(Fan-made) Boomerang CEE Poland shorties: BFDI Thanks for 4 Years!!!! READ DESCRIPTION

new subtitles are here Hey! what, hold on i think this here deserves something different i just wanna say thank you. for sticking with us and watching our show i mean, can you? 4 Years! that’s insane and it really doesn’t feel that long, and so much has happend i just, really want to thank all of you for watching this show right now for sticking with us. because whenever you just joining in, or whenever you’ve been here with us for the 4 for the whole 4 years. it really means a lot to me to all of us to all of us, to know that: there people out there like the stuff we do, and tune in, and and watch our stuff, and comment on it and i just i just wanted all of you to know that so thank you for 4 awesome ye—- Thx for watching.

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