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– Hey Siri, call my mom. – [Siri] (beeps) Calling mom, mobile. – She’s Australian. Hello? (Y. Chang and mom speaking Mandarin) – Like anime. (Y. Chang’s mom speaking Mandarin) – Right. (Y. Chang and mom speaking Mandarin) – Okay, I’ll call you back later. I guarantee there’ll be at
least one Chinese follower in the comment section going off about how my Mandarin is horrible and I’ve brought dishonor onto my family. I feel like all of us have had the same collective experience where you’re scrolling through the
timeline and at least one of the memes you see
has some beefy anime guys going ZA WARUDO or WRYYY. And if you’ve managed to avoid that, then you’re either very blessed or you don’t have social media. Which, like, if that’s the case, then good for you. Seriously, social media sucks. That’s right, I’m talking
about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now, Cristal and Curt have already covered some more detailed JoJo ground, so if you’re already a stand stan, then I’d check out our previous videos. But I wanted a chance to
show my bizarre love too! That sounds like a path
straight to demonetization. We wanted to slow things down a little and get back to basics
with a classic explainer. So, whether you’re still kind of lost on what this epic postmodern
masterpiece is all about or just a diehard fan looking
to relive the glory days of being a brand new Jojo’s fan, or if you’re my mom and
you just need answers, kick back, grab yourself some antipasto, and let me introduce you to one of my favorite anime of all time. JoJo, duh duh duh duh
duh duh duh duh, JoJo. – [Adrian] JoJo, is that the first one? – It’s gonna happen,
yeah that’s the first OP. – [Adrian] I don’t like the first OP. – That’s cause you don’t understand. – [Adrian] What? – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is, – [Adrian] Really old. – Uh, yeah, its been
running for over 30 years since it was first serialized
in Shonen Jump in 1987. – [Adrian] And its written by a vampire. – That’s…also true. If anyone has seen a
photo from Hirohiko Araki from the beginning of the series to know, you’ll he’s basically ageless. He’s got his skincare on lock. But he’s also an artistic genius, because there’s nothing else quite like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Part of what makes this series stand out is that its divided into
eight separate parts, for now because its still going, each with its own brand new protagonist and brand new setting and in some cases, a brand new universe. If you’re familiar with Ryan Murphy’s, American Horror Story, I’d say its not entirely dissimilar. It’s a spooky, stylish,
supernatural soap opera with lots of suspense,
camp and hidden lore. Each story is mostly self-contained, but they’re quite often
explicitly connected and occasionally some important people and plot points from previous arcs will make a featured
appearance in the action. But that’s where the similarities end. Because there’s a lot of action in JoJo. Which I’ll get to later. But wait, I know what you
might be thinking, mom. (in Mandarin) “JoJos? Like those bootleg Oreos from Trader Joes?” No, mom, the protagonist of the show. (Mandarin) “But you said
there were eight of them!” Right. (Mandarin) “So they’re all named JoJo?” Yes, Sort of. (Mandarin) “I don’t get it!” Okay, they’re all unique heroes fighting their own unique battles, but each one is a member
of the Joestar family. Each of them have a star shaped birthmark, and each have a name that
can be shortened to JoJo. For example, Jonathan Joestar, the mild-mannered
English noble who becomes a vampire hunter in Part One, JOJO. Jolyne Cujoh, the wrongfully
accused young woman who has to (spring noise) in Part Six, JOJO. Giorno Giovanna, the scrappy
illegitimate son of Dio who fights to reform a mafia organization from the inside out, JOJO. – [Adrian] JoJo, the
American singer, songwriter and actress best known for
her 2004 debut single Get Out, from her recently re-released
self-titled album? – Okay, if you say it like that, it makes it really obvious
that I wrote the joke and it’s not something
you asked organically. JoJo. Because the main character
in Part One is a foreigner, an unfamiliar concept at the time in the manga publishing world, Araki wanted to use a memorable
nickname for the title. But beyond that, he wanted to create a long-running story that would
be read for years to come. Free of endless tournament
arcs and static heroes, choosing instead to go
with an ever-evolving cast of characters and modern details that would survive the test of time. It’s an enduring tale
about passing the torch from generation to generation. Something all moms can
understand, sometimes. – [Adrian] But like, what’s it about? – I don’t wanna get into
too much detail about that. Which may seem counterintuitive for an intro to series
video, but hear me out. Like I said, its a large saga
about supernatural vendettas involving the Joestar family,
with sort of continuous but separate parts. It’s a lot of ground to cover, so instead, let me just give the
quickest elevator pitch for each Part including the
manga in chronological order. Phantom Blood. Victorian
England. Vampires. Gothic Horror. Battle Tendency. Indiana Jones vibes. Best bros, ancient muscly cavemen. Stardust Crusaders, world
tour with your buds, Egypt, The 80s. Diamond is Unbreakable, anime Stranger Things, Anime Ted Bundy. Vento Aureo. Mafia. Group Battles. Family. Stone Ocean. Florida. Wrongful
imprisonment. Time travel. Steel Ball Run. America. The
Amazing Race. A little Uzumaki. JoJolion. A History of Violence
with a touch of Twin Peaks. And that’s it. What I’m trying to say
is that despite having over thirty years worth of story, Araki, always keeps things
interesting by switching it up. So even trying to give the TLDR version of JoJo is a lot. But that’s what I’m here for. And no, mom, (Mandarin) there’s no
part about shady medieval (Mandarin) concubines like in
the Chinese dramas you watch. Although, that’s not a bad idea. So earlier I told you about how Araki wanted to forgo tired shonen tropes in favor of a more diverse,
long running story. And that’s true, but I
also said this series has a lot of fighting. So let’s talk about that part. The meat and potatoes of JoJo involves the awakening of supernatural abilities and then gathering up a crew of JoBros and scrapping with a bunch of baddies until they get to the head honch-Jo. This does sound like
fairly standard shonen fare but its worth noting that
JoJo’s battle mechanics, story beats, penchant for ridiculous yet seriously high stakes,
cleverly suspenseful setups, and other motifs have influenced
countless classic games, manga, and anime that followed
it, like Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Hunter Hunter
and Persona to name a few. Across each arc, you’ve got tons of different
obstacles to deal with, ranging from the
supernatural to the mundane, including vampires, the mafia, cross country horse races,
strange rock humans, endless time loops and spaghetti. But most of the fighting styles can be boiled down to hamon, stands, and one last thing that hasn’t
come up yet in the anime. Which, I’ll give you a
heads up to cover your ears if you wanna stay completely anime only. These always-evolving skills are among the most recognizable
aspects of the series. Hamon, which you’ll also see referred to by its English definition, Ripple, is energy,
harnessed through an ancient form of martial art called Sendo. By using focused and controlled breathing, users can manifest a life force that is identical to the power of the sun. To borrow a phrase from
Super Eyepatch Wolf, its magic sunshine karate. With hamon, you can heal wounds, turn anything into a weapon, and you definitely need it to take down vampires and zombies. Also, it helps you stay youthful looking. (heavy breathing) Disclaimer, none of this is real. But, it makes for a lot of fun moments. We get to see some cool Captain Falcon Static Shock looking judo chops. And Caesar reminds me of Sailor Mercury every time he launches his bubble attacks. While in meetings for Part 3, Araki’s editor asked him what
he was planning to do next, saying that ripples had run their course as a story mechanic. Can you imagine being told not to lean on the same old tricks as a storyteller? I feel like there’s definitely
more than a few shows or, nay, even entire genres of anime that could benefit from such wisdom. Since hamon portrayed life
energy through visually, Araki wanted to do the
same for psychic abilities. And thus, stands were born. They’re a personification of a character’s supernatural abilities, kind of like a more refined version of a patronus from Harry Potter. Or, to borrow another phrase
from Super Eyepatch Wolf, they’re psychic punching ghosts. According to Joseph Joestar,
they stand beside you, so they’re called stands. But they’re not always
humanoid or animal in form, sometimes they’re little
veggies, like Pearl Jam. Or tentacles made of your
hair, like Love Deluxe. Or they manifest as a tiny, seemingly underpowered airplane toy. There’s many different types of stands, and many different types
of stand users as well. Like, in Part Three, one
of the most amazing fights is between two stand users and neither of them are human. That’s all I’ll say. Y’all need to watch this show. The last technique, is
the most obscure because at the time of this filming, its a manga and video
games only technique, exclusive to Part Seven. So if you don’t want to hear
anything that has happened outside of the anime, skip ahead
a few seconds, around here. Otherwise, let’s go. Spin is a phenomenon where achieving a state of perfect
rotation with an object, I.E. a spin that aligns
with a geometric concept known as the Golden
Rectangle, stay with me mom, generates a special form of
energy that allows you to do all sorts of cool amazing stuff. – [Adrian] Like a fidget spinner? – And its even better when you combine it with the power of a stand,
or your trusty horse. You can use it to enhance projectiles, you can use it to become bulletproof, you can use it to wring
water out of your body, break through a phalanx, generate gravity or to fight the president
of the United States. Said another way, its like
artsy physics life hacking. Which is not a phrase I borrowed
from Super Eyepatch Wolf. By the way John, if
you’re watching this… Anyhow, you can think of it
as a kind of cousin to hamon. (Mandarin) Do you get it,
mom, are you still watching? If you’re more into fun
pop culture references than manly battles, I
mean, Jojo’s is a goldmine. Araki’s gone on record as having a hugely eclectic media diet and its obvious if you
take a look at his work. You’ve got shout-outs to
Cronenberg, Prince, Notorious BIG. The names of his characters
and story elements are a delightful hallmark of the series. The soundtrack in the anime
is also carefully curated. Yes, including JODECI. They usually reflect the time period in which Araki published the manga. There’s so much pop
culture jammed into Jojo’s that I’ve been ordered to save
most of it for another video. But I do want to talk about one major influence on Araki’s work. Before publishing JoJo, Araki had difficulty finding
his own unique style. But right before the
serialization of Part One, he found it during a trip to Italy. He was hugely influenced
by classic sculpture. And upon seeing Bernini’s
Apollo and Daphne at the Galleria Borghese in Rome, he thought, “I wish I could
draw this in a manga!” In Manga in Theory and Practice, he talks about the striking
poses of his characters. How a memorable stance can
communicate a great deal about what a character is feeling. When combined with Araki’s
love for the extreme, you get silhouettes that go from fantastically meaty and stout, to angular and sharp,
to smooth and supple, as his style changes from Part to Part. And of course, as any
lover of design knows, clothes are a major
element of any silhouette. Araki believes in telegraphing information about his characters with
whatever details he can and fashions is a big part of that. He was inspired by outfits and
photo spreads from Versace, Moschino, Missoni and
other Italian designers that were popular in the 80s. Even contributing to an
official high profile collaboration with Gucci. – [Adrian] I didn’t know
that they did a collab. – Oh yeah, it’s official, it’s gorgeous it’s really cool and
there’s like looks too. Without getting carried away, I’ll just say that Jojo’s
is a vast treasure trove, a decade-by-decade cultural
archive of the songs and styles that captured Araki’s, and the rest of the world’s heart. Why read a history book when you can just check out some Jojo’s blurays. Finally, by now you’re
excited about JoJo’s and you’re ready to
experience it for yourself. But between the TV anime,
the manga, the video games, and everything else, maybe
you’re unsure of where to begin. There’s a lot of Jojo fans who say you need to start from the beginning or else you’re a partskipper. The p-word is what a lot of Jobros call people who don’t watch
the series chronologically. But in my opinion, I think its okay. As long, as long as you
go back and read or watch whatever you chose to skip, of course. At Get in the Robot, we believe there’s no wrong way way to watch anime. We just want you to watch Jojo. Any Jojo. I’ll take what I can get. Is that me, trying to be like thirsty? With that in mind, if you’re
here in the US like us, I’d say the currently running
David Production series and/or the manga are
great places to start. At the moment, the show is
caught up with Part Five, Golden Wind, with the
manga not too far behind. The English tankobon are up to Part Four. There’s still no official US manga or anime releases for
anything beyond that. But I recommend the All Star
Battle and Eyes of Heaven video games to tide you
over in the meantime. If that’s not enough,
check out the 90s OVAs, the live action films, whatever
you can get your hands on. As always, I’m Yung-I,
this is Get in the Robot, your Anime explainer, and if
you’re not watching Jojo’s yet, what’s stopping you? Hello ma, (speaking Mandarin)

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