Fair 2017 (Friday, August 18)

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It’s that magical hour again yep It’s time to bring you more highlights from the awesome, Iowa state fair You know what never ceases to amaze me all the fun things to do and see out here at the fairgrounds And I think tonight’s program well, I think we cover the whole spectrum. Here’s what we’re bringing you tonight the always Entertaining ladies rubber chicken throwing contest the intriguing stock dog trials such talented pooches and a look at the in your face tractor truck fall It’s going to be a whirlwind of a show so let’s get started first up a veritable verbal virtuoso contest otherwise Known as the auctioneers competition Alright here. We go. I’m a bit of five now if I’m dad, we’ll bill we contend with Q10 okay I’m going to stick to my day job and leave the fast-talking to the pros and we have some of the best of the best Here at the Iowa auctioneers association Annual Contest In February at the convention. I always convention They had a preliminary contest in the top 20 from that contest come to the Iowans new Arena one last time I’m 80 years old, and I won’t be coming back again Metric now Thirty five thirty another holding high comics talent kind of tentative is being whether good things 1905 the very first Year I competed. I was in the rookie contest. I walked near association. That was in 2014 I had to honor to win the rookie contest that year, so this is the third season third year I’ve participated in the finals here at the Iowa state fair for 40 40 40 under 40 mm by 35mm 40 now 45 held on $50 I’m the number the younger generation is definitely getting involved with people from 10 years old to 110 years old do an auction So I’m 19 I started two years ago a seventeen when I went into auction school So far. It’s been really fun. I just jumped in started competing you’ll see them introduce themselves And then they have two items will be five judges in front of them that will be judging judge them on Their total auctioneering that but from their parents their posture How they hold themselves on their bid calling on recognizing a bid and working with the Ringman I Can understand the number the dollar amount which is obviously important when fitting but I’ve always wondered What is it exactly that they’re saying so we get asked this a lot and like everybody has a different answer We do tongue Twisters try to get a feel what words go together best It’s mainly w’s and B’s that help you spit out your words, so I say who would give but I say who dug it So it’s tend to get the team so it’s good to get 15, not who would get 15 or would you bid what a bit instead of would you bid so it’s a lot of just cutting words and kind of You don’t understand because it’s not really a word. You know what I’m saying, so everyone has their own thing and It’s kind of what makes the auctioneer chant one more time so you can Hear a little bit more sound and use more time in 40 miles again now 50 45 15 an American defendin Is an awesome experience? I enjoy every day of open You know what the old saying when you enjoy what you do you’ll never work a day in your life your first place champion the isle Auctioneers association boxing contest is Jared Chamber, Organ, Iowa Talent wouldn’t even begin to describe everybody that participated today here. They’re full of talent There’s some wonderful auctioneers from across the state across surrounding state It was an honor to participate And compete against them because I was very surprised when they announced my name is a winner because there’s some top auctioneers that I competed with today Growing vegetables has taken on a new challenge with this contest It’s not just about quality it helps us the veggies are funny-looking The Fair is well known for celebrating the biggest the best and the most Artistic but today at the ag building. It’s the most unusual That’s taking Center stage All right Ron – tell me about the contest Anybody can enter that’s a walk-up enter. No entry fee and it’s just they bring their most unusual Vegetable that happens to grow in their garden, and it’s really a popular contest You definitely have some unusual vegetable there now are these crafted by design or is it luck or how does this happen? Oh, it’s just nature its whatever happens. You know in Nature sort of freakish thing, okay? And the fair goers always ask and they started last Friday saying where’s those funny-looking veggies, you know so it’s a popular thing So how do you win this contest we have judges and they just look at them and say well What do you think the most unusual? It’s up in there is in their hands They either don’t have their ground so keep them out of oddballs misfits Frankenfoods call them what you will but today these vegetables have earned the designation of State Fair Ribbon winner What is it that you’re looking for in a most unusual vegetable? Well, we’re looking for Unusual yeah, we’re also looking to see if the quality’s good enough to still eat it, okay Had a label for this one no literally What’s been the most shocking most unusual vegetable you’ve ever seen I? Cannot remember okay too many to count I try to eat those images away How about you the same thing because we we actually regret you for perfection okay, and these are perfection How long have you been doing that I didn’t take their 28 years, but I’ve been judging here. I’m guessing about 20 years I Think it’s just the fact that you’ve been involved with horticulture and have judged at other competitions And so it’s a matter of both experience and somewhat training and learning and advice we’ll review them that we reference decide all of those years of study and practice Mastering the Garden has led you up to judging the most unusual the vegetable contract Is one of those things that comes with the job? So next time you’re picking through your garden And you come across the produce peculiarities make sure you grab it because it might make you the next state fair champ Dan Wardell is ready to climb aboard this fast track to fun and discover an amazing playground with some new friends? Of course the Iowa state fair, they do Everything bigger and better and more often than you ever could imagine and take a look at this up here by fun Force we have This ultimate train a train completely built out of wood and look at this no slippers. It’s fun It’s exciting It goes on and on and on and it is waiting for you and your family to have fun at the Iowa state fair This train calls to you doesn’t it And what is this train safe, and it says come eyes on me I free tickets It’s the train to where though it’s change you if you change the front man Tell us about the different parts. You can climb inside this you can go over there You can go in there now. What is your favorite part about this train? You can go inside it. You did not Yes, tell me What are some of the things you do well on this train when you’re playing you I flying all over the place When there are that many kids crawling over this sophisticated piece of equipment? What are some of things you got to think about I gotta think about I gotta think about what I do and where I go This train is one of a kind isn’t it what is the best part about this train? I like climbing on the water You can climb on the wall they let you climb on the water. They let me climb on the wall Wait a second. Let me see your hands hold up your hand like that. Look at that. No slippers, not a single one kid approved kid tested Whether big or small the horses at the Jacobsen exhibition Centre are entertainment in motion? I’ve been working with miniature horses for close to 20 years now I only own about 20 25 But as a trainer we usually have around 60 head at the farm. They’re easy to handle usually fun to work with fun Michelle The drafts are really easy to fall in love with they all have their unique Personality and the shires, they’re just calm and super easy to work with all the time Sandy and I were inducted into the Iowa draft Horse Hall of fame my entire life Our farm has had belgian draft horses multi-generational Farm we’ve been there since 1873 They’re a very powerful breed that are very caring and giving animals They’re a friend Mhr is the American miniature horse registry and they have two divisions a division Which is 34 inches in under a b division is 38 to 34 inches, so if it says it’s under that means It’s one of the smaller horses The Iowa State Fair has a hundred and eighty-seven entries, and that makes it the second largest Mhr show in the nation the only one larger is the national Show This is actually my 51st year being involved retired Ashari nearly disappeared In fact in the early 50s as near as we can tell there were only about 25 registered shower in the United States So I imported a Stallion and Ribbon promoting and greeting cards every cent That horse in front. He’s the number one thing you got to worry about When you’re always single like that it takes a very good horse to keep himself In the center room and keep the tug tight and allow that driver to keep control of it wheel pair but here that lead horse to and Have that action and more presence in front We’ll have two judges tonight. So you accumulate points by showing your horse, and if you have two judges That’s like two shows going on at the same time so like going to one show. They’re getting points from two shows we’re looking for a horse that is a pleasure to drive got good Manners doesn’t require a lot of handling or fixing and Stays the same all the way through I’m from Venezuela, and I lived in the city most of my life I kind of had to find horses on my own. I worked for a trainer who trained these tires I fell in love with them of course. They’re great when you go into the show ring I mean they get excited. They know it they love their job The roadster class is a very popular class we’re looking for a horse that can drive in form evaluate their speed at three different trot Gates I Think you’ll find that there are a large number of exhibitors and horses here today that will go onto the national can be national champion, so that speaks well for Iowa state there The Supreme six showdowns will have several heats we’ll work each heat Individually and then possibly bring some back in for what’s called a reed rive I’ll be looking for a hitch that works Well as a unit that they’re all doing their job there will be some judging on their quality the horses kind of bring good people together food at the fair It’s always been a highlight our fantastic friend dean borg explores fair food to the past with another state fair flashback Along with everything else the Iowa state fair is all about food and Shawn the fair has come a long way from Hotdogs and Lemonade and whatever else was in the 1919 era Yeah in the beginning I think a lot of people didn’t necessarily come to the food they would sometimes bring their own I know I had relatives that used to bring our basket of food And they’d hide it in the bushes near the woman in children’s building It was something like fried chicken and some breads and maybe some little salads But very different back in the day for sure of a hot day hiding food in the bushes. Yeah And yandy’s worry that you know there might be bugs get into it or somebody else might decide. Hey I’m gonna help myself to your lunch So very different back then but they see both two very exotic and different foods in fact one upmanship each year Oh yeah, and I think nowadays people plan their their food route around the fairgrounds. I’m going to start here Maybe with you little donuts, and then I’m going to have some ice cream Then I’ll maybe have pork chop on a stick or a corndog, but there is there so little bring your lunch Yeah I think a lot of people still do especially if some of the thousands of people we have in the campground a lot of them will go back to their camper for that or if You’re exhibiting an animal in the barn You’ll see a lot of them have full spreads out in the barn next to their animal their show And it’s pretty interesting and prices have changed too over the years everything. Yeah, they’ve gone up quite a bit I know back in the day. You could probably go a long ways with a good quarter about getting ice cream, or what have you? And people not only bring food for themselves to eat during the day, but for judging – yes absolutely That’s one of our most popular Contest to enter is the food contest There’s thousands of a minute every year one of my favorite stories is when it used to be the food department was under the Grandstand The former grounds superintendent floyd beets had a call from that an animal had gotten in there welcome to find out a raccoon had helped himself into the cake case and It must had really good taste because they went right for the blue Ribbon cake And that’s the only one that it ate but it ate the whole thing. What’s the exotic food? What’s the Iowa state fair noted for as far as food? I think we do really well with things like Items from our pork Producers pork chop on a stick I don’t think you’ll find a better pork chop on a stick anywhere in the nation And then the really interesting desserts are the new mixes whether it be ice cream? Nachos that came out last year that type of thing. I think it’s huge nowadays Good eating at the fair absolute. Thank you Shawn For hd R exhibitors wait all year for this big event will there steer picked earlier as a winner in individual classes win? Grand Champion Mike Pearson finds out 337 for H steers have walked through the Livestock Pavilion Behind me one of them is going to go home with the coveted championship Banner anybody Our judge today is mark hogue from good. Hope Illinois. Which is just across the Mississippi River from Fort Madison Mark is a professor of animal Science at Western, Illinois University in Macomb where along with teaching he is also the coach of the Livestock judging team at Western, Illinois It’s been a long day of judgment for Mark and the staff at the Livestock Pavilion When the first class entered the ring nine hours ago at 7:30 in the morning Mark told me during a break that. He likes his steers to be built like linebackers square and solid yet have good legs for endurance We’re looking at over 30 different class winners in the championship round each hoping they have the right build to win the championship I’m gonna line five tiers up way that. I believe in I think are good Their value, and I really really stand behind I asked as an audience when you go studying And you you get down on and these hitters are hot they’re tired and they’ve been up and have a long day Let’s not work and focus on the negatives of each of these individual cattle let’s focus on the whole picture in the positive These gears represent for our industry most importantly let’s focus on the young people that are leading these cattle around Because from a parent’s perspective That is the number one thing that we can possibly ask for And it looks like mark is ready to make his pick Congratulation judgment and The winning for each market Gear is shown by Logan McCray of Albia Logan will be a sophomore in Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Is back right leg so I get a lot of questions about that so I? He’s come a long way since the winter and it’s been a wild ride He didn’t do very good back in December because he’d always he wasn’t very tame so we had to kind of work through that and he he’s a lot better now They used to be the first show we ever took him to was badger in Wisconsin and the Judge once told me they said That I should name him butthead because he was all he would do is not what I want him to do, so We had to work through that and we got that down and we started doing a lot better getting class winners and we just waited till state fair and Here we are From the thousands of skiers 4-h showed around the state at their County fairs down to one final champion here at the Iowa state fair tons of quality beef produced and lots of lessons learned for Iowa’s 4h s Tossing rubber chickens around well it might not be allowed or expected in very many public places, but here at the fair Hey, it’s encouraged even awarded I thought on the itinerary and I thought it sounded like a really fun thing was all excited come My duty with the handout participation ribbons, and then I’ll hand these out when they fit all guys third flood Nickiemoore I’ve learned as close as you can but don’t step over the line, so I’ll get the scratch This is three generations y’all read through to this yeah, we all straight through today. How did it go? We’re offering mapped out. I had never done it before I threw it One foot Step my hand went right up right down. We talked about get the chicken and practices you have here. Yes, we have It’s a lot heavier than you think it is You can’t touch it with your head of the chicken or the feet you have to grab the body of the chicken So you gotta get a good grab on it and just throw it as hard as you can I guess? Well for me. I thought it was super He’s basting for a lady is 88 years old, and I can’t walk at all I Didn’t get very far. But I love to do it and people are loving how to do it too. I think Well two years ago. My sister challenged me to sign up, so I won two years ago I missed last year and I heard the person through 63 feet I don’t know if that’s true or not so I can’t challenge this year. I don’t think she was here though, right? I Have two sisters or three one play second so we’re going to start making this a thing Actually, this is our 40th year coming at the summer we dated I’ve never been to a fair and he brought me and so it’s a tradition now He’s an exhibitor at the ag building where his top pepper. I love doing this because I have no other skills I’ve been trying for years and I just don’t you’re bouncing try not hit somebody Did you enter a contest and get a ribbon this year sure is fun? Huh here are some results from a few daily state fair contest Well, we made it through the top half of our highlight show for tonight, but stay with us because coming up We’ll find out what it takes to get ready for the tractor and truck pulls We’ll see the action at the stock dog trial And we’ll spend some time with this year’s state fair queen to see all of the wonderful ways she spends her time at the fair We’re so glad you’ve joined us here tonight. So come on back for more fun at the Iowa state fair on Iowa public television Maybe you couldn’t make it to the fair this year or maybe you couldn’t see it all in One day. 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We’ll see you at the fair Princess Diana I remember it was underlined though is that in rarely seen footage revealed in her own words At 13 times were the left eye was pulled out that when you look engages I want you got them how she found her voice and became more than a princess I knew Something preserved coming my way Diana her story Tuesday evening at 7:00 on Iowa public television Hello, I’m bill reilly inviting you to join me for fair 2017 Iowa public television is the only place you’ll see in-depth coverage of the Iowa state fair from entertainment to agriculture We’ve had a blast Bringing you a full hour of fair fun each night throughout the week and now you can enjoy all six hours of fair coverage beginning At 2:00 p.m.. Sunday afternoon followed by the talent championship at 8:00 p.m. See the fair like you won’t see it anywhere else right here on Statewide, Iowa public television We’re cruising closer to the talent championship show on Sunday which means the daily competition at the Riley stage is heating up through the acts that advance today Be sure to watch the talent championship show right here on Iowa public television Sunday night in primetime to see all of the Incredible Young Iowans compete Welcome back to the Iowa state fairgrounds and Iowa public televisions coverage of the amazing Iowa state fair each year we bring you the highlights from the crowning of the Iowa state Fair queen But we don’t often get a chance to see the huge amount of work she does after the crowning and throughout the fair so let’s spend a day with the queen your 2017 Iowa State Fair Queen Hails from Dubuque County Jacqueline Harlech It’s been such a surreal feeling I’m still kind of in shock from Saturday night I’m so honored and excited to represent this, Iowa state fair He’s got the real I’m not really ready I’ve been coming to the Iowa state fair since I was six years old so to be here and to experience it in a different Light is very cool Of course is seeing you So many people myself included it means a gathering of different people different hobbies and interesting cultures And it’s really just a really wonderful combination of those things It’s very hectic So we have a pretty set schedule about events that we need to be going to but on your way to events There are always little girls little boys running up to you and saying. Oh my gosh. I want a crown like that Take a picture with me or hi. My name is Susie. I’m really having a great time at the Fair I Just love love love being young girls come up here in a way that they admire her Just watching her interact with spare dollars it just makes me feel proud to offer representing our state Okay, queen. Oh yeah Thank you so far Ya know I think it’s like more of a 7 a.m.. The 9 p.m.. Kind of day crazy Hectic, but the most amazing Hectic I’ve ever had 2017 I was a third week jacqueline early from to account So we are in the middle of the Klein show and the edges are picture show Takes right now, and then I will hand out the Ribbon the winner here at qwest Yeah, so any baking contest eating contest Livestock contest hands out Ribbon we disappear at things say hello people and Did you try? everyone is so friendly they come from families and From farms, and they are so willing and they love being here and having a great time so I love the atmosphere and the appreciation and the Love that I get from everybody here The truck and tractor poles are a tradition at the Iowa state fair, Grandstand Let’s take a walk behind the scenes with Mike Pearson Ladies and gentlemen in just a few short hours this ground behind me that is beautifully manicured Looping into gate and the skies will be full of black smoke as we kick off the brand Outlaw National truck and Practical here at the Iowa state fair come along with us. We meet some of my characters driving these amazing machines the sounds were the same, but the sights were quite a bit different for the 2017 Grand Outlaw National truck and Tractor-Pull The Race track at the grandstands is no more and only the straightaway remains for this year’s event changes for this sport happens all the time drivers often change their vehicle to change strategies Let’s meet one of the pullers changing how he is approaching the two-wheel-drive truck class We’re here with Mark am from swisher, Iowa and mark Viscount Ri. We’re sitting here. You got the hood up You got the whole body out right and we’re looking at this engine tell us we got twin turbos What are we looking at here? It’s a 572 all aluminum motor I was running a blower like a supercharger on it, and I decided to try the turbos I think down the road I can make more power with it this is actually going to be one of the first times I ran and I ran it last Friday night and Just a short pass and around okay, so hopefully I can get more out of it today yep How much horsepower are we looking at sitting here in all aluminum the two-wheel drive guys? Like to say they have 3,000 horsepower. So that’s what they well. That’s what they say I don’t know if this one does I don’t know 14 classes divide the competition seven of those Carve-outs attractions from modified to Super farm each group is classified by mechanics the number of Turbochargers that type of fuel burn, and how many and what kind of engine are how they break down the field? Similar Rules apply to the trucks ranging from two-wheel drive trucks to a classic super modified four-wheel drive trucks Richard Mance from Ogden, Iowa now Richard, we’re sitting here. We’re looking at a chevy truck body sitting on a big engine tell us about this engine, okay, this is a Are several a engine it’s bored out and stroke we’re running a 572 Chevy Motor, and it’s fuel-injected on alcohol when you burn an alcohol How does that compare to when you push the throttle versus a gas or a diesel engine, okay? well an alcohol on on whether some weather condition can be a little temperamental to get to go but once you get her go until Light and go and how many years have you been pulling? Oh, I started Roughly in 1993 so we’ve been doing this for 27 Years Yeah, gotta count there. How many times you’ve been running here at the fair ever since I start falling we’ve been down here every year Some sports historians believe the game of Horseshoes dates back thousands of Years, Let’s meet some Modern-day competitors My name is Ron. Rowley. I’m from west Des Moines, Iowa. My name is Leroy. Wall. I’m from West Des Moines, I Hey, we got the state fair doubles championship going on today wanna practice. Go out there. Whack the bucket are tried out? Today at 9:30. We’re going to have the Iowa state doubles championship You need a partner come on over if you got a partner come on over we’re going to play horseshoes this morning that means there’s going to be two people on each team and One person will stand at one end of the horseshoe courts and the other one at the other end One of them will pitch down and then the other one will pitch the shoes back. Oh the very popular one I’m very happy with these numbers. They’re very good very good turnout today. I Mean as far as important. It’s important to these guys. They’re you know they’re looking forward to this nope I’m not doing it I’ve done up the passcode. I’ve won it Yeah, some of these guys have been floated playing horses a long time. Oh Yeah, I gave up golf because this is frustrating enough. I didn’t need to frustrations. You know. Thanks to my life. I quit golf really since about 91 Actually, I pitched when I was a kid, then I quit about I guess became a teenager. Yeah, oh No, no, it’s at this vault level maybe and some people take it directory, but I just like to play yeah And I win something that’ll sell Sometimes one partner can’t play as well as they want to but I don’t think you know They get along very well We’re going to be laughs Who’s last last year’s a week that glass like this year I? Don’t I don’t pitch with my husband. I just don’t I just get really frustrated Well, I think that is two years of beers running. Yeah, three feet measure now. We’re we’re figuring on wind in the day So it’s just kind of a more social thing than really a big competition. We just kind of like to kid around Yeah, we’re waiting for the next ones get warm back not hop We know everybody pretty much players from around the state and it’s a just a friendly competition We just have a good time. It’s a it’s just a break from everybody down there at the fair It’s just it’s just a nice group you know to get together We don’t get to see each other. Maybe except one time you’re here. It’s a fair. So it’s fun The state Fair is Chock-full of kids who show all sorts of animals even unique ones like Llamas. I’m Third cam going in the Seventh grade Troy man of Oskaloosa, Iowa is a quiet teenager But he does like to talk about his llama that he and his family raised. I have five Marquis Garlic Tucker part-time, and Joe and Joe is just calm our key is a Suri Scarlett is crazy party Time is calm We have five adopted children that we adopted through the foster care system Our oldest child is now 24 23 22 21 and Troy’s our young offense 13 we were not expecting to adopt we were just going to have one or two children and could not and so we adopted one and Then we were just content we’re looking for one more wind up with five so there we are I Can’t really give you a reason why other than we just always saw them at the state fair when always just Watch and show them and then I got connected with a gal that lives close by and that’s how we got started, so And that’s been like 15 years ago They were just more of a just something to have around as something enjoyable And then we started showing And it it led to one thing after another and this is where we are today not knowing that this is what’s going to happen? Troy has been showing llamas since he was three years old today the unique animals are Maine 4-h project He likes their personalities which he and his dad both describe as being similar to that of cats. They’re calm and They’ll get close to you if they want to they’re easy and fun The Seventh grader shows them in four different categories for 4h including pack showmanship public relations and obstacle Public relations is something Beyond public pact is when you put a pack on your land go through obstacles, obstacles, just going through obstacles and Showmanship is just showing your llama to the judge When troy was ten months old he had an arteriovenous Malformation for Avm. It’s a bleed in the brain that caused paralysis on his right side it has made for some challenges and not be able able to hold the lead Rope and Get back on it off He’s lost everything on the right side because of the Avm And he has no vision on the right side of either eye so like when he’s in the show ring He does not see the judge half of the time and some of the obstacles He needs to make sure the llamas following him well. He doesn’t see the right side, so he’s got to turn his whole body To make sure the llama is following him Despite it all Troy has overcome the obstacles troy has won several awards over the years including National Grand Champion something he is on track to do again this year While rewarding his dad says showing for 4h has taught troy so much more oh I Did not expect any of this to be where we are this is just bigger than wealth Tami and I are This is just so much huge Sorry There’s a brilliant reason to be brave and enter a food contest for the first time the beginners categories, what a great idea I’ve always wanted to enter the fair so I just decided this was where you’re going to do it. I? Think you find some of the more basic dishes. You don’t find anything is necessarily Fancy. I Think it’s a big part of the spirit of the fair you know So couldn’t be fall I Think because you can only do the beginners class your first year It’s really worth trying it out And I think it gets your you get your feet wet on what it’s all about and how judging look Of course I wanted to pick a recipe that I knew that I had made well in the past So I chose my lemon burger recipe, so it was something that my friends and family have always enjoyed If you have a specialty recipe or something your family has been encouraging you to enter in the Iowa state fair for years and you finally get the nerve up you your Your competition are going to be your peers people that are just showing for the first time here as well and so you have a great opportunity to learn a lot about how it works to exhibit at the fair and Get the experience and have a real shot at the Ribbon I Think the other thing that’s unique is that you’re sitting with all of the other people who are also? It’s their first time doing it as well, and so you feel a little bit of like camaraderie like hey, we did it It’s our first time we made our first entry so I think that that’s that’s a cool part of it People bring you in there. There’s just food you’re fair, and you look what I can do So I slept with our sp. And I obviously had some good luck with that and then a first place is meredith really and She did all she’s here. She did these lemon bars Those the winning of the Ribbon is so special and if it’s a blue Ribbon That’s just awesome, but if not good spy again next year and all it’s just done. I think this is the one of the Hubs of Ohio state fairs in competition Dogs and Humans have a special connection in the stock dog trials as they work to hurt animals and impress the judges some I got into Saturday dogs at home for moving cal around and just kind of was a nice mix with both you could Use your working dogs in us for that kind of fun The instinct is to work and try and control something So therefore we we teach the dog four basic commands you want to want the dog the plank Clockwise, or counter Clockwise on the perimeter of the Livestock And a stop command then a in a command for the dog to approach the stop and take them off in a certain direction With those four basic commands where they’ve got control Should have controlled the dog out there to where they can get over the dog here from point a to point B. So to speak? I Thought my first border Collie about 15 years ago my boys went off to college so I’d even gone or when you get a dog did you get hooked on trial all that so That’s why into the competition the camaraderie. Yeah, I wasn’t there Well, I got into stock dogs to learn how to work a dog and then the trialing kind of came afterwards And I really go to a trial to See good dogs work and see good stock and ship and not so much to win even though Everybody likes to win, but I started I got an australian shepherd and he was afraid of everything and I got a border Collie and that was about 30 years ago and You just keep learning and learning and learning and it’s never-ending I’m looking for the dog to Not cross over on a job run to stay out on the perimeter to get behind the livestock and and approach the stuff quietly and bring them bring their cattle back to the handler as straight as possible and then Once they pass around behind the handler Clockwise Then the obstacles that they go through Is judged strictly on time and points? It’s not something you intuitively figure out the dog. There’s so much smarter things than we are and It’s not you know. She’s not got me going pick up I guess up some people do but it took me a long time and and you go to clinics And you talk to people? but you know I think the main thing find someone you like how their dogs work, and And find a dog that comes from working parents and you like the dog and You know to take it slow and and try and learn all you can and people are willing to help I’ve been coming here for about eight years The last three years I provided cattle I didn’t this year, but I have North all the other reasons that I meet it’s one of the funnest crowds to run at just a lot of spectators and a lot of good dogs feel the magic of the state fair from your seat on the couch as you experience a moment in time as if you were there at the fair Well, we’ve come to the end of our fair coverage for this evening. We certainly hope you enjoyed our program and not to worry We’re still working very hard putting the final touches on tomorrow night’s episode but if you need a little fare fix prior to that You can go to our website to check out this year’s and past year’s fair video stories and even join our social Media Conversations we’ve been having a blast sharing the fare action online Hey, here’s what we got planned for tomorrow night’s big show you will cringe and giggle as some brave Youngsters saddle up for mutton Bustin We’ll see the awesome Budweiser, Clydesdale and We’ll meet some masterfully skilled whistlers The state Fair train it keeps rolling along my friends, so let’s keep it chugging until tomorrow I’m bill Riley have fun at the fair you the Glue funding for Fair 2017 it’s brought to you by friends the Iowa public television foundation Mid American energy company and its energy advantage programs are dedicated to increasing the awareness of energy efficiency in Iowa’s homes and businesses information midamericanenergy.com Midamerican energy obsessively relentlessly at your service the Iowa Lottery Each year lottery proceeds provide millions of dollars to finance state programs that benefit all Iowans the Iowa lottery putting the whoo-whoo state funding since 1985 at EMC, our business is taking care of your business And it has been for more than a century we provide property auto and live coverage for nearly 500 types of businesses in Communities across the Country count on AMc

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