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Bai Yongze, the Eastern Flying Fish, he’s really deserve this name. For our own dream. For the first day of our swimming club, cheers! Bai Yongze, you are my motivation to move on. The one who can support each other is the real althlete. English Subtitle by Angelo Family China Look up ! there’s a pretty girl ! What a shame. I want Bai Yongze to be spokesman of our resort. Kill me, please ! I won’t do that. What if I date with you? Six more, please ! I never get drunk. Help ! I’m ready to catch you. I only remember this scene. What are you doing? Ahhhhh, ghost ! Let’s welcome Bai Yongze warmly ! He’s my most important friend. It’s meaningless to distinguish we are opponents or friends. Because for me, you are just like a boomerang, whenever how far you are going, you’ll back finally. Long time no compete, let’s have a try. I had the hobbit of shaking legs. This is the cook who I want find. Now that I promise to be your cook, I’ll try bravely as your said. Song Chacha ! How you handled Bai Yongze, seduce him? Seduce? How boring you are. Do you think you are still a rich young lady? I can give you everything what Lan Tian can’t. She can’t be with you ! I decide to follow my heart, maybe time will give me new answer finally. Lan Tian, I like Song Chacha. Sometimes, desire is just like a acquisitive monster. I love Song Chacha, please let her back to me. For me, you are not just a friend, if you want me leave Song Chacha, I’ll leave. Why you always sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Only you happy, I will happy. You are totally a coward ! The reason why I accept Lan Tian is same as you. Now, I don’t care what other people think about me anymore. Why you don’t like me, why ! Because of the water phobia, you can’t join the competition as normal anymore. What do I supposed to do. Calm down ! I just have sympathy to you, let me go. But my whole heart is you. Only you ! Please leave away from my sight, right now ! My world stopped in a flash! Lan Tian, please help me to let Yongze back to me. Why keep this kind of useless girl ! Not only keep her, I’ll hide her as a treasure. Let me go. Bai Yongze Chacha Bai Yongze Chacha Today, I want give you a memorable gift. My only fere of my life. Will you go with me? Sorry I like you ! Like the way you try you best to protect the promise. Like the way you figure out my fault everyday, but care for me secretly. You are my whole world. Let’s get marriage. What a magical place that I never see. Song Chacha, I love you. Mr.Swimmer

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  1. Mike u r tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awsm dear and tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to meet u one time in my life. I like u tooooooooooo much

  2. Hi mike im also a fan of yours…im not a thai i im a filipina live in phillippines…i love watching youre drama..i hope that someday you visit my country and i meet you in person..i love you more blessings to come

  3. The wait is over!! Mr. Swimmer is scheduled to broadcast on MangoTV from Wednesday to Friday at 8:00pm CST. The first episode starts on Sep 5.

  4. Mr. Swimmer is available on MangoTV => https://www.mgtv.com/b/325766/4542950.html
    Mr. Swimmer with English subtitle Playlist =>
    ซับไทย => https://www.facebook.com/conceptionsub/videos/2376210449071987/

  5. In my little princess, i love mike. In legend of yunxi, i love ju jingyi.
    Now i can see them in one drama!!!! Too excited to not watching this drama!
    Where can I watch this in eng sub?

  6. ชอบนางเอก.ว่าแต่ดูซับไทยได้ช่องทางไหน

  7. Mike D. Angelo International Fanpage i have a question…do you know something about the total episodes of Mr Swimmer? Because till yesterday mangotv showed as total episodes 50 but today is 46…are the views not so good or why they changed the total episodes from 50 to 46?

  8. Does anyone know another drama that mike is on except my little princess because I have watched it al ready and except full house because I have watched it too ??

  9. โอ้ยยยย พี่ไมค์ หล่อมากกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก หล่อมากๆเลยโอ้ยๆๆ รักๆๆ

  10. Who else is confused by who's who… trying to work out which guy she ends up with and if there's a gay storyline?? Confused🙈🙈🙈

  11. ขอบคุณคะที่ซับไทยให้ดูคะขอบคุณมากๆคะซับทั้งเรื่องไหมคะโชคดีปีใหม่นะค่ะคุณปักมุด

  12. ภูมิใจแทนที่ไมค์โด่งดังระดับขนาดนี้ 👏👏👏

  13. Muero por ver wuau no pense que llegaria a ser una adicta de estos doramas Me siento feliz 😢😢😊😊

  14. Hey… Drama is good even interesting 😊 May I want to see it …. But I am not able to understand the language😔😔 … what can be done in Hindi also.

    Upload with hindi(indian lang.) Sub. Plzzzzzzz

  15. اذا كنتم تريدون اسم المسلسل فأسمه السيد السباح و بصراحة مسلسل رائع و حلو

  16. Эта дорама будет у меня в "запланировано", надо смотреть побольше дорам с Майком. I like you, Mike.

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