Extrema Ratio S.E.R.E 2 GOI Combat Knife

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Extrema Ratio S.E.R.E 2 GOI Combat knife, an updated version of the knife adopted by the “Gruppo Operativo Incursori ” – GOI – Special Forces unit of the Italian Navy. It’s built using Bohler N690 stainless steel and finished with a MIL-C-13924 spec black oxide coating. The S.E.R.E 2 GOI is
a fixed blade knife in a push dagger configuration with an angled Forprene
grip designed to mimic the grip of a handgun. The thin tang of the blade
passes between the index and middle fingers taking advantage of the natural
force formed during the rotation of the shoulder arm and fists swinging a punch;
this configuration also allows it to be used both as a trusting or a slashing
weapon.The blade with a diamond section and the triangular tip is 1148 mm long and 6.3 mm thick. The serrated portion is 50mm long.
In the commercially available version a portion of the blade is not sharpened so
it does not classify as a dagger as a restricted weapon in most of Europe. The
knife weights 306 grams and it’s 270mm long, the Kydex sheath
captures the blade with an elastic clip, additionally a paddle type safety can be
mounted up for right or left handed curry it can be mounted on a belt or a
MOLLE webbing. We’ve had a very positive impression handling the knife, the amount
of grip the stippling on the Forprene handle is incredible. Once we
got used to the peculiar shape and philosophy of the S.E.R.E. 2 GOI can be
mastered well although some basic to mid-level experience in a martial art or
boxing is needed to fully appreciate these figures. The S.E.R.E. 2 GOI by Extrema Ratio is sold to the public at manufacturer’s suggested retail price of
382.01 euros.

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  1. Those special groups ‘operativo incursore ‘ should be looking very funny with that stupid piece of shit .

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