Florida Travel: How to Fly a Kite

– [Narrator] Flying a kite
in Florida is like heaven. They say all your troubles go up the line when you put the kite up,
and that’s absolutely true. To fly a kite, all you need is the will, a beautiful location, no shoes, sunscreen, big smile, and have fun. Florida’s notorious for beaches and that’s what people
come to Florida for. They love it. It’s sort of hard going on a Florida beach and not seeing a kite. We have a great environment and the wind, so it’s a natural place to fly kites. When you choose a kite, the first thing you want to do is determine
what you want to do. There’s beginner, intermediate,
and advanced kites. You’re anchoring the kite securely so you’re flying safely. You’re checking your surroundings so you’re flying safely. And then basically it’s launch it into the wind and have fun. It’s a pretty easy choice. Pick the color you like and go fly a kite.

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