Fitness & My First Knife

Hi, I’m Sarah, and today I’d like to talk a
little bit about fitness and to show you my first knife. So part of the reason I wanted
to make this video is because 4 weeks ago one of my friends invited me to a spin class,
which is something I had never ever done. When I was younger, like up until my mid teenage
years, I did gymnastics. Then once I stopped that I was that’s me done with exercise, no
thank you very much. I don’t like running, I don’t like any of that stuff. And I had
two babies in the last three years and I’ve got a bit out of shape! when she invited me
to go, I genuinely thought I would hate it, which I kind of did. But I also felt like,
‘Aaaargh! I could fight a bear!’ afterwards. it was amazing. I realised that fitness wasn’t
something to be frightened of or worried about. I hated P.E at school. I think P.E is a dark
cloud that’s stayed over my head making me not want to do anything to do with exercise
at all. Gymnastics seemed separate because I loved it and enjoyed it, and it didn’t seem
like work. That’s when it sort of clicked in my head and I realised the reason I enjoyed
spinning is because it’s not work, it’s fun and I really enjoy it’s something that I do
twice a week now. I’ve been doing it for about 4-6 weeks and I’ve started to add in other
things because endorphins are amazing they make you feel great and bouncy and full of
energy even when you’re tired. So I wanted to make this video to say if you haven’t done
any kind of fitness for a while but you are a prepper. We all know that fitness is a prep
that we should do something about. A lot of us don’t because yknow, biscuits and telly
is fun. Everyone loves a box set. But once you’ve done that first push, and you’ve gone
out there. I’m not good at it. And I look stupid and if you watched me run past I run
like Phoebe from Friends. But I don’t care. I like making playlists and put my headphones
in and go on the rowing machine and I do stretches and everyone in the gym is like , ‘what the
fuck is she doing’ but I don’t care because I just feel so zzzzzz off it. It’s great.
So I’m telling you, the internet, that that’s something I’m doing because now that I’ve
told you if I get a down day or once the weather starts getting crappy and I don’t feel like
it and I want to sit on the sofa, then no. I told the internet I am doing this, they’ll
notice now if I start getting really fat. So I’ve told you so I have to carry on, but
also I want to encourage you, if you were like me and it was just something that you
had no interest in and you didn’t want to do it, just keep going to different classes
until you find one that clicks with you. Another thing that I started realising is that spinning,
is just riding a bike in a room, in the dark, where no-one can see you! To music, which
makes it even better. But cycling is something that I might need in a SHTF scenario. My bug
out vehicle of choice is a bike. I’m going to bug in for as long as I absolutely can
and then if I have to leave it’s going to be a pretty serious thing to make me leave,
as in everyone else will be evacuating as well, and I foresee gridlock! So a bike is
my bug out vehicle of choice and if I have to peddle with a small child and I hadn’t
ridden a bike in a long time, it would be hard, so cycling is a good thing. I’m rambling
a bit but exercise, it’s brilliant! Who knew! The other thing I wanted to talk about is
I got my first knife! It came before and I’m really excited and I wanted to show someone
and then I realised no one I know likes knives and would probably think I was some kind of
weird murderer if I showed them my knife. So then I thought, the internet, all of you
lovely people who are nerdy like me. I don’t if I’m saying it right, but Bahco. It’s German
I believe. It’s a wrecking knife. It’s shiny! I’ll put a link below to the knife and the
video that got me on to it. I was looking around for a knife for my BOB because I have
pocket knives in my EDC, like my swiss army. Or there is a knife on my Stanley multi-tool.
But I didn’t have a proper knife. And I know nothing about knives. When I saw this, it
basically seemed indestructible. All of the knives that I’ve seen, like knive videos that
I’ve watched to try and learn something have got loads of comments from people going ‘Oh,
you shouldn’t do that to your knife, you’ll completely wreck it if you do that!’ And I
thought I will go around doing all of things that you’re not supposed to. I’ll make the
blade dull, I’ll snap it, I’ll stab myself in the leg putting it away or something. This
just looked indestructible. It’s not that expensive, but it definitely feels good quality.
I’m going to have a play chopping things with it in the shed on Sunday. I’m also going to
record my updated EDC because it’s completely different now than my Winter one that I did
last and I’m finally going to show my BOB because now I have this to put in it, I’m
pretty much done. So yeah, I’ll put those two videos up soon, but basically, my knife
came and I wanted to show someone. And also to ask if anyone has a book, but probably
video because I’m better visually learning about this kind of thing, like a knives for
dummies series on youtube that they could recommend? Leave me a link or drop me a message
and let me know because I would like to learn more about how not to hurt myself whittling
things. So a quick video, I hope? It was a bit rambly. So exercise is fun. Have a go.
I like knives. Tell me more about them. And thank you very much for watching and I’ll
see you soon.

30 thoughts on “Fitness & My First Knife

  1. I like going for long night time walks but haven't for a bit, i live on a big hill so as long as i go down the hill i can get plenty of exercise on the way back up, lol, been planning on starting again for a few weeks.

    Keep up the good work on the exercising, will defo help in shtf!!

    Great new knife, you've pick a good one there, if i can think of a knives for beginners series i'll send you a link.

  2. Search for mcqbushcraft knife safety and the same but sharpening, and also subscribe to his channel if you don't already.

    Good knife purchase, it's probably relatively high carbon steel, so make sure to clean and dry it thoroughly after use, and lubricate the blade if you're going to leave it in a drawer for a while.

  3. I can totally relate. I used to be a sports champion at school, then puberty happened – smoking, booze, chasing girls, drugs, playing in bands, nightclubs, junk food etc filled the time that sports once did.. Until a couple of months ago (lol) my car failed it's MOT and a kind lady at work gave me a bike. At first I really struggled cycling to and from work to the point where I was nearly puking and in such a state by the time I got there I felt like going straight home.. But now I can say I am finding it almost easy and I'm actually enjoying it! I've noticed I'm definitely a weeeee bit fitter as a result too. I never thought I'd say this but cycling is awesome. Sweet knife by the way! Give it hell! And sharpen it now and then. It'll be fine. Take care and have fun. -Jamie

  4. Great video! Keep up the fitness, definitely a great skill to have especially for prepping like you say. I actually started running this week and holy fuck is it tough. But gotta keep at it!

    Great choice on your first knife! Good design, strong Blade and not too expensive! If you ever want any advice on a few knives or anything I'll try and help out as much as I can!

    For knife safety check this video out and episode 13 as well for looking after them.

    All the best!


  5. Great to hear about the spinning, I'm trying to get back into shape but want it to be enjoyable too. Don't stab yourself in the leg ๐Ÿ˜‚ make sure your knife is UK legal (a blade length of 3 inches).

  6. I like knives too….and no one I know does so now how you feel.. have a collection that just keeps getting bigger! from smaller EDC's to full on tactical. Also have a really sweet Gerber hatchet that i love. =) Nice knife by the way! if your ever looking in the future to get another knife I recommend

  7. Great to see you again Sarah.
    That wrecking knife will do the job.
    If it has the scandi edge on it…then watch this video by Ray Mears.
    You may also want to invest in some good sharpening stones. Also…go to a charity shop and find a mens leather belt and make a strop…(check yourube on how to do that.)

  8. Absolutely wonderful, love the channel. Passed this onto my wife. She has just started to get into prepping and got her first knife the other day. Good first knife purchase Sarah, I remember my first knife and how it got me into all this. Now on 31 knives and counting….

  9. That's a nice looking knife, I haven't seen the Bahco knives before. Re knife safety/techniques I'd suggest having a look at Paul Kirtley's channel. He is a bush craft instructor from the UK and I'm sure he'd have quite a few intelligent words to say about it. If he hasn't covered it yet in a video send him a question as he has a regular Q&A series on Youtube.

  10. Great knife. I've been wanting to get one of those for myself. I have a Bahco knife, but it's a different model. I love mine. From everything I've seen Bahco makes good, low cost tools.

  11. awesome knife! i have this!, they have changed the sheath, it looks nicer i recommend mantis outdoors, also dirt time, if this is youre first knife then you have spent youre money wisely, you won't need another knife that size if you have time check out my review for this knife, you it might get a chuckle! :)x

  12. I love your Chanel! I was beginning to think I was very odd, because I love knives also! Good to know there's someone else though you are across the pond from me. Michelle

  13. You should also look at Mora of Sweden knives. THE "entry" level brushcraft knife and worthy of the high praise from almost everyone who uses them, especially for the price point. Mora are inexpensive, durable, well constructed and with decent quality steel – check all the boxes, though not without some limitations(re: most are not full tang)

    Great videos BTW, thank you!

  14. Me , myself and the others are a knife nutt. look up wealljuggleknives. great reviews and does a lot of budget but quality knives. keep the fitness going. I might end up sending you some of my blades. collected and traded and gave away for years. But I'm meant to be dead if not crippled in a few years and want someone to enjoy my blades. not even 40 yet. either way love your sensible ideas. Our laws suck๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  15. haha I'm the same, my mates are not into wild camping knives ect. I found Ben Orford very good for information about cutting tools from safety to maintenance. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. nice knife. only thing I would be careful. Is that the weak spot would be the hidden tang. For a rough/hard use knife at a reasonable price is the British MOD survival knife. You probably get a lot of those in your neck of the woods at a reasonable price.

  17. Great knife for a bug out bag I have used one of these now for 12 months as a plumber on sites and they are tough and hold an edge extremely well with its Scandinavian grind like a mora good choice ๐Ÿ‘

  18. Nice one never really liked the sheath tho I find a leather one with a belt loop and clasp to the handle holds the blade secure and ye won't loose it

  19. I know this was a while back but how are you doing on the whole skills thing I'm fairly new my self and enjoying early bike rides in the am your funny people your cool thumbs up

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