here at night I got my my bathtub full of my bathtub full of
uh nuka-cola here and you have not seen his character you have only played him
once I played him once about a month ago I think he’s the FNG I basically started
a new character over Christmas on standard mode just to fart around with
shit and then one thing led to another and now I’m here so I think I just keep
going with him right say I’m you know how’s it going walking to the stream but
anyway this is gonna be the bar kitchen and I toured a stupid stove out I tore
the stupid stove out before I realized what I wanted to do with it so I’ve got
this raggedy-ass thing in there but the shelves gonna be filled with food I’ve
been I’ve been storing Institute rations here on the togs it’s funny back in here
is really not a lot of anything quite yet this is gonna be the bedroom for the
vendor who was going to be a vault tech rep and he’s gonna have his store in
here that’s that’s at least the current plan for this area right I moved all the
power armory shit next door moved all my stuff out but it spent some time sealing
up the windows you know putting screens over it and putting interior walls in
and shit I was really I forgot how easy it is to sink walls into this thing into
these things here shelf stack yeah I’ve been trying
Jim never changes I wish you would shut up I’ve been trying to do decorating as
I go to see what falls off got a severe cold ooh
well I hope you go Pew feeling better do take some drugs that works for me this
could be the liquor shop what I’ve been doing basically is just putting things
on shelves and then playing to see if it’ll stay put because I don’t remember
how it works in in in vanilla so much and then in here in this part I decided
this guy’s theme is gonna be he got the he got the idea from Proctor Quinlan
that he’s gonna keep all the technical documents he finds he’s gonna translate
him himself and develop a library knowledge base whatever so what this
area is going to be is tables and chairs or desks terminals you know where
research work can can happen right and then this is gonna be the main library
where you can see I’ve been stacking books a little bit here and there just
to get him to go on there I had the gilded grasshopper on this top shelf but
I came back one day and it was just gone so I don’t know where the hell that went
but anyway so the head librarians gonna be here and there’s gonna be books on
this little cart which I’m gonna put right here after I get done you know
with these shelves yeah you know there’s Arlen’s Butter Cup on the shelf right
there covered the windows of pictures and shit and then in the other stream I
was mentioning how I wanted to put a metal doorway through that wall in the
kitchen this is the one I was talking about this is going to be the main the
main archive Center where they you know run calculations on and have shitloads
of holotapes everywhere folders files but I but I put all tapes from the desk
here along with some folders and pencils and shit so it’ll be a simulation of
them entering stuff into the end of the database I guess I don’t know
dag what’s up the street yeah there’s your pony dude right there we got it out
of the way fast yeah we got it out of the way and then in the back I’m gonna
put a bathroom there’s gonna be some bunks back in here once I get done when
to get rid of those things there’ll be more archiving and shit we’re doing mods
now No Robert this is vanilla no DLC baby this
is as bare bones basic as it gets there are no mods in use this will be the
communal bathroom once I figure out how to put a sink in here that’s what I need
hubcaps for and if you guys know where I can find hubcaps that isn’t core Vega
please let me know we have a linen closet here with more shit stacked up
you know just to have it there I find if I decorate a little bit at a time it’s
not too bad I can put five things in and I leave and guy do interesting stuff and
I come back I do five more things and whatever so you got a linen closet here
with you know drinking glasses in toothpaste and toothbrush or hairbrush
soap and shit like that those books yeah what I’ve been doing is I come back
Robert every time I come back I put five more books in the show let’s see it
that’s all I got the fucking patience for I put five books on the shelf and
then I leave again every time I come back I put five more books on the
shelves that’s about what ten trips right there I got a ton a ton of books
in here I got all kinds of burnt out looks I have yeah a hundred and fifty
one still so I pick him up wherever I can find him and then someone told me I
don’t know if it was Gayle or I don’t remember who told me that you could hang
things on these pegs but sure as fuck you can these things have stayed here
for like a month there they’re just gonna stay there they haven’t fallen off
buttons hit him of course it helps a lot to the settlers don’t come back here you
know there’s nothing back here for them to fuck with so this shelf eventually is
gonna be filled with like paint brushes tools whatever the hell and I’m gonna
use sushis tip on how to place things in vanilla so they stick to the shelves
yeah so and then this here of course is his research table I’m gonna have
magnifying glass a helmet a bunch of parts and shit and you know clipboards
pens where he’s gonna research how to repair power armor at least that’s the
theory yeah so that’s his workstation of course these will all be filled up with
all the whatever’s yeah but but that’s it you haven’t seen this Robert have you
not seen this guy is this your first time first time seeing this character
cuz I well this is only the second time I played him but anyway here’s the the
prototype guard station that we used at Warwick I built it here first so you can
see had how rough it is here yeah he’s there I was gonna have a doctor but
it turns out I can only up to three I can only have two vendors for lady Haas
challenge so it’s gonna be the bartender and the vault-tec rep for my to the pegs
oh yeah the pegs somebody told I don’t know who whoever told me about that if
you see this take credit for I think it was I don’t know it was Gayle or if it
was Nikita or somebody told me those pegs you could actually hang shit on
it’s a pain in the ass to get him on there right because the physics are all
wonky all these things you haven’t seen okay so anyway here is so we’re in their
original yellow house Robert Wright will do a little quick tour
remember channel yellow house one of the things I want to do is not move to
workbenches right so all this stuff is sanctuary original this year sanctuary
original that workbench with the concrete sanctuary original but we got
the armored workbench in here with a little storage closet some tools and
shit right no big deal we got a turret here looking out at the
bar area and then we’ve walled this off over here and put some turrets up on the
top to cover the spawn point that comes back over there by that blue house yeah
level 63 Dalton he’s 63 now why no DLC because this is the PC version and I
never bought the season pass for it I’m going to eventually I just haven’t yet
how do you get the pegs there wit they come on those boards they don’t those
are the original boards that you that you get when you come here
if you don’t scrap them if you look you can see the pegs right here and they
actually function as pegs they’re actually physical objects so if you
manually pick up a tool or duct tape or whatever ease it over there and place it
on there it’ll hang you got to be careful with the wrenches though because
if you don’t hang the wrenches directly straight they start swinging back and
forth and the physics are so weird that they’ll spin themselves off the they’ll
spin themselves off the peg so you got to make sure they’re absolutely vertical
before you put them on there but the wrenches have holes in them and of
course the saw blades and have holes in them and I just put these things in the
shelves whatever I’m just decorating this as I go because the nice thing is
since this table this is a notch I stole this from nacho
this table can slide in and out anytime the law – underneath that underneath
that cabinet so whenever I have to decorate those bottom shelves I just
pull the table out and it does that you see them in your game yeah they’re kind
of hard to see you know but they’re there and you can use them but if you
scrap that thing of course you can yeah okay anyway Robert back to the thing so
I piled up some junk here you go through here and then we’ve got the crops back
out here with a couple of farmers right in the back of the house their house is
here and they’ve got a little side patio we’re gonna have their own kitchen I
guess at some point or something and then this will be their sitting area
with the couch and a table and shit like that and you go up two stairs and
there’s their bedroom in another sitting area for the farmers yeah
so here the book ID and the pegs all right Robert well hopefully we’ll get
you a yogurt stand where no yogurt stand Samuel I don’t have the vault-tec DLC so
I don’t have the dispenser I can’t put it on here yeah and then of course
there’s another house here for the guards which is just some kind of funky
thing I sort of bashed together to give to have a couple more beds down here in
their sitting area where they can see out this way but that’s you know
upstairs is just a couple of what I call Jack’s Reber patios those thin little
post in little one by two mini patios yeah so that’s the back half of it yeah
and then here is the player house and the the bed for the provisioner so you
go up these little stairs here there’s another turret looking over the field
and of course a turret down there to keep an eye on the bridge but I got my
beacon up on the roof with a switch here the switch turns the beacon on the
provisioners got his own little Hut right here kind of a raggedy-ass little
thing down this little gangway we’ve got another turret and this will be this is
a liquor cabinet a little sweet on the relaxation area a couple chairs a couple
chairs of table maybe another carpet will put up here to you know watch the
main promenade and what have ya Polly hatred how you doing welcome to the
street I always thought dogs and then the player house that I have
for him basically is just this which is a shitload of storage of bed and that’s
it and a radio that’s all that’s all he’s got
so that’s what sanctuary looks like right now now what I’m gonna do first
though is I want to go to 1205 okay Shaq you are here I will show you that
building let’s go tore that building really quick get that out of the way there’s a yogurt stand well Samuel what
we’ve been doing is using that dispenser as the yogurt stand its new to your
channel great content thanks Ronald welcome to the stream thanks for the
kind words man I hope you enjoyed the show I hope you get a lot of cool shit
to steal that’s what I’m looking for take this stuff and take this stuff and
use it for your own that’s what it’s here for
don’t feel shy don’t uh don’t worry about it too much and we will keep on
going la dee da dee dee dee dah alright so after I did the after I did the G for
XP challenge yeah it was pointed out to me by a couple of people check and on a
whim die that it technically did not meet the criteria then it was not the
three by three so I was like you know what I’m gonna see what I can do with a
three by three form factor and if you are on my discord you’ll have seen
screenshots of this thing but let’s go ahead and walk through it because I have
no intention of ever touring it or releasing a video Clinton how’s it going
welcome to the street so this is what it is this is the 3×3 this thing is two
floors wide by a half a floor deep yeah so this is this is exactly three floors
and I wanted to build it up around the workbench because I using the workbench
I didn’t turn it on chain-link fence because I like that opening and this is
what it looks like from the outside I wish would know I had more reasonable
logical supports but I did what it could and it’s three stories tall because
because winter Bearden cuz now I’ve been friggin
trying to build up as much as possible but this thing in theory is a scavenger
Shack it’s just a scab that’s all it is just a scabbard Shack so you go in here
and so this is the front yeah and you got the workbench in here with some
storage shelving you know no great shakes here just his just a storage
closet with the chain-link fences they actually got away with sinking stuff
into pretty easily was pretty happy with that and then to
get in the main thing out of your generator with pointing out inside he’s
got a couple of hothouse plants I guess whatever go up the stairs to the second
floor and up here we’ve got his main workbench with just a shitload more
storage yeah just a shitload more storage up here boxes under the stairs
shelf in the corner a workbench to break stuff down on then you go up the stairs
and he’s got a missile turret right here because he doesn’t like having visitors
yeah and it’s quieter than a machine gun turret and then his bed his living area
and since I couldn’t really put a cooking station I just put this I put
the other barbecue up here well I went to chair that you can actually sort of
sit in so true flaw how’s it going baby welcome to the stream so you need to
make Mazda settlement built your stuff that’s part of the that’s partier that’s
part of the learning experience did by duplicating you learn how it’s built and
you can build stuff that you want it’s all about the practice man it’s all
about the practice yeah so that’s what it is this is this is the whole thing
and then of course I got the I got the power coming out through the chain-link
fence it goes up here goes up to the outside and then up to that connector up
top where it pretty much powers the entire settlement from that one wire
yeah so what I was thinking about doing is putting a switch up there
yeah just putting a switch down there by the by the generator so it would turn
off at night or I could put a switch like right here so when he went to sleep
he could just turn the switch off so yeah nice who says this thanks man
it it actually worked out pretty good the I didn’t have too much problem group
selecting stuff into it it was real finicky getting those two bottom prefabs
because the bottom of it is two prefabs if you look inside you can see you can
see the double posts here right so this is a prefab that’s a prefab especially
two prefabs groups liked it on this whole mess slammed against the side of
the building and then I had to raise it just a little bit so that little bubble
on the top or the chain-link fence didn’t hit the bottom of that wall but I
thought they came out pretty cute I mean in the chain-link fence doesn’t hit
anything so you know and this thing fits my personal challenge my trust your
instincts challenge cuz this went up in about two and a half hours the whole
thing was done in two and a half hours yeah so is it you were having a very
quick and slight buffering I haven’t buffered on my monitor so I’m gonna
guess maybe just hit a refresh them to make sure but yeah that’s it that’s the
whole thing and since there’s two provisioners this this workbench keeps
filling up with junk so I gotta keep taking it out but that’s it that’s the
whole thing there check there you go there’s a two and a half hour three by
three or two it’s too wide by a half deep so it’s actually three and it
doesn’t go outside the boundaries at all well I mean technically if you wanted to
be anal about it you could say oh this tire sticks out past the boundary but I
mean come on cut me a little slack here yeah thank you so that’s it that’s all
there is to that I know you don’t use prefabs enough I don’t use prefabs very
much but I like to use them when I don’t know what I’m gonna be doing with the
inside walls and I get free supports what does yeah so I can leave the whole
thing freestanding underneath I don’t need to put walls on it at all if I
don’t want to because it’s got it’s got its own supports now today’s exciting
adventures here and of course I put coddlers in a pen because it’s funny
because he never moves right so I’m like let me put him in a little
pen he’s pinned up so today I have to figure out so today tonight whatever ah
you’re gonna see a lot more indecisiveness for me than you are
accustomed to seeing because I don’t know what I want to do with this place I
mean I only have the vaguest idea of what I’m after here
you know let’s go and get five books out one two three four five since I came
back I have to do my I have to have to do my have to do my my duty here one two
three four five okay so I’ve gotten pretty good at
putting these books on the shelves so now you’re gonna see an an invert Amash
to the knees because we’re gonna be stacking shit on shelves turn it bag it
angles up a little bit and you slide it in there there’s one can make over here
pick this up okay like this like that like this yeah yeah you can tell I’ve
done this a couple of times I know I needed to go this way yeah it’s close
enough let’s put it in there so that’s why these books are all different sizes
because they’re whatever size they are that came out of the whenever they come
out of the workbench whatever size they are that’s what size they are I don’t I
don’t know where they came from the books thing is funny well this is the
research center right this is gonna be the library man this is gonna be filled
with folders and books and halle tapes and all kinds of all kinds of knowledge
we’re doing the knowledge here doing the knowledge yeah I’m gonna slide you in
there drop yeah drop it so the physics take over and it places it where it
should go so far these books have not moved I am shocked
hey yeah I’m not really reading the labels if you can read the labels dude
let me know if you can tell me what aunt won’t let her this thing is I’ll be
happy to uh happy to oblige so yeah this is the tricky part bottom
shelf is always the top this cuz you got a Crouch man and the things things don’t
always work the way they should do that and do this yeah okay so I got
to put you like that no come on yeah tip you like that my my depth
perception just sucks ass at this angle so and they’re leaning it back a little
bit so they call over put it in and drop it okay
and then out one more and then you will be off to doing what we’re doing how do
you change your axis when turning something are you on xbox are you on ps4
what are you using for a controller Robert I can give you a much better
answer if I know which controller you’re using so I have two bottom row the
opposite direction uh I’ve gotten so used to placing him like this check it
would be really tough for me a ps4 okay so you pick it up you pick up the object
with X and you wrote you you click the left stick to change the rotation axis
and you use l2 and r2 to rotate it your triggers right so I do it again let’s
just let’s just put five more up there because I’m going to show you how to do
this so we drop these 1 2 2 4 5 so you crouch down you pick it up you pick it
up by pressing and holding X yeah and then you use l2 and r2 to rotate it
right see how it’s rotating like that if you click the left stick it changes the
rotation axis and the triggers still rotate it that’s why I keep clicking and
turning and fidgeting and doing that that’s how it works that’s it go in
there that’s it so l3 I don’t yeah I don’t know what
your left stick is called I just know the buttons so yeah l3 I guess so that’d
be our three would be your right thumbstick then I’m learning slowly but
surely I’m learning what your commands are I’m sure something with the ps4 can
could interpret that much better than I can but that’s all there is to it you
just pick it up now the important thing the most important thing about placing
objects manually if you’ve not done this before or if you’re like fuck this is
the pain in the ass music OCD is picking up the object the direction you pick the
object from makes a huge difference on what it chooses the initial acts acts
ease AXYZ to be that’s why I always pick these up from the front with the binding
on the left hand side because that gives me the same axes every time I pick them
up it makes it much more consistent and easier to l3s push stick down okay it’s
an action that makes sense I don’t know all the all the dramatics but yeah just
a little bit of fiddling you’ll get it yeah at least you if you know which
buttons they are you can just start playing around and trying it out so yeah
this is why I don’t dick around string this is the most boring shit in the
world to watch in it Crouch grab a book lift it up
whoa hello why are you being weird okay come on you stand in front of it
change the axes change the axis and then tilt it no yeah that’s one right there
right there and drop it never place an object where you want it to go always
place it a little bit above so it drops in plays because what’ll happen is if
you place it directly on a shelf sometimes it’ll start vibrating and you
won’t notice it and then when you come back it tries to load it and it sprays
your stuff all over the place because it has all this all this pent-up energy and
it just explodes all over the place so yeah I always place it to where it drops
a little bit here and there there okay so books are done la dee da la dee dee
dee dah it talked me around Enoch does the books off no I I leave dogmeat at
Red Rock I do this so yeah he’s nowhere near here maybe do the same of the
overdue books the overdue books are going to have
they have a special place they’re gonna go on these shelves here Clayton along
with some folders and technical documents I’m gonna scatter them here
I’m gonna put a bunch of them in here in the control room because those will be
the fancy books right so that’s that’s pretty much all it’s gonna be and I’m
gonna put a light in here probably stick it on the I could probably Chandler
right in there I can’t I they wouldn’t change oh all right a
Robert believe me you will decorate Eagle Drive you see that friggin cow you
piece of shit you stay out of the house dude you stay out of the house but
getting this thing in there was a lot of fun too getting that getting that
counter in the original and the original thing was exciting okay so what I need
to do now is I need to put light in this room I don’t have a cycling light in
this thing don’t do I yeah I don’t have cycling lights shit I forgot about that
oh that’s ass that sucks man that sucks I ain’t got nothing for lights well I’ll
uh a giant Kinect for game you totally can
then go for it I don’t know what you would use for pieces so this is what
indecisive looks like right I’ll sit here and I’m thinking about shit I’m
trying to figure out what I want to do with this thing because I want to turn
this area right into like a research center okay does that mean desks I mean
tables I don’t know because fiddling around with furniture
is really hard difficult for me for some reason so if I put a desk here let’s say
yeah and I put a desk here I only have a hundred for wood oh shit I’ll and 100 for wood I gotta get some
wood you got any wood Carla huh hey Carla you again
here to trade yeah I’m here Tracy what you got I bet you do don’t you you
little minx okay well she’s got one cool thanks in fact let me sell you a
bunch of water I’ve been saving this up to sell I have a little bit need to pick
something up it’s pretty long from here okay why you guys it lift it lift seeing
you what’s going on with that uh-huh what are you doing what did i do what
did i do I know I must have done something but 1740 yes do that barrel
strong yes well if you’re gonna throw a man lay I’m on their side don’t get to
lay them on their side I said something okay okay that’s fair trying fault idiot
how do you want a lock I do good all right they take her all oh so it’s gonna
be that kind of night then eh eh eh Rhonda how you doing welcome to the
stream you’ve come in an excellent time the strangers we just left the rails and
you just you have great timing okay okay so since it seems to be pretty well
populated tonight I’m gonna give you guys a little heads up my fallout 4 game
has been oddly unstable and occasionally what it will do it will it will just
hard lock right little hard lock the screen to go black and it will literally
take the entire system down with it if at any point during this stream it just
stopped goes black and dies the stream is done okay because like I have to
reboot the system to bring it back and there’s nothing I can do about it
so very close to the rails well my kind of run parallel to him
Rhonda I’d like to keep him in sight so at least I have a I have a reference and
Curtis how you doing welcome to this tree welcome to the insanity welcome to
vault 81 where we’re going down the elevator so exciting ding okay Alexis
are you here are you you are not here okay time to wait dude don’t stare me
while I sleep if I sit down here oh it’s only it’s only 3:30 5:00 a.m.
cool good boy whatever starts acting up on you see Alexis scripts are getting
backed up well that’s the thing Curtis I’m running vanilla no DLC dude this is
about this is about as vanilla as she gets excuse me
so I have no idea why it does it there’s no there’s no consistent there’s no
consistent precondition it just dies for all for some reason so if I were doing
something that I was like okay whatever but I’m not I don’t know what’s causing
it and it’s Barry is very inconsistent it’s very inconsistent so I got what
eleven fifty 1162 1162 come on oh come on
1162 give me your money thank you bye see ya I wish you’d get
faster a lot of this place so yeah I don’t I don’t know what does
it but it goes black screen sound dies it just literally just halts and plays
so if that happens guys I apologize in advance there’s nothing I can do and
I’ll see you in the next one right that’s all I can really do it’s been
pretty good the last couple of days so I’m hoping that by turning everything
else off in the background because I suspect part of it was it was a a slight
conflict with my browser they might have a something funky with my browser I
don’t know so we’re gonna get some wood I gotta go get some wood guys we got
used to shopping here do some shop go talk to crazy murder I like crazy murder
she’s awesome oh yeah and of course since this thing
is not optimized it loads really slow how did I do that question I get bit by
the rats uh well yeah I haven’t done it on this guy yet but how I do it is I
save often I save constantly I clear out one section right because every time you
go to another section you get like five those mole rats I go to another section
kill them all right then I go back in survival I’ll go back to that first bed
by the protectron save and then go in and do it again and I will it’ll
literally take me an hour to do but I hate getting that mole rat disease but
in this game I can just click Save so whatever the fuck yeah I don’t care check my antivirus
yeah I’m just using Windows Defender dude on this other machine I don’t
really use a lot of stuff here J how’s it going welcome to the stream and Zoe
what’s up welcome to the stream how late are you
we started about 40 minutes ago and you missed me explaining just about
everything whatever it is scrap yeah I know Myrna I’ll take a look everything
you need yeah whatever you would we toured one of my other earlier builds
and I sort of sketched out what I wanted to do tonight and we did a little
walkthrough of the we did a little walkthrough of what I’ve got a sanctuary
right now so nothing much I haven’t really built anything I just been
partnering around I stacked up some books which was very exciting we did
that yeah get out of here you and then good neighbor you can tell I’ve been
buying shipments lately because I’ve been doing it on the on the other
character as well because I need wood she is low on wood to work or low in
wood you can get bit to disease but I like it if you have a companion with you
yeah you think that’s gonna happen me claim no I don’t use companions baby
yeah you can get the disease through power armor dude that’s my favorite I’m
like that’s some fucking mole rats been there uh let’s take a look
riveting gameplay I know right okay Daisy you’re awesome
okay let’s get rid of some more water I’ve been saving it for just as purpose
13:04 people do the background give me the I’ll give me the hairy eyeball I get
really personal space man personal space 13:04 look at that exactly 1304 fine
thank you alright talk to Rufus here but anyway doll nets hi that’s how I do
I either save scumming or I use I safes commit either by using the bed and
survival or by quick saving section by section right and if I get the molar eye
disease I just go back and do it again cuz I know whether I take a look let me
know if you want to Trey you know what a trade baby give me something out give me
your would give me that shipment of would my friend here we are and here and
then here 1286 come on listen up and out we go
hey all right we got wood how did you accumulate so much water uh I basically
aerial how you doing welcome to stream I have water purifiers running here at the
settlement okay here at the settlement I say pointing to the screen as I’m in
friggin good neighbor but what I do is when I go out to do my quests right
when I got to do my quest I go out I do a couple of quests I fell out my
inventory I come back here right the first thing I do every time I stop in
here is empty the workbench right and I think all the purified water I got I
stick it in here over and over and over and over and over and that’s what I do
and over time it accumulates because every time I come back here there’s
always water in the work match yeah so that’s how I do it I need to put some
stuff away here holders go in there but since I am so voracious when it comes to
putting things when it comes to putting things in here I that’s why I have a
hundred ninety technical documents 78 viable blood samples 53 lunch boxes it’s
just because every time I come back I dump all the loot in here and then I go
to I walk over to the red rocket well I usually walk over I’ll go ahead and but
yeah the thing is Rhonda once your workbench has the amount of
water in it that your purifiers generate per day it stops putting water in there
okay and putting dirty water in adds will block that total so as long as you
keep the workbench clear you’ll get your maximum amount of water every day put
that stuff in here with Bergman’s pass bend in there and then that goes in
there and those go in there suicide note goes in there Christopher Dubois bulbs
help but yeah you could see in here that I’ve got supplies just tons and tons and
tons and tons and tons of resources and this is just a ship that I that I’m not
gonna decorate with all right none of my drugs are in here hundreds of jet
hundreds of Mentats it’s like whatever I got so much crap it
doesn’t like a matter but most the time I just run between it cuz the loading
screen takes so friggin long I just jog back makes a little bit easier to come
back so here we go back to sanctuary where we’re gonna try and build
something I guess I don’t know what I want to kind of do first off is I want
to put the caravan out those back out I
tore it down because the goddamn cows kept going in the house and it was just
driving me crazy you could see my guards here’s my ball tech rep he’s pretty
strapped huh he’s ready for action wig boy how you doing baby welcome to this
dream I congratulations on the new born man what’s going on is we’re just
farting around this is gonna be indecisive night
tonight I think yeah yeah it’s my ball to grip since we talked I’m feeling
swell yeah you’re feeling swell look at that Gauss Rifle maybe so yeah most of
my survivors most of my survivors most of my settlers here have legendary
weapons because why not I don’t use them and let’s go for seven hours a cool
James Bond yeah the best part is Dalton his his tuxedo is armored he’s 110 has
110 armor disease and I put ballistic leave on a girl I got so much ballistic
wave yeah getting ready to build I yeah maybe I’m getting ready to do something
at Sanctuary we’re getting ready to fiddle around with it I don’t know about
building necessarily Scott how’s it going baby welcome to the stream but
yeah so this is eventually gonna be you know the gathering are you this is kind
of this is kind of pleasant yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s kind of cool getting that
light bulb inside this thing was an exercise in patience because you can see
where it’s kind of sticking out right you can see the light bulb stem I sort
of group selected it in there so it would have light on the counter without
a big obnoxious isn’t for some reason this lighting fixture blocks a lot of
the light you could see how it didn’t that that bare bulb is right sigh @rp
how’s it going welcome to the stream um but yeah I got my lighting tucked in and
hidden away everywhere in here she needs a house and she needs a you know what
hang on a second guys I’m I’m just I can’t do it anymore okay
yeah all right no more talking but you know the communal bathroom this will be
the vault-tec reps store and then I want to make an
enclosure out in the street for the for the caravanners but I don’t quite know
where I want to put it because if I put the vaulteq rep here yeah
scene okay here’s the indecisive shit comes in right and this is the biggest
problem I have with sanctuary as I shake my finger in the air like you can see me
shaking my finger in the air the thing is the thing that’s problematic about
sanctuary for me as a builder is I am very used to being able to tear down
anything I want in case something isn’t working you know like you’ve seen me I
built an entire building I don’t like it I turn down half the walls you know add
another floor moving around pick the whole thing up drop wherever I wanted to
if something doesn’t work in this house I’m fucking screwed I can’t do anything
with it you know so I’m constantly second-guessing myself what goes in here
what’s gonna go in here what I’m gonna do with this room how am I gonna build
it because I wasn’t to put the doctor here right but I could only have two
vendors and I want the fall tech rep and I want the bartender so those are my two
vendors they’re gonna be in this house yeah so then this is gonna be this so
this went from a storefront to a bunk room just like that and I’m like okay
how what I’m gonna do it how am I gonna fix it what am I gonna do
Adamo baby how you doing welcome to the stream sir so what I want to do is block
that up with some other stuff but I’m trying to use non-standard pieces as
much as I can for things right just to make it look interesting and it looks
like this thing will definitely fit in there if I use a rug so let’s try that
after anything has been going on with this particular bill tons of
experimentation because I don’t know how to work with furniture you know I’ve
never really worked with furniture I mean at one point I had this shelf right
here buried in this wall here so only the shelves showed right and it was kind
of cool but it didn’t really work so I had to tear it out how’s my day going
old-timer it’s going pretty good the mold is pretty high so I sound a little
congested I know I’m so I apologize for that why only two vendors because
liddie hélène’s because a helin is challenged it’s no more intense settlers
to vendors self-supporting fully dependent basically a small settlement
to shops is the rule yes what Scheck said so if I do this right I
need to see what it looks like through the wall was is it tall enough to block
that up because if it is it almost is I like how the girders look how the little
how the little Center thing looks well look I can just place this what what
okay so if I stick it like that just kind of put it in there so it looks like
it’s supported okay what’s it look like on the inside and I do this a lot to run
in the back and forward thing yeah I run back and forth and you can place a rug
through a sleeping bag yeah then interesting okay not sure I like that
though okay so that’s gonna go okay so yeah if you are looking for my normal
authoritative rapid decisive kind of building this is not gonna be the
industry because it’s like will this work will that work will this work will
that work does this work how does that look what if I do this here let me turn
the whole goddamn thing out and redo it so I do want to build a caravanners out
clothes right I want to build it here I done and I want I’m Omni that’s another
thing another thing yeah I have to do too much planning I have to do too much
planning in sanctuary because like I said the buildings don’t move so if I
build something and I don’t like it I really have to under question really the
doubt your judgment challenge so for instance to give you an example of what
that means right so I want to put a trade care of an outpost right here okay
so I look around okay so the ball tech guys going to go in that that wind
right there this windows gonna be gonna be done off so then what I’m gonna do
with the rest the space between here am I gonna wall it off I’m putting the
building here what am I gonna do there is a metal shelf with only the base not
sure I have it well let’s find out what I have I’ve got the two wood wall
shelves the two metal wall shelves the double sided big shelf the half’s the
one sided big shelf this one here the magazine rack the magazine rack into
bookcases that’s all I got hey you put a fence around the carport near the
workbench yeah I turned have you seen this saya have you not seen this this
was my player home originally I built it up around the carport I didn’t want to
move to work benches yeah so I had to make do with the power armor station
where it is and this where it is I can keep the concrete and I kind of just put
things in where they would fit so I built this little Hut around the armored
workbench and then I built there’s a junk pile there with all the tires and
shit and then I built on top of the carport where I have a little liquor
lounging area under the turret here player houses in here and then this
little walkway goes around that’s the switch for the the beacon when I turn
that switch on I know it’s on because the lights on this barrel come on and my
fast traveled dump is right here so whatever time I pass drawback I see it
yeah so yeah so you go up here and there’s the player house up here with
all my storage these four containers are all have stuff and I’m man and then you
go down the walkway here the provisioners on top of this thing you go
down the back out here and we’ve got the crop field here with
another little leisure house with some beds in it and then the farmer house
that I built the last time I stream in this guy along with the defensive
structure here with an extra turret for the missile an extra generator for the
missile turret looks out over that spawn point back there and blocks off this
this whole side of the settlement and that’s pretty much it yo yo wait
what’s up welcome to the stream and then of course this thing here which is the
proto guard shack did you saw me build at Warwick I built it here first
so I had that sort of thing yeah others have cat walls yeah I was trying to do
that but I am just having real problems working with his room
I couldn’t get shit to just go in and I got a feeling as the DLC changed a lot
of the properties of those rooms at least a little bit yeah but yeah that’s
what I got here and then on the other side I had to trade caravan outpost here
in this carport but the cows kept going in the house and I hated that so I had
to I deleted it and then there was this little resting area for the caravanners
over here with this little patio and just you know the normal random knocked
together shit that I do snap to store in the house and I turned the original
house kitchen into the bar with her so it looks like this which is pretty cool
this is this is shaping up nicely here this part here is but this here getting
this this part if you look around with this area right here took me about three
hours because I couldn’t figure out where the hell I wanted to put shit I’m
like I don’t know what to do Silver Fox how’s it going welcome to the stream so
yeah so my options now are what do I do with this area here where the bar used
to be I’m gonna leave that alone I think probably it’s gonna put some patio
tables out here with maybe an awning no great shakes there because I don’t want
to put the trade caravan outpost there because again the cows will spawn in the
house that’s it that’s a lot of new quantum it is about 80 80 of them I
think there’s 80 I’m in here I was watching JP extreme one night I was
drinking I’m like you know what I’m gonna fill this fucking table up with
the quantum I’m just to see what looks like so I just sat here shot this shit
with JPEG on a Friday night drinking scotch and lifting bottles and dropping
him in the tub I was that’s the extent that’s the extent of my exciting social
life so so yeah back to business back to business let’s see if I can’t get a wall
there and you know what does that wall these walls do these walls snap onto
each other because I know I know this wall will snap onto it onto a deep wall
well it’s not one of these walls no it has to have a floor to do a floor and
storage yes I do okay let’s try this do that and then
we’ll do some experimentation here yeah now how come this one doesn’t snap didn’t it it snapped and work didn’t it
it snapped to the outside or was it the other wall as dealing it isn’t only that
one wall that does it or does it have to be a real floor and it can’t be there so
many questions so many questions maybe has to be a real floor let’s find out
fire staffer how’s it going welcome to the stream it will snap to a roof well
snap to a roof he says god dammit so it was snapping to the roof
it was snapping to the roof then I see Thank You Clinton take notes Clinton
knows what the fuck he’s different I do not yeah that looks pretty cool
that looks pretty cool all right now see if we can’t slide the son of a bitch
into the wall yeah yeah baby Jeb is a good dude oh no I’m not
minimizing it at all I’m just saying that’s uh that’s how I spend my exciting
Friday nights dropping fake bottles into more fake tub that’s that’s pretty much
how I roll man okay now how nice will display look at that no idea what its
hitting but it will turn green so we have potential I want to push it inside there though
I’d love to have it like that well that looks sufficiently raggedy I like that I
like it I like it a lot now I wonder what other wall snap to it
now that it’s in there no okay so the snap points do have to be exposed that’s
fair okay that’s not bad looks pretty cool now
what does it look like on the inside does it look like shit on the inside I’m
gonna redo it or whatever slack out what’s up welcome to the screen behind
out welcome to you if I have welcomed you welcome and it’s not bad it covers
up the window but that’s kind of what I wanted it to do in the first place so
yeah no no no problems here and that looks yeah it looks like they pretty
much hammered into the walls just to get it to fit so okay I’m gonna work on your
replacer build videos awesome dude awesome awesome awesome okay so we’ve
got that so what I want to build first do I want to build the trade caravan or
don’t want to build the vault a grab because if you got see this is this is
where I get stuck this is where I waste a lot of time trying to plan my next
move I guess what I should do is build his shop first because it’s inside the
house yeah this is inside the house I wonder can this fall if I put too
small in like that how how much rooms it – that looks pretty good there okay
let’s see if I can’t get this some okay how much of this will go in there okay
so it goes like that so I wanted to be I wanted to be right about there so it
looks like there’s a little border underneath his underneath his counter
cuz this counter didn’t stick out right there man thing really does go in there
look at that okay but not but it’s really fiddly so how does that look I’m
not convinced by that Adam how you doing welcome to the stream I’m not convinced hmm can gun ring FH Bell I have no idea
what you’re talking I’m sorry could you put that smaller with tell at tell me
like I’m five explain to me like I’m five dude you’ve my head out alright the
gamers see you later man thanks for stopping by I love using this
corner wall backward yeah like like I was trying to do I mean it looked pretty
good but it didn’t have the right didn’t have the textures that I wanted I think
I’m gonna do is keep it for later keep it for later shoot for harbour Bell I
don’t even know what the Far Harbor Bell is what is what is that what is the Far
Harbor Bell I’m not familiar with that term yeah this Tobi’s spot
okay sorry we’re not gonna do that kind of shit now come on cut me a little
slack but a little would be would be hey maybe
this one will work huh maybe this one will pat it out the way I want it to the
bell to call settlers well the gun ring the bell oh no no you got to ring it
because there’s an act available object you got a cause a long way to find out
let’s find out shit ring together no they didn’t ring it it does not ring it
but I wait I may need that build later so I’m gonna keep it no prob Adama I’m
always down for testing things because everybody everybody watching and me
learn something and that’s what we’re here for dad and to watch the old guy be
confused which is apparently entertaining no come on I just saw you
with a little shit where were you inside okay in there to
go okay so I placed there hmm okay so I’m gonna try something with
this thing a minute if this doesn’t work which it doesn’t seem like it’s going to
okay you got 83 happy – no transient down transient down go into bed early
all right Adam well thank you for stopping by man
thank you for sound by let’s see if I can’t trick this thing with my little
was my newfound tool that works in a surprising number of situations so y’all
saw how finicky this this thing was yeah actually let me do this out of the way
here get you up in the air put you up there next to the top so I can see it
okay now let’s see if I can get away with this shit yeah let’s see if I get
away with this shit oh yeah it goes between 82 and 83 because it’s the
actual rounded since there’s nine people the happiness rounds up the target is
like 82 points four so it keeps bouncing up and down and now okay so this little
trick does not work with this thing probably cuz it snaps okay worth a shot the transient green arrow no that’s just
it’s just a rounding thing it bounces between 82 and 83 because it’s what it
is it is everyday when it cycles the script it says okay the number is
greater than 82 so it puts it to 83 but then the next time it checks I might
wait no the number is lower than 83 because only eighty two point four or
whatever and then it goes back down so it’s constantly going up and down I just
ignore it so that’s uh that’s why it’s just rounding and the way the script
handles remainders kind of like that either you’re gonna
see a lot of that – how about this that was nice shit how about that I don’t
like it what about this yeah that sucks so I constantly throwing things at the
profits like find something it looks even remotely interesting and I’m like
I’m like well this wall work I wonder I like this wall here
well that one go in there can I get this thing to wedge it in that walks if a
candle and cools fog okay this gives you a good absolu when you post it link it
up dude come back and share it with the class so we can all revel in your
brilliance what the hell is even happening here okay so it’s there in
here that looks kind of interesting actually got a feeling it’s gonna be got
a feeling it’s gonna be – it’s gonna eat up too much space the inside though and
this is the tricky part we’re working in yeah so you look at dad this is the
tricky part working with no DLC cuz this is my this one in the small matter my
only real tools were okay so from the inside you can get away the fucking
murder but from the outside you cannot so there you go I mean look at this shit
so angle means makes the difference let’s pull in them like that go outside
and look at it needs to be out a little bit more in the front corner okay
flusche ambitious nah man it’s all about it’s all about putting your stuff out
there and sharing with the class everybody could enjoy
I even like that though I mean I like the depth of the window I like the way
it’s indented but do I like the supports on the inside the outside or what let’s
see a good four percent your bills to come from mines and give me the credit
well you built them you just took my shit to do it I didn’t build it I just I
just provided the the template that’s what it is that’s what it is I provided
the template I wasn’t there I didn’t come sit on your couch and grab the
controller say look give me that let me show you what the fuck to do it no I
didn’t do that it’s all you but I will take credit being an inspiration because
I’m I mean I’m heroic loud cries what is he even happening tonight okay RP do me a solid that the way
you’re spelling that doesn’t light up for me because it’s got to be SAR de
LICA YouTube won’t won’t won’t give me the orange label unless it’s perfectly
precise so for future reference man and all this shit I’m like I don’t even like
this I did all this crap that I don’t even know if I like this do I like this
I mean if I get this out of the way and look at it what does it look like yeah I don’t you fucking like it man
didn’t like it okay well um always running around and I
don’t even like it um you gonna go alright farst ever thank
you for stopping by man hope you have a good evening you play on the PC well yeah if you
don’t have a controller I would I would not be able to do it I cannot build with
a keyboard so your your your control method is safe it’s all good you know
I’m half time to just put this thing in the window they’re pretty fucking funny
wouldn’t it let’s try that let’s see use Xbox controller okay cool hmm maybe you
should let me drive for a little while y’all know get away bit old man that’s
right good good shit I can’t see ya not having my you’ll fix that no you’re all
good you’re all good RP I mean I know I saw what you were trying to do and I
would hate to miss it and how do you think I missed it when it was lit up
orange you know when it lights up orange I really I really see those that really
shows up for me but I can see you were adding it but it was lined up orange I
was like what the fuck is going on but I’m on the wrong side of the goddamn
house see and that’s another problem there’s only one door and these stupid
friggin houses okay get in there there we go
yeah this is much better I can see this really easy okay so it’s like that more
push it in like that I shoot down like this these are sticking out right there
where’s the bottom of it the bottom of it right like that okay what’s that look
like it’s a hundred times more accurate but the Xbox controller is I I don’t
know I mean like I said I I’m my ability to use mouse and keys has atrophied
significantly in my old age so I am no longer inclined to reach for
that particular input method so because I’ve watched my old stream so much while
playing it well it is live for a limited time there’s a limited time offer okay
do this and do that how does this look yeah see look at that shit it just goes
right to the side of the right to the side of the house okay and here see I
want to be right about there but the problem is it’s hitting something on
that fence see right there would be pretty good but
I went on the inside yeah there we go now I need flamingos I don’t think I
have does for decoration not to look hang on a sec let me look at some
flamingos where are those are those in decorations miscellaneous or know those
are mods huh those aren’t even in vanilla at all Terry how you doing
welcome to the stream crippling arthritis now I don’t go I don’t got
arthritis I do have cracking knuckles and my family does have a history of
arthritis but it has not gotten yet oh my god
Helene how you doing hey Lena hey Lena welcome to the stream working on your
challenge build here and it’s going slowly kids what do I think what do you
think about that that’s that’s pretty cool that’s that’s reasonably cool you
get them in picket fences really Oh in the yard down the street yeah there’s
there’s a couple of swimming goes wherever they’re behind there behind the
houses Yeah right they here or the next door are they over this way I don’t
think I scrapped them let me go find them we just dropped us in the house here
really fast are they over here ah-ha here they are wait a minute it’s
like if they’re green no I got him in decorations not in statues oh my god no they’re not
furniture miscellaneous right no huh to kill yer I’ll steal them tell it my
groups liked him probably not right didn’t think so
that’s fine let’s just – come on a road they don’t snap come here fellows
everybody can move in without storm to get to from the magazine but I have all
the picket fences I thought I thought I had him
fortunately these little guys right here they’ve ran front of my house just so I
don’t lose him oh it’s a Linwood maybe I haven’t gotten them all did I
miss the magazine I must have missed the magazine
son of a bitch well well we’re gonna have to remedy that right now we’re
gonna rectify the situation anybody want to get salty I don’t even know it’s wasteland mag okay gotta go do work
alright Dalton be careful be careful where do guys my words out I don’t even
remember where it’s at is it in here I don’t even remember where the hell it is is in a little shed or something I don’t
even know where the hell it is shit there we go
sleeping bag ha hi see you shit oh that’s gonna leave a mark
and they weren’t yelling because I turned this I turned off the voices it’s
on a sleeping bag alright well let’s go check it out sleeping bag there it is
right there I walk past twice I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer it’s
all right his head explode yeah it’s they get a little jib Lydia
I’ve gotten used to aiming without the with the chameleon on like this you know
cuz you can see that I’ve got the frame of the reflex sight
so I know the dead center of that is the hedge and boom all right thank you all
thank you thank you thank you flamingoes for everyone
cuz that’s how we do it and see this is why it’s taking me so
long to do this cotton build cuz it’s like it’s like I I just I get distracted
right and I’m trying to do it’s like 12 things at once and it’s like okay so now
we have them in decorations right all year we’re gonna make a flock of
flamingos I don’t know what I don’t know what it’s called I don’t know what it’s
called okay so the vaulteq rep goes for just regular trader right that’s what
his shop is armor weapons food and drink it’s not clothing definitely not clinic
definitely not the bar not weapons or armor so it’s got to be the general
trader yeah he gets the general trader store okay so one versus how you doing
welcome to the stream can finally watch it live well here we are and oh my god
you’ve been a fan for quite some time well thank you I’m glad you’re enjoying
the show I am that’s that is really the most satisfying part of you I love your
stuff like thank you I’m glad you enjoy I’m glad you’re loving this stuff come
back for more there will be more all right
a pat a pat the flamingos so flamingos are basically butter and I like butter
Zab is is a blobby how do you pronounce that can you anyways aid welcome to the
stream favorite streamer Wow man you look standards dude welcome to the
stream how’s it going man how is it going okay so this is gonna be the
vaulteq guys shop yeah there’s gonna be the Alltech guys shop and that means his
saying okay let’s see how this works let’s see if I can do this let’s see how
much I get away with this damn stupid snapping store you hit it on save okay
save I will use that as a black Gabe and okay so this thing doesn’t have any
problem going through the wall good on it so young butter indeed I am the fan
of butter myself okay so we got this let’s see how much
of it we can pull up to them are you fucking kidding look at this good that
would be really cool right yeah I’m gonna need something to stand on them I
don’t need to see this look better so give me that give me this and we’re
gonna try this let’s see we get here all above the roof son of a bitch that’s
right I forgot okay so we’re gonna have to put this ladder a lot closer
put it down a lot lower and they’ll try this one more time if you get that
reference you get Star Trek bugs good a little
tray Lane okay so we decided the window don’t want this to go on I want to go in
the center so if it goes in the center yeah that’ll be kind of cool he’ll be
will be visible to the bars pitch it down here and do it like that or like this how much of it
sticks down to the floor uh a little bit a little bit I was just about oh I can’t
tell but that should be fine I think for him is this for a certain challenge yeah
well it was it was just a farting around bill but then I realized it met
requirements it was starting to meet the requirement so I decided to turn it into
the thing if hey Lina is still listening and still on the channel if she could
link her challenge for everyone we could see could show everyone what I’m
building this for at first it was just building it for a goof but now and but I
turned into you know I’m like well you know what there’s no time limit on her
challenge so let me try it let me see if I can’t let me see if I can’t
now see this might be cool right there if it goes what you probably will not
waste more metal rebuilding something I just tore down because I really like
this well yeah but he doesn’t like me because it’s not gonna go in there at
all didn’t expect it to but that’s okay we’re gonna need a flat wall anyway so
let’s go ahead and grab let’s go ahead and grab this one this one place nice
with mostly everything it’s really easy to use the blocks top off and you can
just slide this right in there probably yeah see no problem no problem at all
the problem is getting it to stick out getting it to block those metal pieces
without protruding to the whole place which is turning into quite the
conundrum as I waste three quarters of the wall below the surface ground what
I’m gonna each my own challenge I already issued my own challenge Curtis
it was it shows you how much people were interested
I had a challenge I had a challenge I put it up there’s no time limit so you
can still do it but I did it about what guys three months ago
AJ how’s it going welcome to the stream thank you for getting you excited play
this game again but you’re welcome I’m glad this is inspiring and encouraging
and that you’re gonna have fun with it much my favorite place to build county
crossing county crossing county crossing county crossing is absolutely wonderful
is my favorite if you look on the channel and you search for county
crossing you’ll find like what is goodbye build six guilds there’s like
six different builds of county crossing moribund world immersive game plays
small things challenges you most recently compound walls nice no I’ve
been meeting to look watch that damn thing thank you Adama I’m just gonna ask
you to do that I’ve been meaning to watch the damn thing but I’ve been so
busy at work I can’t I don’t time to do shit I can’t catch up with anything
anymore it sucks ass if I’d use that oh let’s do that and
then let’s do this yeah and then put two more railings down to make it to give it
a little frame yeah what up doe Ben how’s it going welcome to the stream sir
okay so we’re gonna do this we’re gonna frame the window with those little posts
oh we’re good oh my god it’s good is it gonna work is it gonna do what I want is
it gonna look okay oh yeah I’m go up oh come on don’t be like that
come on give me okay so there it’s got to go up a little more shit okay is it
this post okay that pushes the one that’s out so I’m gonna see if I can put
this up I am pronouncing bald a dude everything is silent it’s got extra
seasoning some day maybe some day maybe just just just give me time give me time
to get used to the idea from there okay so is that side that is not cooperating
so if I do that and raise it up a little bit yeah see it’s got to go higher it’s
got to go higher I got to have it that high which means we’re gonna try and do
it the other way yes wait a minute so I move the post
yeah I move the post so now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a backwards yeah
gonna do it backwards okay make sure you miss any chat cuz whenever I concentrate
I miss I miss big big scads of chat big chunks of chat and look at this so from
the outside I can’t do it for shit for from the inside it just goes right
through look at this right to the roof why is the okay we need to figure out
why the inside floors provide a much better sinkable surface cuz this is
crazy literally this is fucking crazy it should not be able to do this I can’t
tell where it’s at save uh you’d love to see us our vault 88 yeah Allah okay
Herick you heard Robert you’re not alone you’re not alone in fact after the
castle that is my number one most requested place to build and that is one
place I just despise the mechanist lair home plate anywhere indoors dude I just
I don’t like it no sir I don’t like it okay so we do like this yeah can’t quite
see where those two railings are come on turn it turn it turn it
okay so right there’s where it needs to go you pull it down a little bit pull it
up a little bit yeah how to go up to about there how’s that okay they look
good there looks good there it goes to the walls a little bit too much though
yeah it looks good inside though so well we’re just gonna run with it we’re gonna
run with it we’re gonna run with it we’re gonna try it
we’re gonna do that it just never thought anyone to use the inside of them
well it’s the thing is Rp it’s just it’s tough it’s it should not be that
sinkable inside it’s like these foundations are weird like there’s
something about these models this particular model that is funky
underneath and I don’t know what it is because it shouldn’t works of all the
trash on this thing you know the inside floors are part of the building thinking
only the building yeah maybe that’s it she act like it’s not I guess ignoring
the ground it’s it’s overriding the ground sinking with this like it does
with the red rocket right because the red Rockets all one piece maybe that’s
what it is still its god damn peculiar dude
it’s goddamn peculiar don’t think of it as indoors all right Robert how it goes
is like this the reason I can’t the reason I don’t like to do it is when I
do this I like to see sky if I don’t see skyline I look straight up dude
I get good it’s not not my thing I just did no okay so we’re gonna do a little
trim in here I’m gonna waste some way some build budget on just a complete
decoration decorative shit and see if I can’t do this you’re gonna do that and
do here that’s good a little edging on the outside there
will it go in yeah see that’s where I wanted to goes right about there
aha so you can’t sink this in there yeah there we go
little border that’s nice that’s nice and my claustrophobic no I just I think
part of it check is the fact that I spend most of my life indoors as it is
so I prefer the illusion of being outside when I play video games it gives
me a sense of freedom I guess possibility I don’t know how to describe
it it just it just every time I go indoors or I like that like when I see
rain Ajay just want to go outside part of it too is the fact that I just got
used to seeing the Sun you know and that could be good I mean I’m sure there’s a
whole there’s a whole bunch of psychological things about it now just
fine being indoors oppressive and yet and yet my favorite part of fallout 3
was was exploring the Metro tunnels I spent more time in the Metro tunnels
than I did above-ground I just loved being in there it was just fun yeah
that’s kind of cute frame his little window there got a little thing going
yeah I might be behind the ball on this but
I’ve been watching your bills long I always wonder why stairs sometimes and
concrete pillars sometimes for like what I’m doing now like the groups like stuff
okay concrete pillar is only available in
contraptions DLC this character here that I’m playing right now has no DLC
none so if you look at my structures tab I have wood metal doors fences and
miscellaneous and that’s it I got no warehouse I got no barn I got
no concrete I have nothing if you look in my decorations I got floor coverings
wall decoration statues and miscellaneous that’s it
I haven’t these are my syncing tools this is my concrete pillar this is what
I have to use and it’s it’s definitely interesting because it offers an
entirely new set of challenges altogether but you could say it took a
little bit of time to get used to it and I did get help from from Rob because Rob
builds a lot no DLC so he gave me a lot of tips on how to use the ladders right
but yeah that’s basically that those are those are my sinking tool that’s all I
got okay you come here we’re gonna put you to work son we’re gonna put you to
work but that’s it that’s the only reason and because it’s yeah I use the
ladders here cuz it’s the only tool laughs okay so you’ve got that mr. face
and we’re gonna put you yeah buddy you better be able to pass in there
teams were better than the pillar it has disadvantages Robert one of the one of
the main ones is you need a lot of floor space for it a lot of floor space for it
it’s it’s a lot of the times I have to really think around a problem to get it
to work because of that because it’s angle you know and a lot of the times it
won’t sink into something you’ll have no idea why it’s like okay what’s touching
is it the ground is it the floors the ladders ladder hitting something else
underneath I have no way of telling so you have to rotate the ladder a lot to
get the bottom half of it out to to point the right direction like getting
this ban in here into that ceiling with a ladder in this tiny little room
was a monumental pain in the ass man because I had no room to sink it you
know I had no room to put the ladder down I had to keep it just the ladder
just the ladder just ladder to get that sumbitch up in there cuz the on this on
this particular ceiling the bounding box is down here but I wanted to fan up in
the ceiling like it is there so I had to I had to groups like the son of a bitch
in there what’s up a to know but but the pillar is better for precision work cuz
it’s smaller it’s got a smaller profile it’s a lot easier to grab things with it
it’s got a much it’s got a better vertical let’s see how he looks oh he
looks cute look at him he’s like I’m fancy and then we’ll give him a light I
think there’s a conduit around here that’ll light it up so we’ll give him a
light down here right there yeah there he is how you doing mister
yeah Baltic rep I can’t believe you survived in Manila this is the first
time he’s ever lived and made it back to sanctuary cuz in vanilla vanilla he just
dies he’s only got like ten health and something will kill him on the way back
so what I did is I exit I went back to sanctuary and I just advanced the game
like four days I just slept for four days till he showed up he looks dapper
as fuck and the best part the best part about his outfit is it’s armored I used
ballistic lead to make it armored I was like a job whatever dude I want to
barter come on barter yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he does this all the time
come on perfect you spent too much time in the tub he wanted to be extra clean
come on man I want a barter can i barter where’d you got to trade today yeah
apocalypse live grieve I don’t even need that
but this is the problem with him he constantly talks and you can’t you can’t I need to barter with you but I can’t
barter with him while he’s working anyway he’s got a he’s got a legendary
Gauss Rifle on him an armored an armored tuxedo so he’s pretty sad and Adama has
it correct it is time for a little oh yeah and look at her look at this badass
everything hurts whatever so check this check her out let’s trade so she’s got
she has a nimble shielded gasps rival and she has armored military she had
armored Brotherhood of Steel fatigues so she’s got like 250 armor and shit
listen dairy cows rifle that’s jacked up to here at Dellen bag it’s like yeah
baby so yeah anyway so that’s why I’m use myself as I as I cranked my settlers
up like crazy so we’re gonna go ahead and take a little intermission here we
do the old three to five minutes refill you drinks the snacks
smoke and maybe goblin folks and I’ll be right back all right wait we’ll see you later on
thanks for son of a bitch I dropped a controller can’t take me anywhere I saw
those like what the fuck are you doing Oh No
all right all right okay situated here get back on the couch get back up and
okay so the thing about this particular bill yeah this is uh this is uh my
experimentation bill yeah this is where I try all the things that I have seen
elsewhere found in other people’s builds that I haven’t had a chance to use
elsewhere and like okay let’s see what happens and so this thing is basically a
testbed you know it’s like okay now for him I can look pretty much straight at
him so I don’t really need a balcony here but I would like an awning of some
kind so let’s do that that’s good I have to really use that heavenly use that
fabric one very much however let’s do that let’s try that along this one I
hope I can slide it in there maybe I can’t from the back huh hmm-hmm-hmm well
have one of them that’s a good start yeah okay so here’s the problem with the
difficulty with using the shack stairs which I call the ladder because I do
right when the difficulties are using this is I need height but in order to
get height this how much extra ground space I need behind it right that entire
angle I need there behind there so I have to be careful where I put oh my god
dude look at this this is crazy dude this is crazy look at
that okay so we’re gonna we’re gonna line it up straight yeah I’m gonna put
it over his house like that lowered a little bit sure move it over a
little bit just fucking look stupid though yeah so right there yeah how does
that look well it doesn’t look terrible yeah it
doesn’t look terrible butts up against the wood of the other supports so it
looks a little bit convincing it’s definitely flush against the house so
that’s straight what do we got inside though that’s that’s the question what
are we going inside nothing nice okay well then that’s gonna have to stay
there then booyah booyah booyah and I do have Raider polls yeah so we’ll put some
of those in there that’s too much that’ll work that’ll
work pretty good right there sure stick that next to condors a little
cage yeah spice it up a little bit yeah pure pop course art dealer
yeah doll that uses calls this the six-pack Cartoon Network extreme which
is scaly and somewhat sadly accurate yeah okay how much play can I get with
this I need to be lower this is the tricky part is this thing I don’t have
my marble track so I can’t really sink it all that much we only stick it that
much which is yeah it’s way too tall that’s way too tall hmm how am I gonna
get this to lower without having a lot of vertical play am i can’t rug it at
all can you yeah it doesn’t rug at all hmm hmm check bridge stair combo okay doing that whole doing that whole thing
where we do the I don’t like to go there does it do this damn shit all right
check winds okay let’s see if I can figure this okay let’s see if I can
figure it out doesn’t in vanilla I mean you saw it as soon as it touched it turn
red I’ll try to get in a minute I do this can I get it to go with that okay
no it’s just not below the surface but I can do to cheat is just lifted yeah I
can just lift it up past the end of it and then maybe it’ll work okay another
question remains how am I gonna get that Shaq words out of the ground ooh that’s
my problem here okay that’s quick say let’s practice let’s
just practice let’s practice yeah look at that shit goes right in
there okay so if I do this bring it out just a little bit more or is it it’s
right there yeah it’s right about there yeah I’ll get that right to the corner
now can I get the shack words out of the ground hmm I cannot get the chakras out
of the ground dude how do I get Adam cats rule how you doing walking to the
stream okay check so the question is how do I get that check bridge back out
without screwing this up you can usually crowd the bridge after
pretty easy okay I know it’s down here somewhere is it cuz it’s under two
layers of ground maybe it might be described Spock top huh cuz it’s it’s right down here somewhere
it’s right under here and I’m watching the upper right to see if then I can see
the letters but nothing it’s got to be that ground that’s screwing it up go
into the map with the stool yeah we’re on a quicksave mode so I might as well
try that yeah do I have a stool in here no just chairs like is use a chair I
don’t matter give me this let’s try this but yeah this is experiment time right
experiment time but anyway Adam Katz welcome streamin thank you I hope you’re
enjoying the show man it’s it’s so this is gonna be experiment night this is not
gonna be the normal at the rotative building shit that you were used to
seeing but sparks legends how you doing welcome to the stream a stool yeah okay
so Robert look you see how I’m sink to see how the chairs in the ground and my
legs are below the ground watch-tabs when I get up well it list me
out okay I got to do it somewhere else let’s try
it over here but this how you get under the map if you want to build stuff
underground like for real like you want to build a ball underground
I like Abernathy sink a stool under the ground and then sit in it and then get
out of it and then once you get off of it I got a little hair you’ll fall
through the world and come out the bottom I did that at what was at the
castle guys if you look at the castle streams you can see I did that because
the castles there’s all bunch of water and you’ll splash it in the water you
can actually work underneath there go on – I can’t sit in this stool cuz too far
dammit that’s why it’s a stool cuz the stool Don how’s it going welcome to the
stream you put this chair back we’re trying to retrieve a shag branch
here at this point in case you are just now joining us I’m trying to figure out
how to get underneath the world and let’s see give me a stool yeah we’ll use
this I’ve already got one cool okay so what’s do Robert did you sink the stool
just barely below the ground alright just barely below the ground like right
about barbarian king BB King in the house while you do man lookin stream but
you gotta leave this to like just a little bit so you can activate it yeah
you can see it right there so I sit on the stool and as you can see
I am fairly well buried into the ground right his knees are pretty much under
the ground so we get up and blue oh it doesn’t let me do it but maybe hey
there’s water under here awesome check for the win and then you just fast
travel out or just fall to the world – yes and come out there you go Robert
that’s how you can get into the role I didn’t know there’s water underneath
here nice so that’s how we do it am i blowing your mind Robert yeah there’s
all kinds of shit you can do now see if you’re if you’re really clever right
okay so we’re gonna do a little experimenting right we’re gonna we’re
gonna get Robert a little bit of fun here what you do if you want to get
really super fancy right did you give yourself you taking us off the floor I’m
gonna use that top floors I’ve got this one handy yeah you take this thing right
and you take the whole floor did I pick up do the ladder no I did not okay so
you take that you sink it a little bit then you raise it up a little bit
right and you’re thinking underneath the floor you got to remember where you put
this though because you can’t see so it’s right by the side of the house
right let’s say it’s right by the tree actually it’s right by the tree we’re
gonna put it right next to the tree then you drop it all the way down till it
turns green yeah right then what you do is you get your stool back out oddly the
stool on the ground I did okay get your stool back out and then you take your
stool and you angle your thing to the other side then you put the stool right
over that floor that you know is right below the ground yeah I can see it’s
sticking out right there so now when you go in the ground in
theory yeah good I’ll facing the right way – you get off – get out the stool
and there’s a Florida needs me now right come on oh come on
sink in there man you know I was there you piece of shit anyway the whole point
is you get underneath that you can get or eat the ground that way and you’ll
drop onto the floor and you’ll have a Snapple surface to work with it takes a
couple tries sometimes a little bit of practice yeah but but once you get the
hang of it it’s second nature and that way if you wanted to have a completely
underground settlement yeah like a vault or something as long as you’ve got a
snap up a piece under here that you will land on when you go into the ground you
can totally do it anytime you want to oh come on man don’t
be like that Rick where’d you go there you are okay
so I know it’s by the tree and you’ll notice that the that the the ladder is
not hitting the ladder is not hitting the the thing at all even though it’s
underneath there see right about I’ll see if that works where is it right
there oh I can’t activate it god damn it yeah it’s right there I can pick it up
and I can’t there’s nothing to activate but anyway you get the idea
yeah you get the idea and then when you want to get the thing out from
underneath the ground that you put underneath the ground you can remember
where it was since I know it was right by the tree I can just do like this and
then just yank it right back out so I don’t lose it
oh yeah people used to do that way back in the day they made like entire entire
cities under the ground Abernathy Abernathy is really good for doing that
TCL out of I’m on PC but I’m using a controller so I don’t have TC online
it’s one or ether yeah water’s right there but there’s no hard spot I’ll fall
to the world down there so in this particular case I probably could not
hide it in there hold on one sec folks so I’m surprised y’all didn’t know that
I mean people but every time I do people go oh my god you can do that Mike yeah
man we do that all the time man of course I should let the stool in the
grounds I’m gonna need to do the I’m gonna need to do the other pole to do
the same thing again yeah okay let’s do this first actually let me do this disk
first let me sleep and get some get some day time here so we can see what’s going
on go for 11:00 I’ll put the ad up up up up
up there’s a couple spots by the river – okay hey there’s a lot of stuff
underneath there as long as you get a UH as long as you can get a floor surface
underneath there underneath where the stool drops you out you could just get
underneath there and you can just get underneath there
and look around and snap things to the floor and you know wander around that
way and northagen Beach is getting a tag so I’m gonna go ignore Hagin Beach
really quick guys because I don’t like my settlements getting a tagged yeah let’s compare some probably gutters
hopefully this won’t be too bad really nuts that give me your shit
thanks man that was one over here I saw him
shooting it something over here I thought that’s a fish yeah well whatever see I don’t like to
leave bodies out here because a lot of the times the last one I don’t find as a
as a legendary okay ignore taken Beach nice nice no the reason I want to I want
to defend it is because I want to preserve the settlers and I don’t like
dealing with didn’t have a lot of defense so I know they’re gonna lose if
the game calculates it where the fuck is that Raider I thought he was over here
because the thing was shooting over this way how far was he was he out this way man there should be a way to mark bodies
in here somewhere like vats Dan should tell you where corpses are this is so strange is he in the bushes maybe nah hmm where’s this dipshit
where’s the other one he didn’t get close did he could’ve swore was shooting
this way there’s a mod for that yeah I don’t like I said I’m using vanilla so
I’m struggling with struggling with the garetty’s and difficulties of vanilla
yeah fuck I need to deal with this no more I’m out but first I’m gonna emptied
your workbench because we don’t need any more attacks if I don’t have much in
here 13 words whatever fine let’s get back out la-dee-da when I’m attacked me with a knife oh
that’s right it was right in front of me huh but it was the one yeah well
whatever it wasn’t a legendary so fuck it please bury your stool so yeah if
you’ve been watching this dream and that’s new to you you learn something
new today cray hurry hurry okay all right so back to the matter at hand
which is sinking another friggin oh that’s right we gotta check the we gotta
check the the rug on that thing don’t we check okay so here’s my carpet the rug
is up the rug is up Carla okay whenever somebody comes walking up to me in this
mode I’m like oh shit okay that one worked but the other one what the hell
man they did I swear to god they didn’t work before maybe was the ground maybe
it’s got to be above it a little bit I swear to god they didn’t know it before
oh well whatever it worked now so yeah okay yeah all right let’s lift this up
all right not everyone well thank you for stopping by Zowie good to see I hope
we’d hope to see more of you more of you in future streams we will be here on
Sunday at noon central as we do and up you go okay ragin we’ll see if we can’t
duplicate this because getting under the ground is trickier than a thought on
that section but this is a very Scheck Nick heavy night and I completely forgot
I got to tell you I completely forgot about the about the the stool trick it
completely slipped my line just 100% I was like duh and I used it how much
before yeah we’ll do that maybe get out of the
ground this way we’ll see oh shit come on there is that it yeah that should do
it that should do it okay yeah we got it
okay so get back a little bit so I can see it
put it in there and then down nice look at that shit and there yeah yep
just like the other one perfect the first time la dee da dee da okay so we
know it’s underneath this thing yeah can I get it out no I cannot get it out so
we’re gonna have to steal it again okay stool is furniture chairs let’s make
sure I got the facing right this time so I know which way I’m going to dismount
the goddamn thing okay so it’s facing away from me right okay it’s facing away
from me c’mere yo okay it’s facing away facing away so what was around here
right was it around here that I did it I can get it down can I use it okay so save you so much tonight oh yeah
well you’re welcome and I hope sits uh yeah okay there we go alright so
hopefully this will be enough must be those roots yeah I’m thinking it’s the
extra layers of shit on there that’s what it normally is we got to run out
this way okay
so let’s see we can see under here oh there we go
yeah tada oh my god she’s like where the fuck did you come from but yeah there
you go hooray hurrah mister vault-tec reps got
himself a nice little awning looks pretty festive and that’s kind of
nice got some extra breeze on the side there of course now the more I look at them
I’m not liking that wood fence so let’s get rid of that wood fence which I can
barely touch me inside and we’re gonna put a jump in stair and stuff okay so this type of building may be familiar to
some of you but struggle to get things the struggle to get things just right
without looking completely stupid yet at the same time fitting the theme of what
I was trying to do in the first place which is always problematic now here
we’re gonna do it like this oops don’t do this there we go
Oh shove this down in the ground Burt how’s it going welcome to the
string can I sink the elevator then make an underground bays the elevator you
can’t for when you sink the elevators to the ground you can come up through the
ground but you can’t go down through the ground it’ll stop you when you go down
to the ground so if you want to use the elevator to come back up yes but you
still have to get underground by using the stool or some sort of other type of
I don’t want to call it exploit but you know glitch we’ll call it a glitch
that’s pretty accurate we get the elevator soon as you hit – as
soon as you touch the ground and well the game knows you can’t go to the
ground so it won’t let you go through you have to do it but you can come back
up you can anything let me to come back up yeah that’s about right let me see
here how’s it look inside captain drastic how you do it welcome to
the street man how’s it going ed now sparks all right man thanks for stopping
by good to see I hope you enjoyed the show
yeah that’s reasonable I can live with that yeah it’s decent fuck it it’s fine lift it up drop it can we get the rug
back out oh we can look at that just barely though yep and it doesn’t move
because of course it doesn’t because boom could you put a fast travel mat
underneath you can RP but it’s dangerous okay unless you put a marker above it
okay to remind you where it is you’ll never get it back out and if you can’t
get it back out you’ll never be able to change the fast travel spot again so be
very careful be very careful possible but risky save often before you try it but yeah you just take a Raider you
could just put a Raider pole use a Raider pole
you know sink it that way so you know where the hell it is so you can just
drag it back out it’s retrieving that thing later that becomes that becomes a
really iffy at times but no it’s much more than possible so we’ve got you
we’ve got you that past travel drops you into world not true teleport the game
will put you on the fast travel coordinates if it can’t
Adamo even if it’s under the ground because I’ve done it before but I lost
the path travelled in it that way but I did leave to save that’s why I stay safe
and make sure you don’t lose where it is and make sure you can pull it back out
before you use it you
but yeah it’ll put the bathroom out put you up in the sky it’ll put you anywhere
it can if you’re in those coordinates in fact you can if you want you can plummet
to your death every time just put the patch on that 10 stories up store it and
you’ll will have anything to land on because that’s the thing about fast
travel mats in case you did not know once you place it once you place it down
it saves those coordinates as the past travel spot and you can store the actual
mat you don’t need to leave the mat in there you could take it back up it’ll
remember the last place you placed it okay so it’s snapping to the roof there
yeah do I want this do I even want anything here do I want uh I’m gonna do
that I can’t snap it cuz I won’t go underground that’s fine hmm so now what
I want here what is this missing fuck please tell like oh Jesus Christ dude oh
you’re killing me with that shit dude come on and yeah let’s just put this
like that sink it come here where’s this where’s
this alright there’s that yeah that’ll work
it’s fine anything to get it in there okay and oh you know what we can use a tall
ladder and make only a one stack the only kind of cool let’s try that
I heard the caravan post does the same one story but never tried do you know if
that’s true I know it’s not true check because how long have we been here we’ve
been here for what three days four days a game time so far maybe five and I had
a caravan post literally right here for over a month of game time so if that
were true somebody would have showed up by now
to be here I’m almost positive I can’t prove this this is only from you know
observation and whatever but you have to actually you actually have to have an
active caravan outpost here for the game to trigger arrival of the traders now of
course if you’ve got mods and you have other mats and shit you could totally
just you know put an invisible mat with caravan outpost flag to it it would just
show up but the game seems to need to have an active an active caravan outpost
to do that for them to show up sorry I’m wandering off because I’m trying to
think what I want to put their next and I think it’s gonna be another junk fence
they’re gonna use this one here up there don’t be like that man why do you gotta
be like that okay so you’re up on there you finicky little bitch come on yeah
okay get this we’ll get that so empirical observation check it would
seem to indicate that the trail the trading
the caravan outpost has to be actively there for it to be recognized by the
game and will do it like this do I want that
now it’s running 144 oh yeah I just got I just got an error on mine too let me
refresh my monitor so I can see what’s going on here hold on what’s that guys
technical difficulties please stand by come on play okay yeah okay so it’s
running now so just refresh I guess but anyway the caravan Apple has to be
active otherwise we would have we would have had caravanners here by now because
I had a caravan outpost in that in that thing for a very long time Fergie it’s
Tuesday welcome to the stream how’s it going you’ve been missing all kinds of
excitement today not really I’m just saying that to make it seem cooler than
it is we’ll store that so I can use it later you got this whirly oh my god sanctuary
yeah it’s thanks Rory this is the FNG buggy we’re working on we’re still
working on making we’re still working on the lady we’re still working on Helena’s
challenge here and I am absolutely 100% bamboozled by too much of this shit you
know what no let’s put let’s put a little railing in there let’s a little
this little accent rail in there what do you think let’s do that that’ll be cool
well do this but yeah this is a vanilla no DLC guy so or the other
vanilla no DLC well it’s the DLC guy cuz you’re the characters female but yeah
building in vanilla with no DLC is an exciting adventure and there are all
kinds of strange things you can do with look at that shit right to the right oh
okay I need to see it over here just gotta come this way right so I want it
to be like here I can’t see both angles at once god damn
it so I wanted to go down like this alright get a little protection from the
elements that’s good okay we’ll do that still here what’s going we don’t have to
know all righty BK well we are still here
we are still here just for you I am only streaming because I knew you would show
up or something all right we’re gonna do this and that lose it but
it’s coming along I got my second vendor in I’ve only got nine people here so
we’re doing good on that score wow I didn’t know that fence would sink
through there like that wow that’s really kind of nice yeah look at that
look at the crossmember the crosshatch boards there no no not a squishies work
yet now that squishiest work but by a country mile not as squishy as warwick
but these houses are surprisingly soft and very nice to work with
okay so here’s mr. vault tech rep working his shop he’s looking pretty
good I wish I had a crossmember man I miss my conduit
I want my conduit to do the damn thing in the center there yeah but it’s not
working yeah well that’s fine he’s looking
pretty good though yeah he’s although just light doesn’t work here now because
it doesn’t make sense put it here but it won’t go into the
house look at that and it won’t sit on the railing it’ll go there though so if
I put the carriage light there I don’t like that it’s not straight Oh
would you just will you just behave please behave right there all right
we’ll do that and then we’ll do the other one on the other side because I
know that the heights the same because the let’s have you a little bit lower
it’s not the same isn’t that interesting and unfortunate yeah there we go
there he is it’s still a little bit too low son of a bitch so it’s got to go up
to about there yeah there we go there we go you got mr. ball take one side of the
sanctuary but he never got there uh dawn if you don’t run mods he can die he will
die on the way back especially if you don’t leave the area or you manage to go
somewhere where heat the game thinks he is and loads him he’ll die off-screen
never even know he did because I had that problem back early on so that might
be the problem – he just might be dead unfortunately cuz that’s how he rolls
see I knew that was gonna happen so when I got him from good neighbor I
immediately fast traveled to sanctuary and then I waited for a week I was like
I’m gonna make sure he makes it here yeah last video ok so it’s not just you
Jason how’s it going welcome to the stream is that a hard item
cross-hatching is just like weeding I learned that term when weeding but it’s
hatching the pattern yeah weaving yeah what Don said I could just read chat
instead of just being an idiot I could do that too but that’d be much less
entertaining wouldn’t it ok vault-tec rep is here converse in his little cage
we got our bartender in here speaking of which okay that reminds me again where
is that house it’s over here right is it over here didn’t know you oh yeah he’s
not March essential at all he could totally die I used to try to escort him
back from good neighbor and he would just get killed by the super greens
every single friggin time he’d get all sassy was a little piper revolver and
they would just waste it I’m like fuck he died again so I learned my lesson
okay so we have this yes we have one those counters good
blonde is it bland blonde damn you in a good way to spend your series you show
people the buildings without mods and it looks awesome
so damn me hey man don’t blame me for your lack of self-control man welcome to
the stream how you doing man in fact I’m building without mods and
without DLC right now how about those apples hmm-hmm-hmm that’s what I’m
talking about okay so we’re gonna do is I’m gonna show you something that thing
I was trying to demonstrate last week that didn’t work I’m gonna see if it
works in there why is he in toddler jail because I have
not let I have not let out the conquered five right let’s just say Sarge will do
Sarge yeah Sarge how about that I want to say blame that’s probably wrong why
he’s in toddler jail it’s because he never moves since I never let Preston
out he doesn’t roam anywhere he always stays right here so I wanted to make it
look like that was deliberate if there’s an attack he will open the gates and
come out but then he goes right back so does anyone seem like oh Jesus
we’re gonna start that shit at all all right I see how it is okay so let’s see
here let’s see let’s see if I can get this done let’s say I can make this work
okay so this counter here is a solid object right not not pick up a bull like
Blaine hey I guess right oh my god I guessed right I’m gonna give myself 20
sorry bugs okay I’m gonna go with you go by Sarge – okay all right
well let me know which one you prefer and I’ll use that one but hey my god
pronounced it right holy shit stores okay I’m just gonna get a level
one trader because it’s cheap right it’s the cheapest one 300 caps which ones 250
one of them is 250 is it that’s 500 that’s 500 that’s okay the drink stands
the bars 250 okay she got the bar yeah okay we know this is a snap a bull so it
doesn’t it doesn’t it work if I trying to Drew selected through this thing it
fucking works you know what it didn’t work the other day I swear to God just
did not work whatever it’s fine anyway so
not going to show you that trick went where it’s so alright well thanks for
the sub man I hope you don’t regret that decision bleah
we will try to at least give you a consistent a consistent stream and a
consistent output and then you can decide whether that’s worth sticking
around for so vault-tec rap is there what do I want
to do what I want to I want to do the goddamn the whole point of doing this
was a pick train caravan pose Baghdad yeah I’m saying you’re fucking around
dude I was a little shit I didn’t even get around to doing that well that was
quick yeah I think you’ve made a set of record on that one man most people take
us up a couple of streets regret it but if you do it right away
props to you beat it to the punch okay how do I want to do this is this you
know we need some daylight this is just bullshit we need some daylight here okay
three 3:20 p.m. really 3:20 p.m. is that how it’s gonna go three and then we’ll
go 17 yeah okay well put this up put my ad up because playing reminded me I
haven’t put the ad up in a while because I always forget cuz I’m looking at on
three different friggin monitors right now you get that not working earlier thing
yeah it’s like I would I put the bar in the when I put the bar in the the
countertop at sink at the in the Soul Survivor house
I must have nestled it for 20 minutes trying to get the sumbitch in there and
I’m like it’s not gonna just sunk it with that because I had to use the
ashtray you know that’s been a little that’s my little my little workarounds
the ashtray okay so let’s see what we’re gonna do here since I don’t have my nice
metal ladders I have to use wood for this to get some elevation okay Knights
okay hey Lina thank you for stopping by I just wanted to I hope you’re enjoying
this this build it’s eventually gonna be an entry in your challenge and just yet
obviously because I’m still working on it because it takes me so long to decide
on jit it’s like dude thank you for stopping by as always as always okay so
folks where the hell am I gonna put this trading outpost yeah zero one six how
you doing welcome to the stream you built some pretty impressive stuff you
wouldn’t be able to do anything without mods I don’t know man
I think you’re selling yourself short I think you could
it just takes it takes a lot more patience to do it without mods you know
but once you learn the tools I mean it’s almost exactly the same
tchau what’s up welcome to the stream loving the builds man another channel
plain vanilla phone well thank you I’m glad you’re enjoying the show I hope
you’re enjoying whatever this mess is becoming here and that looks cool right
there that right there when I look at that I’m like I built that but I don’t
know why it looks like mine other than the fact that it’s sitting on my screen
right now and I’m an idiot whatever okay so where is this trading
outpost going to go where is this trading outpost going to go anything is possible down mods I’m gonna
disagree to you Robert mostly because mods add stuff but in
terms of game functionality well there are some things I still can’t do but I
don’t build that way so it’s not it hasn’t been become a problem doing good
my build obey you well thank you dude thank you very much
I hope they’re giving you some ideas that I hope you’re stealing freely from
them for your own builds but remember if you steal my shit and you make cooler
stuff you have to share it back so we could steal it back from you that’s the
deal that’s how we that’s how we all get
better it’s all about that cross-pollination it’s all about that
cross-pollination Sarge says would you like to join my discord man oh they’re
one of the YouTuber stuff like that if someone I have a discord as well Blaine
if you want it if you want to add me as a friend
my discord is our daily act five nine five nine and if someone is boarding
we’ll link you to the channel you can join up and then drop a drop a link in
there as well to your discord I note older stuff you enjoyed the survival
involves minimal not yet empty well thanks that yeah I’d like to build
scrappy scrappy and basic okay back to the business at hand where though am I
gonna put this trading outpost okay it’s gotta go to mill the streets it’s too
big to go anywhere else but is it gonna go
high-low I’m gonna face it this way if I face it that way if I face it this way I
can block off the back half of the settlements Oh my username is Sardella
AK like my channel name and my number is five nine five nine Blaine if you want
to just go ahead and DME and hit me up that way and then I can send you a link
to my channel as well or whatever however it works I don’t spend a lot of
time on discord but I’m always happy to correct yes that is it face make shootie
what’s up welcome to the stream just got back into fallout new survival
playthrough I have a series called settlements and survival that covers
basically everything I know about survival so if you want to just hit that
up I mean it’s two years old but it’s still it’s still accurate because there
haven’t been any patches sense and that might be what you’re looking for yeah
unless you already know that and you’re just yanking my chain which has been
known to happen which is always endlessly entertaining don’t want this
thing on the street shit where do I want this damn thing to
go because if I put it like this yeah does anyone know the Lord behind my name
yeah it’s it’s the surname of one of my first pen-and-paper D&D characters from
a very long time ago check it out to the stream all right perfect these we it’s
it’s all there and it’s it’s kind of rough you know it’s an older video and
I’m still not as Cabos not confident than as I am now so if I put it there if
I put it there scrap the house and put it what do you
mean this one right over here I’m gonna keep my build limit border
here I’m gonna use this house and that house as my fortifications so I’m gonna
put a wall across the street here what did you choose as the name because it
nobody else I’ve never seen anywhere else than the internet and everything
else I thought I had already been taken pretty much yeah I mean I couldn’t think
I’m not a very creative person so I I got to go with what I know first edition
chainmail Ronin chainmail and a homebrew system based on chivalry and sorcery cns
because she and us use hundred sided dice it was the first game I knew of
they use hundred decided four straight percentages for stuff so when one of my
friends made up a homebrew system it was all percentile days and that was at the
time pretty pretty pretty hardcore pretty edgy you can’t find me can
someone if it’s okay one of my mods if you’re in the discord do if you don’t
mind linking them an invite that would be fantastic well across the street like
every build well I just I want this to be an enclosed settlement you know and
I’ve already got a wall across the back over here yeah I just I wherever I drop
this I’m gonna build around I’m gonna barnacle the shit out of this thing and
hold on a second guys wait a minute hold on one second why the hell why the hell
are you not modded uh okay there Jesus what the fuck
Ferdie why weren’t you modded okay um I’m just tweaking my melon
thank you gotcha gotcha for the win 20 sorry bucks to the Grouch bye stop okay
well let’s just go ahead and drop some friggin let’s just drop these right here
yeah tickets for those leave with you’ll only need the edge sunday sunday sunday
ironically that’s when ice cream sundaes okay so if we put this here which looks
awfully cool by its by its lonesome there with in the grooves there yeah
yeah that’s decent that looks kind of nice line it up a little bit better here why would you bother cuz you build a new
stream Bergy shit I mean that’s that’s how we do so you can link your own shit
and I don’t have to tell them two people to link it for you you can link it you
dance so if I do that there don’t want it to be symmetrical do I need to be
down the street loving more cuz it’s not quite because this thing goes out to
here right so I’m gonna need to fence this off to here and if I make it go out
a little bit I can put this down lower down here yeah you’re in the discord
awesome awesome plan it’s a pretty freewheeling thing we only have two
rules only one rule well two rules no politics no religion and don’t be a dick
other than that pretty much do what you want we we would ask that you don’t use
use here instead of everyone when you post things that you want to light up
because a lot of people get aggravated when they get a shitload of
notifications for stuff which I do not blame them for in the slightest but yeah
it’s pretty freewheeling pretty easygoing got some pretty broad
categories of channels and pretty much anything goes so as you can see we’re
pretty we’re pretty Funky Bunch we’re not Marky Mark
all right so but dudes that down here if I do that here we’ve got don’t decide
let’s wander outside that fortified area well these guys don’t because they’re
all guards right I’ve got four guard stations here and I got a guard station
back over here so the guard stay put I do have two I do have two farmers back
here yeah and they do get out through here and try and wander around the front
this way they don’t like to path through the mess that is the jungle of you know
wood up in here but if I close it off they will have no choice I will just I
will basically block this thing off right here and they will be forced to
stay inside yeah but holy shit you’re old I’m old what
of course I’m old RP is this news do you did ya the settlers do wander they will
spawn outside there from time to time I’m not terribly worried about it cuz
when I’m gonna do a tour I fast travel and when I do they pop back in so yeah
once I get the guard stations all set up and I get these guys inside the walls
they’ll still go they’ll go through the doors and come back in that way I’m not
terribly worried about their problems okay so we’ve got that let’s take
another look at it down here let’s take a look at it down here but in terms of
functionality ciao I am I am one of the few people that I’ve seen who’s actually
very concerned about settler pathing settler behavior and their ability to
use the settlement without knocking shit over getting locked up teleporting and
stuff whatever so so far they have been doing very well but because I’ve left
because I’ve left this gap open right here the game has not redone their AI
pathing because it knows that you still get out so it hasn’t forced them to come
in here Jonathan how’s it going welcome to the stream put to put trade caravan
post outside your wall use the block as part hmmm like use the concrete backing here
as part of the construction hmmm let me think about that one
that one that one’s a tough sell though because what will happen is the trade
caravanners will spawn outside the wall and then the Brahmin will block the
fucking doorways which irritates the living shit out of me that’s why I
always like to leave whenever I do whenever I build a trade caravan outpost
I leave the entire 180 degree arc in front of it clear as clear as I can you
know and I’ll put chairs so they’ll sit down and stay put but the Brahmin will
either stay right here they’ll get hung up right here or they’ll they can’t
they’ll spawn out behind here and it’s a pain and a good-ass so hmm but I can I
can rug this thing so I can sink it into walls if I want to which means I could
technically build a structure hmm hmm let me think about that one let me think
about that one while I throw some more walls up here so before I do this I’m
gonna want to turn it out here I’m going to want it right here which means I’m
going to need to subdue I could do okay time to experiment with another
little thing here I think wood floors where’s my little wood floor yeah we’ll
do this yeah okay we got the wood floor we’re gonna build one okay take it out
and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna grab our thing okay so while I so
basically what happens now in case you’re new to the stream or
Jonathan in case you’re wondering why I’m ignoring this thing right now
sometimes when this happens when I get an idea in my head and I can’t
immediately reconcile it like there’s no obvious solution what I’ll do is I’ll go
do something else I’ll keep that trade caravan outpost in my head while I do
something else that is something not completely unrelated yeah because what
will happen is sometimes what will happen is it will just occur to me what
I want to do with it yeah that’s what I want to do and then
it just makes sense and it all goes together but sometimes they just have to
germinate on their own so I have to do something else that’s productive yet
unrelated so that’s what I’m doing right now so I’m doing this push you down play
in okay come on what you dare touch up there and then like this so basically
what’s happening right now is I’m not ignoring it I’m actively trying to do
something else so perhaps the problem will resolve
itself in my head you just watch the next box of no chat okay all right so
you’re familiar with the fact that I wander around sometimes like a total
dipshit trying to figure out what the hell I’m even doing anymore and
occasionally I get flashes of brilliance but most the time it’s just random I
need a bigger ladder need a bigger boat gotta head out all right check thank you
for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the the little G for XP part to build which
was interesting to do like I said it went up
really fast really fast is the only stream they watched wow that’s
flattering his health thank you I hope it’s uh hope is entertaining what
I hope he I really hoped entertained oh why the hell would you watch it if it
wasn’t doesn’t make any damn sense right dude
okay I can’t really see what’s going on here so I need to see where those posts
are going it looks like that is it looks like a quick save as an order I always
forget it fuck you bunches of oats that’s that’s a
name that you would definitely need to explain to people when they heard it the
first time right okay so we gotta get that gonna push this in here that looks
about right and so if you go and about yeah that looks good how’s it going the
other side yeah looks like shit awesome awesome
okay so I need this ladder here so I can use the other ladder to put a friggin
floor in there okay okay I can see that pretty good let’s do this do that push
this down getting the floor here let’s use that one turret how far away can I get this still pick
it up hopefully pretty far when I said awesome just now okay I
don’t know what engendered that particular reaction but I will take it
like I often say left with me or laugh at me as long as I’m making you laugh
dude there you are there you are and up so let’s put it down just a little bit
there we go okay turret stack up in the house do to
do to to to to to the couch were you facing you’re facing that way okay now
you oh I can’t snap if I can’t snap it shit we need to do it this way okay and I’m gonna need to move that turd a
little bit but that’s okay but it wedges up real nice in that tree which is good
interestingly enough it goes right through the side of that right to the
side of that Shack thing too which is okay where you at right there sure nothing with don’t worry I’ll not worry
vanish I’m just curious which one ah you know maybe I’ll just leave that exposed
like that yeah and they’ll just put the other junk
wall right here junk fence I had that tire one right
yeah that’s what I did I know I did then we’ll get the rug back out you stay
there and with that here grab the other one
la dee da dee dee dee down the chicken coop turret yeah the thing is I don’t
have a lot of supports you know in in vanilla in vanilla no DLC so I’ve had to
become creative cuz I don’t have you know I don’t have scaffolding I don’t
have a lot of the normal turret stands shit that I that I I’m used to having so
I have to improvise with the things that I have available to me and when I was
doing abernathy on the first character I was doing this with the one I was doing
survival with the one that’s building at the airport but I hadn’t been back to in
what weeks two weeks and weeks I I was like well they’ve got all this wire
fencing laying around I also just used that if I can and one thing led to
another and I had a turret stand like all right so now ever since then I’ve
been using it every available opportunity to pad things out and let’s
see so we got that there pull it over here and it’s gonna touch that fence you
know I can’t get such that fans can I mean I can like right there yeah let’s
do that crank her up to about there for the
trees growing right to the tire which is pretty awesome and that looks cool as
hell look at that shit nice and it joins up there very good okay cool cool is
there a way in but I’m gonna make a prison for settlers no there is not not
without DLC is but DLCs just put them all in those little red and blue pads
with the arena you can just put them on the arena pads and they’ll stay put
forever or you could put them on guard posts but the guard post will show but
think about guard posts they never move and that rug is gone forever so yeah
check if you’re watching this later it is this dirt that’s preventing it
that is absolutely what it was there’s extra layers in the ground there for
some reason mr. grisley how you doing welcome to the
stream unless I welcome you and Yulia how you doing welcome to this dream
how’s it going how about attack on sentiment I built
you oh yeah I get some attack I’ll tie hell we have one earlier tonight had a
couple of rares getting salty with northagen Beach and well you can see
from the armor of God my inventory that it didn’t really go well for them it
went well for me though I got free Lou so okay so yeah that’s that’s about as
ragged as you could wish for right there sure yeah well thanks nice idea for the
chicken coop it’s just like I said it was born from necessity I didn’t have
any other tools to make a turret stand out of and I was at Abernathy was all
that extra spare wiring they had around I was like well maybe they could just do
just to uh that one moon which could also do to is if you have the vault 88
DLC there’s those green metal guard stations those are easy to sink through
walls so you can make all your settlers stare at walls if you wanted to yeah
which would be interesting as hell okay so we done faffing about let’s see what
I can get away with here if I put this thing here what can I do with this
profile to make that look intentional play dai again oh no that’s a that’s a
good choice that’s a good game get his preferred building well like I
said the videos are always here 24/7 and the streams if you’re if you’re new to
the channel or whatever you don’t have to watch the whole stream to see what
was built what I do is it at the end of every stream last 10 15 minutes as I
literally walk through everything I built on that string to do a little mini
tour so if you just want to skip ahead to the end of the thing just to see what
was built instead of how it was built you could save yourself a whole lot of
time a whole lot of time so now what how would I how would I work with this what
would I do with this why would I even bother with this what would be because I
could say right now with some degree of certainty that I’m not gonna like it
because it’s too flat it has to be for my purposes I like to have it more wild
it’s not sink into the ground dude come on why you gotta do me like this man there we go okay so I can sink it a
little bit like this if I do that I can make just a concrete show of course that
sinks the tub way too far down so we’re gonna drop it back up and we’re mostly
here for the Cherney that’s easy Roger how you doing welcome to the stream and
yeah that’s a trademark of this channel that’s what she said okay so they can’t
go this way if it goes this way I can’t I can’t put it down in the ground
because the ground slopes here yeah you need to finish your sweary well I’ve got
a couple of sanctuary built here the never left sanctuary I’ve got a pair of
never left sanctuary tours those might be very useful for you because those are
actually full sediments that I built deliberately
for sanctuary you know I’m thinking you know would you throw some carrot
flowers and shit in the trial well by shit in the trial that’s that’s just a
whole little level of nasty Rhonda wouldn’t you say I mean bathrooms for
that ah well the Tallahatchie bridge oh my god Billy Joe McAllister thank Jesus
Christ Ben you were really setting the Wayback Machine on that one ain’t you Daniel it glowed nicely gotcha is a good
point and could rid them to it you know now that I’m looking at this maybe I
want to have it face this way and make it outside the settlement walls might
make a big divot in the middle for the traitors because I don’t want the count getting
too close to the houses right so I want this in the center of the street yeah so
if I just do an arc around this thing in the back and like make this outside and
isolated that might be that might be fairly I have lots of never finished
thanks see ya Yulia you were not alone in that in this channel believe me you
are you’re definitely in good company here and believe me never never finish
things right oh man see this is why I like streaming rather
than just doing recordings man cuz you all motherfuckers are funny that’s a
good material here okay and it’s just like Oh probably just nothing to say
that rude do that how’s that see that damn thing is still floating
how far back to have to pull this thing to get it to not to not float is it here
yeah stupid trough man that’s stupid drop and I put the other way the thing
sinks too much cuz the slope right here is just terrible I’m gonna call it all
right Robert thanks for stopping by then I hope to see you in the next one man we
will be here on Sun never fish thanks ray cocktail club yeah I know shit all
charter members you don’t even need a didn’t even need a membership card if I
sink it down to there is that really is that really you’re slow yeah it’s I mean it’s good
here before effort that broken that broken concrete right there so if I move
it all the way down to here now it’s flooding again I don’t like the
slope I you know what why am i working so hard this fucking trading carrier by
now though I don’t even need this thing but I want the traders to come here man
and I don’t want the cows in the way I don’t want them screwing up mother I don’t want them screwing up my other
side ways that still sucks yeah backwards seems to be the way to go
okay but if I put it backwards that I’m always tempted to do I put it backwards
of course I’m tempted to make it part of the wall and if I enclose it this way
the cows are gonna get stuck for damn sure got to go are I barbarian King
thank you for stopping by hope you enjoyed the show hope you enjoyed this
shoe okay you know what I’m having difficulty here because my brain is
frozen up because we were in almost three hours so what we’re gonna do we’re
gonna do right now is we’re gonna do one more we’re gonna take one last look at
that thing I built for what’s quicksave let’s go ahead in case y’all missed it
before let’s go back to the Overland Station thing this is this is my
follow-up to the my follow-up to the g4 XP challenge where this time I stayed
strictly within the boundaries and of course it’s friggin nighttime
so if you’ve seen this already you can go ahead and skip this part let’s go to
eight hours and we’re gonna walk through this little build one more time for the
people who have not seen it who came after what the halfway point right
because we did the we did the first walkthrough of it real early on so this
is a scabbard shock this thing is this thing is three floor pieces it’s two
floor pieces wide and a floor and a half piece a floor and a half deep so it’s
three it’s a rectangle basically and it’s built up of course over it the over
the workbench at Oberland here yeah so in here the Scabbers got his main
workbench in his storage tucked up underneath here the chain-link fence
goes to the main settlement area which has his generator some crops at a tub
whatever second floor looks like this has his main operating workbench with
more storage in more workspace area for him to do his thing along with some
point defence in the turret and the most spindly support ever in the world right
there he’d go up one more floor and then he’s got missile turret right here
four-point defense and his bedroom and his little eating area and you know
storage got a grill up here where you could see all the way down the tracks
from up here you know hide and let his missile turret take care of earning the
coat the stairs because because the stairs gonna get a face full of rocket
so yeah whatever but this is just something I whipped up
to try and have a three-by-three have a three-floor strictly adhering to the
rules three floor challenge no no shenanigans yeah and this went up at
about two and a half hours so that would be that would be also a nod to my
challenge which is trust your instincts what can you build in three hours yeah
so this is what I can build in about two and a half hours but I’m not distracted
at laughing at all your jokes and trying to keep up with chat and just sitting
here with a glass of scotch going how that am I gonna do this
this was like from the bottom it’s pretty formidable looks real sketchy
underneath there I wish I had more support to the Manila but I do not and
that’s pretty much the whole thing so it’s as tall as day as it’s tall as a
repeater tower which is interesting couldn’t really do much of that repeater
tower now which is unfortunate but anyway so that’s what we did that’s what
I did for the for that now what we built tonight here after many struggles and
much much travail oh my god I managed to put some books on shelves so booyah go
me yeah put some books on shelves still have not figured out alarm clock yeah
it’s pretty much one hell of a wake-up call it’s it’s quieter in operation than
the then the machine gun turret yeah so what do we do today here not much I
didn’t do anything in here I put some more books on the shelves which are
staying put arrey my linen closet still staying put hurry this door I did I
guess I didn’t close this door the eventually is gonna be filled with books
and folders and holotapes and clipboards and pens and pencils and boxes that’s
the plan here I was really wanting to make this the work area but I can’t
figure out what I want to do with it so it’s still basically a couple of boxes
on the floor storage crate and a painting whatever blue blue blue
look at this barrel here I don’t want him to do with that either but tonight I
guess all we did was we just basically built the vault tech
rep his own little shop here which looks like this yeah
and we started warming in the outside wall with the trading Caravan outpost
here he’s got his little counter he’s chillin like a villain and we didn’t
really do anything with the kitchen at all either but it’s the dining area here
in the kitchen is pretty much done it just needs to be decorated yeah it’s
that I went underground yeah we showed some tricks and we did a settlement
attack and we did some other tours so it was kind of a little bit of everything
this time you know and I’ve got another Closet in here for the laundry room
which is you know still here I kept all those furnitures and we’ve got the
vault-tec reps room back here and his store looks like this from the back I’m
definitely gonna need to add a countertop to that and you know flush
this room out I just heard a gunshot I’m not here but that’s it and what I want
to do to tonight was trying bill oh yeah you like nuka-cola quantum there you go
dip right in and her house is gonna be back here I think so eventually she’s
gonna have a house back here yeah I’m signing out dude I’m sorry we’re pretty
much tapped out tonight and I hear gunfire over here and these guys are
getting all saucy so let’s see what’s going on do a raid around the bridge Oh
Yahoo I holy shit dude Wow he’s on fire yeah and see look there’s Cosworth
codsworth can get out of his little gate just fine
hey man good on you do and of course it’s up with the Brotherhood
I have field scribes doing my provision or work I thought they’d look good as
for visitors though man those little backpacks look really pretty cool yeah
oh god no you showed just the nick of time
oh yeah hey Raiders I hate Raiders because you know yeah in Raiders but see
contra comes out of his little cage just fine and what’s nice about it too is if
I come back oh yeah check of margins later so you look soon as I put the
trading care about now post a came back so that’s it but see if I come in here
and I load the game if I get by go adventuring and shit and come back and I
see the gate open I know there was an attack when I was in there so come on
Cosworth get back in here buddy get back in your little cage you put you back
into Crete Carlo sustaining the streak shouldn’t figured out there’s a train
okay why is this cow over here you should not be over there okay you know
what no we’re not doing care of a post executive decision this thing’s going
away I’m not doing this we’re not having these cows around okay cool all right so
all that struggle over those damn things and I decided not to even use them at
all because I hate those cows all right so I’m gonna put it up here and we’re
gonna be doing the old sign-off yep I want to thank y’all for stopping by
sharing the up to three hours you did here on this Tuesday night watching me
thrash around with random shit and actually getting some stuff done
hopefully you learn something new tonight that underground trick seemed
like news to a lot of people so hope that’s fun for you maybe had a good time
tonight I’d appreciate you click that like button down there and feed the
YouTube algorithm let them know that this is the kind of stuff that maybe
people want wanna watch and if you’re new to the channel and
this is the first thing you’re seeing and you’d like this kind of thing click
Subscribe there will be more this kind of thing I stream fallout for building
vanilla with DLCs starting at noon central on Sundays and then I stream
during the week like here Tuesday’s sometimes Fridays
whenever I can pop up and I’m not exhausted so whatever I hope you had a
good time tonight guys I’m gonna thank y’all very much for watching and I will
see you in the next one take care y’all

6 thoughts on “FO4 – Vanilla, No DLCs – Fiddling Around with Sanctuary

  1. Liking the Oberland building. (3 by 3 by 3). I know I shout about height ( a lot ! ) but given the limitations of the materials, without the lowest floor(s) being concrete and without significant amounts of scaffolding support, much above three stories would be impractical. The only reason to do it scrappy would be showing off. (A Raider Boss making a statement, for example.)

  2. I’m 7 minutes in and you just asked about hub caps. There’s one for sure outside the bus station heading out of Lexington. It’s just on the ground next to the bus.

  3. Here's a thing; You were wondering about what to build given the limitations of the challenge. Couldn't you build to the challenge, turn it in and then evolve the settlement further. (More experimentation, more learning, more fun!)

  4. Thanks for showing me G4XP version 2. I'm jealous how quick you built it. I'm almost done with my entry. I was at 33 hours before you distracted me with your stream. I've put another 3 or so in it and have another 3-4 before it's "finished". Not actually finished as I've had to abandon some things I wanted to do due to time constraints but, "finished" enough to turn in. It probably looks like about 3.3 hours to most builders because I am glacially slow at building.

    Spoiler alert…. I pretty much stole the function, design, and location from you. When you were building your bar I mentioned buoys and neon would look good. Your response was something along the lines of "Hey Sheck why don't you build one" …Challenge accepted. I think I used ALL the buoys but not as much neon as I had planned. Some sacrifices had to be made.

    2:34:57 Watch out, watch out, watch out…That dirt is a mat eater ;p

    2:37:25 EZE always has original ideas. Gotta love him. Vault Tec guard stations for an art gallery with the patrons walking around and staring at the paintings.

    2:40:35 "Never finish Sanctuary" challenge. That's right up my alley. Sign me up!

    2:43:00 Maybe just throw a couple of 1/4 floors under the bathtub to hide the float on the slope? I think your idea of indenting the wall around the caravan post could look pretty sweet.

    2:45:00 Double or quadruple up on the fence posts and they won't be so spindly. That's what I did before I bought the DLC's.

    2:45:15 You've got a flat tire on your grill.

    See ya in the next one.

  5. Awesome stream! Was watching Smoke’s so I didn’t see your notification. But I really enjoy seeing how another builder’s brain works when you’re creating. I had no idea about the pegs on the tool board. I really like the Quantums in the tub. And the techniques you use to make your settlement the way you want is awesome.

  6. I cannot wait until my life lines back up so I can be part of the live streams again. I'm still watching when I can. Hopefully I'll be back in the live chat soon!

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