FISHSTICK & Bootstraps with polymer clay (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create the Fishstick skin from Fortnite one of my favourite skins, one of your favorite skins with bootstraps. Hey, guys! This is the Fishstick skin, well the blueprint in water in reverse playback and this is the blueprint! Let’s get started! Wait something is different. This is a different paper. No, it’s not about the paper. There is something on the table. The spider! Ooh, this is the wrong spot to be. We are doing some clay tutorials on this table. Got ya! Now that we have a pet on our table let’s get started! We are going to create the Fishstick skin one of my favourite skins, but also one of your favorite skins. This is how we are going to start this difficult skin. Oops! It doesn’t really look difficult because it has only two of three colors main colors, but as you can see the legs and also the arms are pretty pretty thin. Let’s get started with the main colors and we try to get this color gradient onto our creation and therefore we need some ochre, we need some white and we will mix these. This is our base color for the color gradient. We mix in some yellow in the upper part some orange in the lower part and later we will use also some red. In today’s video I will also read some of your stories, fan-made stories the background information of the Fishstick skin if you have ever wondered how the Fishstick skin got his arms and legs or why he was invited into Atlantis the secret city. Well in today’s video I will read your stories. if you want me to read out your background stories just make sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and just write your stories under the images I will post about the characters. What about the spider? Do you want to escape? No, okay. Oh, this poor guy. Or we invent our own sitcom with this spider and this spider would always watch us create on the table and later, we would create some beautiful furniture for Freddie, well that’s ridiculous. Let’s get back to the creation, the Fishstick skin. Look at that nice color gradient and now it’s time. I would like to share the very first story. This one was posted on Instagram by clayart_and_co. One day two weird scientists invented a machine, which should repair broken legs or arms. A little boy with a broken leg came with his animal which was a fish to the scientists and wanted of course to be healed, but then what a pity he fell down in front of the machine and the fish was thrown into the machine! The machine beeped and there were strange sounds big explosion. The scientists, the boy was killed. Suddenly the fish realized he now had arms and legs. Oh! Now it’s time for our sitcom ‘Freddie the Spider’. Yeah, I already mentioned it. We should really build some furniture for this guy. Thanks a lot clayart_and_co for the amazing story. I really like that one. And now we should give Freddie the flatscreen. Maybe half an inch. Yeah half an inch. If you can recognize what I am putting onto the screen write it down at the comments. I’m curious if anyone can read that and maybe we should make like beautiful plant, some decoration. A swimming pool. Yeah just casual. The ladder so that he doesn’t fall into the water. We should make a lifebelt. Just want to be sure. Ok now it’s time to move. Hop hop. Come on! Freddie! Another direction. This yeah, this is your new home. Look how happy he is now. Let’s get back to our creation while Freddie is watching of course. I wanted to create the hands out of the same color because otherwise the color gradient would have not worked well and this is quite difficult to somehow manage it. Not to break these tiny tiny fingers and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly-baked Fishstick! Oh, this even makes sense. This is so cruel. Now we take the head out of the same colour and maybe we should adjust the wire just a little bit. It already looks like the head. This is amazing, this skin, this head is made so easily. You just add some white clay for the eyes and while we are preparing the face I would really love to share another story which you created. This one was posted by Julian on Twitter. There was once an experiment. Another experiment. Look at that to make fish breathe air. Most of the experiments failed and they had only one fish left and his name was Fishstick. In a stormy night the experiment was almost a complete success until a lightning struck the electricity causing a malfunction and adding human DNA to the experiment. The fish was mutating having legs and arms and then there was a flash of light. The experiment was a success but the fish was a human and was able to speak human language. The fish asked who he was and the scientists were scared, but said their name is Fishstick. And the fish now goes by the name of Fishstick. The fish was mutated into human and it can breathe air. I like that one. Thanks a lot. Meanwhile, we have already prepared the clothing, the fabric on Fishstick and this is how it is created. It’s quite easy. Looks like a swimming suit somehow. We have these fins on the side of the leg. This is a little bit difficult to create, but here we go. I just make these shapes adding it to the suit and I try to hide the gaps with a modeling tool and it already looks nice. Maybe we should make the butt a little bit bigger because it’s the Fishstick skin, the big butt, of course and now we add some wrinkles to the fabric that it looks more authentic. What about the spider Freddie? No I still don’t want to go. Well, it looks quite comfy there. We should really create our own sitcom. I would like to share another story. This one was posted on Instagram. In a city called Atlantis a young interesting fish named Fishstick stood by the castle hoping that someday he would be able to enter when he is older. He always struggled because he was unique when compared to the other fishings like Nemo. One night. He heard a boom coming from the castle and rushed over to see what was the matter. A huge monster was attacking the castle, but what could a young Fishstick do? He applied the skills and knowledge of fishing that he learned from his parents and lured the monster to cavern far away from the city. When he came back everyone was standing outside the castle clapping for him. The king of a tour of the castle a young Fishstick couldn’t believe it. Now to this day he has been declared as the monster tamer, guardian swimming around town with his fins. Finding monsters and luring them out. Fishstick is his name and he is no ordinary fish. Thank you so much hsz_bellabear on Instagram and now let’s create the head of the Fishstick. Oh, bonjour. This head was quite easy to create, but somehow I really liked it because it was that easy, but it looked quite nice on this skin. We have these dark brown leather stripes around the neck for example and also on the sides. Then you reminded me of ears, but of course it’s just the closing… No, it’s not the closing mechanism. It’s for protection, protecting the ears I assume and we have the top of this hat. It’s created just like that and it looks like… What does it look like? The bag? Yeah, probably a bag. The Fishstick skin made this out of the bag. Look at that and we can start working on boot straps! This is one I think one of the top five harvesting tools. The ax in Fortnite because I really like the design we have this shoe, we have this red pot and we have well this fishing… design with a hook right at the end. This how I created the wooden stick with a very very dirty color gradient and getting in some wooden details. This is a tiny bag, which is hanging right at the top, so we will place it right there and then we can start working on the hook, which is a silver blue. I try to mix it. Just throwing in some blue you have just seen that and then we are just smashing together different colors and making this dirty dirty grey silver gray for the shoe, the old shoe, which was probably found on the bottom of a lake. An old lake of course and we will stick it onto the wire. Yeah this one was a bit difficult to create, but I figured out a way to make it work in a way. The pot as well. We will stick it right onto and then working on the lid. The red one and all the stripes, the tiny details on this harvesting tools which makes it so lovable? Yeah. And we have another stripe around the pot. Another one. Stripes over stripes. Boot straps, it’s called boot straps, right? Yeah. On the shoes as well. Boots stripes to be called boot stripes and this is the last clay modelling working step for today. We will put everything right onto the plate and we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly-baked Fishstick and bootstraps! And what about Freddie? He’s watching us. Hi! Ok, no reaction at all. Let’s take some pens. I really hope that no one is afraid of spiders in today’s video. I haven’t thought about that. Sorry for everyone who made this feel uncomfortable. We take some blue for the decoration on the pot as well. We have some black for the filling because I somehow forgot that to put in some black clay. We make the shoe a little bit more dirty with this grey pen and also the stick. And look at that the silver pen highlights, the tiny details. Maybe also the hook. Look at that. It looks so beautiful! So beautiful! Hey Freddie, look at me I’m so beautiful. Oh, well, there’s one last working step missing. This is the transparent polish. Not only for the eyes, but I will also make it all over the body and guys I guess… that’s it the Fishstick skin and bootstraps! And now everyone wants to know what’s happening with Freddie. Hey, Freddie! Come on, I set you free. Where are you going? Freddie the spider! Jump, yeah! I really hope you enjoyed today’s video, please let me know which skin I should create next, what I should create next. Let me know, write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today. Have a great weekend and take care guys. Bye! Let it snow, let is snow! No spiders were harmed in the making of this video. Now you want to know what’s going on with Freddy. Well he is living in this studio right now somewhere. Maybe he is growing bigger.

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  1. Was I the only one who was looking at the spider running around like a front loop the whole time??

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  3. You should try to make the ghoul trooper skin with the reaper pickaxe btw you are the best youtuber with claim in the world i wish i had your talent

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