Filming Briarpatch Made Rosario Dawson’s Poop Turn Green

-I want to talk about
your show “Briarpatch.” -Yeah.
-It’s on USA. Explain what the show is about. -I play a woman, Allegra Dill, who is a senate subcommittee
investigator, and she finds out that
her sister’s been murdered. And she goes to work out who did that while also
working on another case. And she goes back to
her border-town hometown. And it just gets
weirder and more wild as there’s animals on the loose
and really weird characters to try to figure out
and discern who did it. -Yeah.
-So it’s a crime, gumshoe, film noir-y kind of
“Twin Peaks”-ish kind of show. And if you like to
solve puzzles like me, I think you’ll enjoy it.
-Yeah. You said this was one of the
hardest jobs you’ve ever had. -Yes, because we filmed
in New Mexico, and I am not good with
altitudes. So to refrain from, you know, migraines
and projectile vomiting, I had to drink chlorophyll water
every single day. -What? -Which, fun fact,
it makes you poop green. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] This is definitely one of
the weirder interviews. -No, no. I disagree. No, no. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Rosario Dawson
in “Briarpatch.” Take a look. -Come on, now. Can’t we all just talk this out
like adults? -Sure. Why are you here? -Why are any of us here? Our existence —
-Is this loaded? -I don’t know. I don’t know. Did you put that in there? -We’re gonna tell the cops that
we surprised you in a burglary. I took this away from you
and I shot you in the knee. -Hey, hey.
-The right one, I think. -No, you just can’t go around
shooting people even in this town. -Is that so?
-Yeah. -Harold, I am a lawyer. And you have several options
available to you. None of them are ideal. -Okay.
[ Gunshot ] Ah! Jesus! Good God! What the [bleep] -Why are you here? -Yeah, that’s how you do it. [ Cheers and applause ]
Come on! That’s how you do it. -Can I just say,
I mean, that, you know, this is based off
a Ross Thomas book, and the writing
and Andy Greenwald and the writers room just did
something so powerful with this and every single actor
who came on board. I’m not used to being number one
on the call sheet. So I’m not used to being there
for so much of the filming. And to see all of
these incredible actors just reveal this show to me
every single day was just incredible. He’s amazing.
-Good for you. -And it’s really, really great.
-Fantastic. Rosario Dawson, everybody.

41 thoughts on “Filming Briarpatch Made Rosario Dawson’s Poop Turn Green

  1. She's been in the Netflix Marvel series…. Was going to kill it in Luke Cage's newest season but of course that and everything else gets cancelled. Such a joke.

  2. FUN FACT: Drinking and eating stuff with blue dye makes my poop turn green. I learned that in college when I drank nothing but grape Gatorade.

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