Ethical Fashion and the Circular Economy. WTF is it?

Hello my compassionate fashionistas
One challenge with compassion fashion is that things can sound really really complicated,
even though they’re really really simple. Take for example the idea of the circular
economy. Now that just sounds like so boring and so
complicated and like “what does that have to do with my life?” and like why am I doing
this when I can be out getting dinner with my friends? But, stick with me, it is super important
and I promise super super easy. First, let’s start with “what is an economy?”. I know, you’re bored and rolling your eyes
already, but just stick with me. All it is, is what a particular country or
region make, and what they use. That’s it! That’s an economy. So we have a linear economy, which is what
we’re in right now, and we want to move to a circular economy. Linear economy is exactly what it sounds like,
linear…line. It’s a line. Right, you make something, you use something,
you throw it away. That’s it, it’s dead, in a landfill forever. That. Sucks. Then you have a circular economy. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A circle! You make something, you use the thing, then
instead of it getting thrown away, it actually gets recycled and repurposed into a new item. Which then gets used and recycled and it does
that over and over and over again. And we don’t waste resources and it’s the
best! Let’s take for example a plastic water bottle. In a linear economy, a company will make a
plastic water bottle. Someone drinks it. It gets thrown away into a landfill. Now, I don’t know who this person is and why
they’re just throwing in a way instead of recycling it but, we wouldn’t be friends with
them. In a circular economy we take that same plastic
water bottle, then it would be used by someone, and instead of being thrown away, it would
get recycled and then repurposed into lots of cool things. Like a pair of leggings or a toothbrush, or
a hair brush, or any million other things that plastic is used for in our world. And again. And again. See? I told you it was easy. Right now our world is pretty stuck in a linear
economy. Right? We make stuff, we used it, we throw it away. Now we want to get to a circular economy. We make stuff, we use stuff, we repurpose
it into a new thing. So bust that out next time you’re at a party! You can sound like a real smarty pants. Thanks so much guys please make sure to like,
subscribe, comment below…did you like this episode? Do you want to know more about this kind of
stuff? Let me know what you’re interested in! Thanks! Bye!

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