Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel – TecQuipment

TecQuipment’s Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel allows students to fly an aircraft manually using common control and throttle Students can do practical investigations of longitudinal stability and control of the aircraft to demonstrate behavior during takeoff,
level flight and landing A digital display shows attitude, altitude, velocity and pressure within the wind tunnel altitude for the aircraft can be fixed and lift measured directly The user can adjust the angle of attack of the aircraft for measurement of the lift curve for the
wing up to and beyond stall Small tufts cover the wing of the aircraft these show the direction and quality of airflow over the wing surface, to show separation and stall The center of gravity can be adjusted for the model to alter its trim They can then plot trim curves and determined the neutral point A study of the short period pitching oscillation is possible on the AF41 and an appreciation of the Phugoid oscillation The AF41 will provide an engaging and hands-on flight simulation for student investigations into the behaviour of fixed-wing aircraft and wing performance.

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